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[Carpentry] Heartwood Saw

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Nox, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Nox

    Nox Guest

    So i got my hands on a Heartwood runic saw and i want a nice bokuto, should i go ahead and use all 15 uses on Yew Wood? or should i try some other type of wood. Also, is it better to enhance Bokutos, or just make them?
    thanks for the help
  2. the problem of enhancing is, that EVERY mod is checked by the system and EVERY mod can lead you to the brake of your items.

    HW-Saw add 4 properties in range 50%-100%.

    Higher intensities have higher chances to brake your item.

    4 properties in averange of 4*75% intensity means... *poof* nearly everytime you try it.

    best is you choose your wood first by sorting the properties of theese wood and craft then your bokuto.

    5% Hit Chance Increase, 10% Damage Increase for Yew is a good choise, because ash with +10% SSI on a 2.0 speed weapon isnt a wise choice.
  3. Nox

    Nox Guest

    that basically tells me everything i need to know, thanks for your help Thiefy :)