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Hell Hound questions

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Guest, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    So I got bored and decided to try making a hellhound pack. I've never really played with em so I need to know a few things.

    1. Are their HPs fixed? or will they gain?

    2. If 1 is yes fixed hps, should I just look for high hps and ok resists?

    3. How do ya keep the buggers in line?

    4. Do you train em individually or as a pack?

    thanks in advance for any help [​IMG]

  2. They only gain HP if their strength can gain up to 125.

    You can pick your pack a couple ways. I go for high HP and high str with decent resists or high HP and strength lower than the HP, when I choose packs. This last pack I did I used the latter method so all my hounds have 130s hps.

    Controlling the pack takes practice. Lots of practice.

    I train my packs together. I take them out slaughtering stuff that they can gain on. You can also train them on a shadow ele is you vet a very lot or, preferably, someone else has a pet tanking.

    I prefer to have packs on my disco/tamer since she helps make them even more devistating. Even on my mage/tamer they do well though. They take a lot of stable slots. I have 15 used up by 3 packs right now. My husband doesn't want me making anymore tamers though, since he has characters too and I have a lot of tamers.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think I'll try the str lower than hp method, might be a bit easier to find. Thanks, at least they can't teleport so I can see when one of em decides to stray [​IMG]

  4. According to the hunters guide the Hell Hound have between 66 - 125 HP and 102 - 150 STR. A pet only gains HP when they gain STR and you can only train STR up to 125. From the looks of it you can go 2 ways with this method. You can either go defencively or offencively.

    Find one with a low STR and high HP. The spawn cap in HP is 125 but with a low enough STR you can bypass this cap. Look for one with around 125 HP and 102 STR. By the time you train it to 125 STR it's HP will be around 148.

    Find one with around 150 STR and try to get HP as high as possible, around 125. Beyond 125 STR cannot be trained so both the STR and HP would be locked at this point.

    I used this method when hunting Giant Ice Worms. I did not need the creature to have a high attack, only as a poisoning backup to my Cu Sidhe, but it now has HP beyond the cap and is a bit more dourable than normal for the effort.
  5. Alternatively, there is a 3rd option open to you when useing either Hell Hounds or Hellcats, Firesteed. The Firesteed will give you a mount, a dourable tank pet as well as one with a higher attack than the other hounds. You will lose 1 extra pet slot with the Firesteed, but the pro's outweigh the con's to me and the damage would have averaged out fairly close in a lengthy battle.

    You could also summon an Imp through Spellweaving, which only requires 1 control slot, but what slight magic they'd offer really wouldn't be worth it. I'd sooner sudgest you be the mage in this sircumstance or have a 2 slot tamed Imp.