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Hello all!

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by targon, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. targon

    targon Guest

    Yes, its another "thinking of returning" thread. ;)

    I played for probably less then a year total off and on over a very extended time.... basically played, learned some stuff... quit... forgot everything... came back... learned... forgot... now trying again. It just seems I always get pulled away altough in my mind this game has 'the' best game play out of ANY mmo out right now. I really want to give this a shot again but I am more of a casual player. I dont play any other MMOs currently and when not playing I am a married father with 2 kiddos who keep me busy as well.

    Guess what I am asking is there any guilds for someone like me? I ask on this server too by the way because my characters all reside on this one I've created over the years. My account was started in 2002. ;)


  2. Darkfern76

    Darkfern76 Guest

    Hello there Targon. If you are looking for players in a similar situation you might want to check out We Die Alot ( link posted at bottom of page ). The majority of us are also casual players and as a guild we actively seek out the new and / or returning players to help them get up to speed with the changes to UO. As for Myself I am also a married Father with four kids so I completely understand getting those moments were going afk is an immediate necessity rather than a choice :D.
    As of right now I believe we are comprised of mostly East Coast players if you want to take that information in to consideration. However check out the web site if your interested. My contact information is on there for the Charater name Varga Redvenom. ICQ number 289-035-138.

    Hope to see you in game whether in our guild or not :thumbup1: