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Hello, and a question....

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Guest, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I've decided to give UO a try again, and have decided to go for the server of Siege Perilous. I downloaded the free trial but there has been one problem...

    Siege Perilous isn't on the server list.

    Anyone know what the problem is?

  2. On another shard you must renounce your young status. There's a certain phrase you need to say, i forgat what it is, sorry hehe [​IMG]. It may be: "I renounce my young status".Possibly, maybe not.
  3. Lord_Puffy

    Lord_Puffy Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 9, 2006
    Likes Received:
    "I renounce my young player status" on any server chesapeake/atl/great lakes/baja ect ect...
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I did it but it doesn't seem to be working. Hmmm....
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    trying it on another server as well
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    yeh and sometimes it is just pokey and may take 30 - 45 mins before the game thingies get a clue that ya said it and renounced your young status.

    If it does not kick in within 45 mins just REPEAT IT !

    It does have to be the correct wording though too, and spelling/no typos.

    I think one time when I did it, I typed renounce wrongly with an s renouse haha..finally I went DOH !! [​IMG]
  7. Rykus

    Rykus Guest

    Good choice.. Welcome home..
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

  9. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I seem to remember that there was a 30 day wait for access to siege. I hope that's wrong, but you'll know pretty quick.

    Also, the "young player" status goes away when you have a character reach 700 skill points (if you don't want to renounce for some odd reason). You can buy most skills into the 30's from NPC's on non-siege shards, so that's another way to get rid of it.

    They really should get rid of this stupid rule.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks a lot, I got it working now. I tried renouncing on a different server and it worked.

    Now to figure out how to delete my character, the delete button won't work. Sigh, never easy is it?

    Either way, I look forward to being PKed by you all on Siege.... [​IMG]
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Log into the character, log him out in a safe place, then try....sometimes it sticks

    Oh, and Welcome Home!
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Still not working. I even tried creating and deleting other chars. Doesn't seem to work either. Anyone know who to contact about this?
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Is there not a delay on deleting characters? How new is it?
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I created the SP one last night and it won't delete. I tried deleting the one I made 2 days ago but that doesn't work either.
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Let me go check some thing. What sort of characters are you trying to delete? Is it possible to train from where you are at?
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    From the EA data base:

    I can't delete a character?
    If you have logged into the game in the last hour or so with a character, it is included in the next server backup. Until that backup takes place, you will not be able to delete the character.If you get a message saying you can't delete the character because it is queued for backup, do not log the character in again. Wait about 2 hours to allow the server to save that character, then try to delete the character again.Also, there is a 7 day waiting period from the time of character creation before you can delete that same character. The UO support team can not alter this timer in any way so please always consider this 7 day timer when making a character.
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think a character had to be 7 days old before they let us, just delete em.
    That may have changed ..or not. Just run around with the one ya did make for a while, join NEW if ya wish, and then decide on a template for the character you do wish to build here, after you get to delete, the one ya already made.
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest


    We tied, we both posted at 4:14 exactly same time.
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ah, thanks for the info, I didn't know that.

    Rather unfortunate. Looks like I'll have to wait a week before getting into Siege Perilous.

    Thanks for the help.
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    No ya don't have to wait. Just run around on the chr. ya did make for this week, get to know folks, go get killed and all that fun stuff say hi etc. why waste a week not loggin in at all ...just run that character around Siege, get killed and have fun get to know guild tags folks here etc. Week will go by lots faster that way too.
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Get in touch with the NEW guild. It's a good way to get a start on this shard.

    They have a lot of newbie and training equipment and the [NEW] tag above your head will cause most of the PK's to pause and talk to you rather than greeting you with a An Ex Por. It's no guarantee tho!

    NEW will boot you in a month, but it gives you some time to get some training in before the wholesale slaughter begins. [​IMG]
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    All of you have been a big help, I appreciate it.

    I'll probably give the old "ninja" a running around try to get used to the game again. The handle is Isoulle if anyone sees me and wants to say hello/kill me. [​IMG]

    As note, things have changed a lot. I haven't played since, oh.... right before the faction system was added in (not long after renaissance release i believe it was). I got annoyed that they made acquiring skills easier and the addition of trammel was just saddening. Divided the pop so that you never saw anyone around and personally I can't stand care bear games, why I moved to Shadowbane.

    So yeah, Siege Perilous should be just like coming back home...
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Welcome Isoulle!
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Welcome, glad you are here on Siege.

    Use a bit of caution while running around as there is a rabid dog on the loose.

    *Foams from the Mouth*