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Hello Napa!

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by Soulstorm, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. Soulstorm

    Soulstorm Guest

    Hi all I hope everyone is doing well---I see many familiar names still around---Snake eyes,,,Millie and austin rules...I havent been around much so I will tell you all i been busy with an 8 month old boy...Glad to see the game is going strong.
  2. Nibblets

    Nibblets Guest

  3. Soulstorm

    Soulstorm Guest

    Thank you nibblets---see a new yorker joins after i stopped playing :(
  4. Lady M

    Lady M Guest

    Congrads on the little one SS.
  5. Millie

    Millie Guest

    HI SS!! Nice to hear form you love. Hope all is well with you and yours. I have not been called little one in a very long time. It brings back some nice memory of all of us tootling around together. I've talked to Camel, ofcourse, LM, DL, Cutter, Curry and Rath, and even to Tpc in the few last months. I hear LG is doing fine, but have not talked to him. When are you coming home to Uo? Gee its nice to hear form you.
    Until we meet again "May peace walk with you"
  6. Nibblets

    Nibblets Guest

    This New Yorker's been on Napa for *scratches head* probably all of the 10 years I've been playing. Used to be a decent size group of us, but they've all moved over to WoW atm. :p

    Started off in G*M....We did rank #1 on the guild list for a bit before Maroch Foal (or however it's spelled) took over.

    If you ever start playing again look me up.
  7. Soulstorm

    Soulstorm Guest

    Wow LM too! I also think I have seen sirtedley lurking around---Millie and LM you too are all time best friends i hope we keep in touch even if I dont think i can go back to playing in UO again.
  8. Millie

    Millie Guest

    Well I'm sure you can always find us here. Are you online gaming anymore. If so where did you go?

    Oh congrats on your new baby, sure am glad it's you and not me though, hehe :) How is your older child doing. Well I hope.
  9. Soulstorm

    Soulstorm Guest

    My older son is doing fine he misses playing UO also---Its good to even see the WTF peeps still posting...I miss running, battling and eluding them...They were the among the best pvpers and most personable bunch.

    Miss you Napa!