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help, does my pet have bug? cannot bond?

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by ivanbbq, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. ivanbbq

    ivanbbq Guest

    I tamed a Cu Sidhe and Greator Dragon last week
    I don't remember whether it is more than a week or not.
    So I just keep on feeding them everyday to try to bond with them.

    When I fed them yesterday,
    there was a message saying "You cannot bond with your pet until your taming ability has risen."
    Then I tried to wear a bracelet to raise the animal taming to 110 and fed again.
    The greator dragon bonded succesffuly, however the cu sidhe had no response, neither the message that told me to raise my taming skill nor anything related to bonding.

    is my Cu sidhe abnormal?
    or anything I may do to bond with it?
    please help..............
  2. Just to guess, I'd say that by feeding your cu without the necessary taming skill, you reset the timer.

    Your greater bonded just fine, so I'd suggest feeding your cu, sticking it in the stables, waiting 7+ days, taking it out of the stable, and feeding it again... without commanding it at all between feedings.

    Edit: This is easily done by, on a newly created work document on your desktop titled "Pets", putting in the date and time you fed it and put it in the stables. I know I've had trouble with bonding pets if I feed it before the 7 minimum days, so i always write down the date and not tempt fate.

    If it still doesn't work, check back with us. Until then, don't assume bugs when you've made a mistake in the basic order of bonding (feeding a pet when you don't have the necessary taming skill).
  3. ivanbbq

    ivanbbq Guest

    I see......
    I will try your suggestion, just feel sad that cannot go hunt with my lovely pet, haha
    may i try feeding it everyday with the bracelet on making me 110 taming? does that still bother bond timer?

    my I add some more information?
    when I remove the bracelet, return to my real taming skill 100.6
    I fed it and I still have the message, doesn't that mean the bond timer has already reached the required days?
  4. I don't think you're understanding my suggestions.

    Think of the bonding process as a delicate process, like the exact workings of multiple interlacing cogs in a machine.

    The machine, barring very unusual circumstances (actual bonding bugs), will work fine so long as all the cogs are interacting in the proper way.

    The proper way, for bonding, is to do everything necessary to keep the process from getting mucked up.

    You've been feeding the pets every day. You've been feeding the pets when your skill isn't high enough.

    These are wrenches you're throwing into the cogs of the machine.

    Sometimes, the machine will work regardless - I've had a bake that bonded, despite my feeding it before its time, and in less time than if the timer had been reset.

    So, once again, I'll give you a suggestion:

    After getting your taming skill to a high enough level, feed your pet. Mark, however you like, the date and time you do so. Do NOT issue any more commands to the pet. Stable your pet. Wait 7 days and a few hours (just be to safe). Claim pet, then immediately feed the pet. Do NOT issue any commands to the pet before feeding the pet.

    If your pet refuses to bond, try it again, but wait 8 days, just to be safe. If your pet again refuses to bond, come back and talk to us.

    We're glad to help, but we can't help you fix a problem if you introduce unknown elements to the equations we know. We can't fix a bug if we aren't sure its a bug at all.

    Please, PLEASE just perform the formula I've suggested. IF and ONLY IF that formula fails, without deviations from it, do you have a bug that needs attention.

    Edit: As an appeal, I'll note that the method i've suggested works almost EVERY time, barring an actual bug. To introduce variations is to introduce uncertainty - IF you want to use that cu safely (i.e. bonded), there is no more reliable method than sticking with the tried and true ways, instead of adding variations (and thus uncertainty).

    What do you gain from feeding a pet before it would actually bond? What might you lose? These are the questions you should consider before feeding your cu before its been 7+ days.
  5. Wenchkin

    Wenchkin Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I always bond my pets the same way: Tame it, feed it, stable it, claim in 7 (usually 8) days and feed it again.

    In your case, you must have that taming jewel on whenever you take that pet out the stable and feed it.

    Unfortunately this is one of those times when being patient is necessary I'm afraid.

  6. Aibal

    Aibal Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    To reiterate what others have said. I say all follow me, feed, stable 7-8 days, retrieve, feed, say all follow me....have always bonded right then. You have NO need to take it out and feed it daily, it will be fine in the stable. Do what everyone has said, with your skill jewels on, and LEAVE IT ALONE lol. You do NOT need to feed it every day and all you are doing is risking mucking the process up.
  7. ivanbbq

    ivanbbq Guest

    copy that, thanks alot
  8. Phaheela

    Phaheela Guest

    Bonding is a bit bugged at the moment, I've yet to have a pet bond within the 8 day timer.

    GD 1 - 10 days
    GD2 - 14 days
    Cu - 16 days
    Mare - 9 days
    Blue beetle - 4 weeks
    Fire beetle - 6 weeks and it still wont bond despite repeating the feed/stable/8day wait/claim/feed.
  9. ivanbbq

    ivanbbq Guest

    It bonded to me on the other day, it's really weird though

    if you guys say I reset the timer
    why would it bond to me just on the other day? shouldn't it be another 7 days?

    anyway, it's good to bond with it.
    however, I may give it away, I just tamed one and it gets 4.3 stars from the pet power calculator!!!!!!!!
    although it's just a normal colour one, but who cares with a 4.3 stars!? at least I don't!!!!!! :love: