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help please with problem

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by dupadupa, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. dupadupa

    dupadupa Guest

    over the last 6 hours i have been trying to raise swords....... unfornatly ive raised 0.3 gains in 6 hours fighting....

    creatures ive tried are

    orge, orge lords, trolls, earth ele's, stone harpys, dread spiders, yokok warriors or w/e, dull copper eles, lizard men,

    any ideas to what i should be fighting.. i have 108.4 swords at the moment
  2. GFY

    GFY Guest

    My favorite was Arctic Ogre Lords. Remember to use a fast weapon with no DI, & max HCI. Your trying to gain skill not kill everything in sight.

    If your bored just training go to painted caves with a Soul Seeker sword. Have a little fun, get a little gold, and maybe an artie.
  3. dupadupa

    dupadupa Guest

    thanks for the reply GFY ive been unfornatly using jewlery giving about 50% DI and been using a soul seeker to kill these monsters.. i have also been at painted caves doing the same thing, i forgot to add the monsters from painted caves ive tried...

    i guess what also dont help is when using the DI jewlery and Soulseeker im also using bushido for lightning strike AND honouring each monster.. i take it all these actions are not helping me gain?

    where can i find artic orge lords? maybe i will try these next!!

    you can imagine that after killing SO many orge lords with pretty much no gains it can get very tidious
  4. I suggest trying the Yomatsu Mines in Tokuno. The 3rd "room" has 2 Warriors in it that I've used to take Swords, Fencing & Macing all to 120 in, along with 120 Anatomy, Bushido, and Tactics. To get to this room, go past the Dull Copper & Earth Ele in the entry passage, through the "room" with the single Warrior and Earth Ele, then finally into the 3rd "room" with the 2 Warriors in it. The Warriors have a lot of hit points, so take a while to kill each, and the respawn rate there is very fast, so by the time you get one Warrior killed, the other has already respawned, so there is no waiting for the next one. This has you swinging non stop, and can have you at 120 in mulitple skills within a few hours.
  5. dupadupa

    dupadupa Guest

    you know i tried that location last night for the first time after reading a FAQ here on stratics.. just i wrote them as "yokok warriors" i tried killing a few at the entrance outside got got ganged by 4 of them... so i tried just inside the entrance where you mentioned with the dull copper ele and normal ele... is it just me or do they hit incredibly hard?

    see.. i can take on a orge lord no problems maybe have to heal with Chiv one time during a lord if im unlucky mostly no times, but the yoko warriors last night they where taking hits on me of 30+ and often and i had to keep running away.. im using a all 70's suit with 100 parry?. at one point i act died cause i just got ganked....
  6. Setnaffa

    Setnaffa Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 13, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I went from GM to Legendary killing Stone Harpies and Daemons. The gains do slow way down above GM, but you should be getting around 12 an hour.
  7. They do hit for around 20 damage, which can take it's toll, but isn't too rough. It would probably help you out to have a sword with a high life leech on it, and always make sure to honor each one so you get the stats back once you've killed one so you're fresh to take on the next.
  8. how about deamons in ish blood dungeon? that hall way spawns one every few seconds.... fame is ok here the occassional para demon can be fun.. i've had 2 spawn at once.

    ish honesty for cyclop's, ettins, and titan's..... again para titans, etc.. decent fame.

    and the ole faithfull fan dancer dojo... fan dancer's decent gold, fame etc.
    and drop down a couple levels try some ronin, succubuses, even oni ,and balrons further in.
  9. dupadupa

    dupadupa Guest

    could you explain this to me, i honour mostly everything and i notice no stat gain back!! i was using a soul seeker but it did not seem much help, i litrally was running every 5 seconds.....

    yeah forgot about daemons..... prooberly could do with a new slayer.. i do have one just not that good!!! hehe, im guessing blood dungeon is the one with blood ele's before the daemons??


    to be honest im sick of stone harpys... i really am sick of them hehe, but thank you for your imput...

    actually THANK YOU everyone for your imput im gonna go try it all out again!!
  10. When you Honor a creature, upon it's death you will receive a certain amount of HP's, Mana, and Stamina back, depending on what level of Perfection you achieved.
  11. GFY

    GFY Guest

    Honoring your opponent isn't a bad thing. Also using lightning strike is good also. You get 50 HCI from lightning strike and you gain honor at the same time.

    Arctic Ogre Lords are in the Ice dungeon in lost lands. You can find a rune there at any good rune library. The AOL's spawn one at a time, (in 3 locations!) move slowly, and don't cast spells. They do hit a ton so you may have to hit and run a bit.


    Here's a map of level 1. The AOL's spawn just above the letter C in the bottom corner near some chests. If it's not there walk around the lower wall a bit and you should run into it. This is the safest spawn area the others can get other spawn in the way. Most players take turns farming and can rez ya in a worse case scenario.
  12. dupadupa

    dupadupa Guest


    thanks for the info im gonna go take a look if i get a few spare minutes tonight... also thank you for the link too ill try and see what happens... doesnt look to hard... your and every bodys help has been much appriciated.... you know its taken me a long time to return to uo... and all this info and help is letting settle back in properly....

    on a side note i was at painted caves last night using no lighning strike and no perfection taking 2-3 of the ty~ monster on at a time...
    (was using soul seeker with enemy of one) an i act gained twice in 30 minutes which was promising...

    you know comming back after 4 years is act quite pleasurable... aside from having to re-learn everything the act play experience has a new shine to it,

    dont know if you (GFY) or anyone else here is playing europa? im a very lonely buddy on this world due to all old RL friends quitting to play WOW along time ago,
  13. xStrikerx

    xStrikerx Guest

    I recommend going to tokuno or reptile champion spawn and using a weapon with high mana leech and whirlwind. Each enemy you hit with whirlwind gives a skill check for weapon skill.
  14. GFY

    GFY Guest

    Another thing to check is to see if your close to your 720 stat cap. If you have skills set to lose it's actually better to remove the skill you have set to lose. The further from the 720 cap you are the faster you gain.

    In painted caves you can use whirlwind attack with your Soul Seeker. You'll be trying to hit a bunch of targets in stead of just one.

    I came back to UO after a long break as well. I had a group of friends that really helped me get back up to speed and after a short time it felt as if I had never left.

    Unfortunately I don't play on Europa, my guild is based on Atlantic. However if you felt like giving a new shard a try I might be able to get a few friends together and help you settle in. (send me a PM if you like)

    Check out my guild's site. www.llts.org were into all phases of UO and always willing to help players expand their game play. Were active in crafting, peerless, champ spawning, PVP, PVM, and we have a very comprehensive KR guide.
  15. WidowMak3r

    WidowMak3r Guest

    any of u guys ever heard of useing a golem :D get 100% poison swords weapon and a gm made golem be guilded all guard me let it hit u once and all stop and all follow me set for a while need gift of renewal to heal it unless it is pre patch problem solved no running around required!!!
  16. We try and steer newer players away from golem bashing so they can actually learn how to play their character. Beating on a golem teaches nothing.
  17. WidowMak3r

    WidowMak3r Guest

    ROFL thats to funny what is there to teach about killing artic ogre lords?

    lets see work for skill gains? killing artic ogre lords

    OR Easy skill gains smacking a golem ur decision was just a idea for someone who wants to do it quickly :(
  18. GFY

    GFY Guest

    I've wacked my golem a few times but after a short time it just gets really boooring. :coco: :lol:

    Seriously though I perfer killing monsters, collecting gold, and actually fighting soemthing that actually hits back and might kill me if I'm not careful. :twak:
  19. ZippyTwitch

    ZippyTwitch Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 5, 2006
    Likes Received:
    It has nothing to do with teaching how to kill artic ogre lords. It's called playing your character in actual life threating conditions to learn how to use your template in different situations. Sure you can whack a golem all the way up. Then you try to do some high end hunting with that char and just end up doing corpse runs because you can't play the template. Whacking a golem teaches nothing.
  20. dupadupa

    dupadupa Guest

    yep the running around is much more fun....

    in responce to your earlier post about 720 skills unfornatly i havent act got a soul stone and i am at 720 with certain skills pointing down... im gonna look into how to get one... tho with yours and other people advise i have managed to get to 111.2 swords so far and act got a few minor virtue arties on the way :)

    thank you gfx for the kind offer of starting a new server i will keep that in mind!!!

    now... ive act got a different problem which i would like advise on... in Europa there seems to be a HUGE shortage of slayer weapons....

    currently for a repond super slayer im using the "soul seeker"...
    currently for a undead super slayer im using a "holy sword".....

    now i have been running round on and off for two weeks looking for a decent "demon super slayer" and also a decent "elemental super slayer"......in fact id say ive searched high and low for them for a combined total of about 20 hrs

    question 1 is... is it possible to get these two super slayers (ele and demon) in arti weapon forms? and if so what's the name for them? if it is not possible is any one aware of any shops in europa who act have any kind of decent slayer collections for sale....

    i kid you not i just can not fund a decent slayer... in fact ive not once found a ele slayer yet... and the only demon slayers ive seen have penaltys of faster cast -1 etc and really bad damage increase etc......

    [edit] im looking for these's SSlayers in Swordmanship
  21. Arch Magus

    Arch Magus Guest

    There are arti forms of these weapons.
    They come from the Museum turn-ins. I'm not sure what it takes to get them, lots of harvested wood i suppose. They are all Use Best Weapon Skill Krysses.
    Daemon slayer is probably the most sought after and most expensive.

    And if you are still raising swordsmanship, try the Ettin/Titan valley area in Honesty, Ilshenar.
    It's a great place to go with a Soulseeker.
  22. Go with Soulstone Fragments until you can afford to buy the full Soulstones. They're much cheaper and easier to find, and a good substitute until you can get the real thing.
  23. GFY

    GFY Guest

    You may want to try building a smith template. It's long and alot of work but you'll be able to make your own weapons. Keep the ones you like and sell the others. Collect bods while training and you may get a few high end tools for when you reach Legendary Blacksmith. You could do the same with Tailoring so you can make your own armor.

    Double slayer weapons are rather rare and or expensive to aquire. I like single slayers with at least 30 mana leech on them. Single slayers can have more bonuses on them because the second slayer takes up one of the bonus slots.

    The Blackthorn's kryss artie is one good slayer to try for. It has use best weapon skill on it so anyone can use it. (I wouldn't recomend it for archers though) It's one of the turn in rewards (liburary?) so you should be able to aquire them even if you don't have any vendors on Europa.
  24. dupadupa

    dupadupa Guest

    ive act got a smith template.. just over GM at the sec.. but havent done much in bod's yet :)

    just looking for the blackthorns kryss, i think i must of written what i mean wrong as im not looking for a double slayer in one weapon, but i am looking for a blackthorns demon slayer kryss and also looking for a blackthorns elemental slayer kryss :D.... so if any one has either of these on europa then that would be cool!!

    really stupid question here.. but these soul stone fragments conner talks about? can i buy them of anyone in game or? and whats the difference in terms of skill storage between fragments and whole stones?
  25. GFY

    GFY Guest

    Fragments are more plentiful, but they can only be used 5 times.
  26. dupadupa

    dupadupa Guest

    ahhh thank you for that... got a soul fragment yesterday.. gonna have a play with it :)