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[Carpentry] Help understanding resists on Wood Armor

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by [JD], Mar 25, 2010.

  1. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    Hi... could anyone help me understand how the resists work on Wood Armor?

    GM Arms Lore: Gives 20 resist pts
    Base wood armor resists: 5-3-2-3-2
    Heartwood: Gives 16 extra resists (7 in Poison, and chance of HCI or DI)
    Bloodwood: Gives 18 extra resists (8 in Fire, and 2HPR)
    Frostwood: Gives 18 extra resists (8 in Cold)

    So if I understand correctly:

    If I craft a piece out of heartwood I get base resists + 20 Arms Lore pts + 16 Heartwood pts randomly distributed, and might end up with a piece with: 15-3-12-13-8. I can then imbue max fire.

    If I craft a piece out of Bloodwood I might end up with a piece with: 15-11-2-8-15. In this case I would want to imbue Cold.

    If I craft a piece of Regular (base wood), Imbue max Fire+POF, and then ENHANCE with Bloodwood I might get: 13-26-8-9-8 and would want to imbue cold, poi, or energy.

    Is this correct?

  2. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    Also when enhancing has anyone tested to see if either of these lower the % of breakage?

    1) Keeping the post enhance item weight under 500? (IE, I might have 7 properties on some Heartwood armor - imbue fire/sta/lmc/hp/mana + enhanced DI/HCI = 7 properties, yet I make sure that the total item weight after all that is less than 500)

    2) Tested if using easier to craft pieces gives better chance to enhance? IE since it does a check of your carpentry skill to enhance, and it takes less skill to make gloves or gorget than a chest piece, if you would have a better chance to enhance and not break the item.

  3. Gelf

    Gelf Guest

    hmmm u get +20 random resists from exceptional bonus plus arms lore bonus. the extra resists from special materials is not random link to table here
  4. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    Thank you for the link - Let me make some corrections, please let me know if they are correct?

    1) You cannot have both HCI 5% and DI 10% on a single heartwood piece of armor, only one property at a time?

    2) If I craft a Heartwood piece the resists would work like this:

    Base Wood resists: 5-3-2-3-2
    Heartwood resists: 2-3-2-7-2
    Total: 7-6-4-10-4

    Now add 20 randomly distributed resists from Exceptional and GM arms lore? Giving us something like: 12-6-9-15-4

    I could then imbue Fire to max: 12-18-9-15-4

    (or energy also, however energy is so prevalent on artifacts I probably wouldn't bother)


    3) Now when crafting from base wood and ENHANCING with Bloodwood, I'd get:

    Base Wood resists: 5-3-2-3-2

    Add 20 randomly distributed resists from GM arms lore, giving us something like: 9-7-6-7-6

    I could POF, and imbue Fire to max and have: 9-18-6-7-6

    Now enhance with Bloodwood with resists of: 3-8-1-3-3

    And the total, enhanced item would be: 12-26-7-10-9

    Is this how it would work?

    Thank you
  5. Gelf

    Gelf Guest

    not sure about if u can get +5 hci and +10 dI on same piece. normally u can get only one property. but heard there was a tiny chance of getting 2 random properties, however have never seen a piece with 2 properties so dont know if this is true.

    As for the rest, yes that is how it works(currently anyway)