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Help Wanted (Shard Wide Role Playing Event)

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, May 22, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye

    The People's Army of Sonoma has captured and imprisoned Lord British, the once ruler of this land. He is being held in or near the town of N'Julem for interrogation. It is the wish of the people that Lord British be tried for crimes against the people of Sonoma. The 1st Circuit Court of Sonoma has been assigned this case. This trial is beyond the capability of myself alone. It is my wish that this trial be held openly and fairly. All citizens must have a chance to partake is this trial, if they so wish. Hence, the trial shall be held at the Court Of Truth, Yew, Felluca. Dates are not set and will be announced in advance of any procedures.
    The Court has assigned the responsibilty for Prosecution to the People's Army of Sonoma. Until further notice, the People's Army of Sonoma shall maintain the safety and well being of Lord British. Anyone wishing to assist in the prosecution, wishing to testify for the prosecution or willing to assist in the guarding of the prisoner should contact the leaders of the People's Army of Sonoma.
    The Court is in dire need of someone to act as Defense Counsel for Lord British. Whomever has the strength of character to accept this position will work in coordination with the Court and the Prosecution for securing the court, securing the prisoner and (most importantly) will be charged with making a case for the Defendant. The person filling this position need not be an ally of Lord British, they must simply be honorable and willing to do their utmost to defend their client.

    The Court has many positions that need to be filled.
    Prosecutor For the People: To be assigned by King David
    1 or more assistants to the Prosecutor: To be assigned by the Prosecutor.

    Defense Counsel: open, wll be selected by the Judge.
    1 or more assistants to the D.C.: open, will be selected by D.C.

    Reporting to the Court:
    Sergeant At Arms* - open, charged with defense of the Court during proceedings.
    Six or more Marshals of the Court* - report to the Sergeant At Arms
    2 Bailiffs - work with the Judge and the Sergeant At Arms during proceedings.
    1 or more Investigator - reports to the Sergeant at Arms.

    To fill these positions one may message me, ICQ me, contact King David.

    I will also be touring the lands to interview those interested. I will post the location of these interviews as far in advance as possible.

    Tonight I will be at the Haven Bank (Tram) from 6:30 PM PDT to 7:00 PM PDT and at the Ocllo Bank (Fel) from 7:00 PM PDT to 7:30 PM PDT.
    Tuesday night I will be at the Britain Gate (Tram) from 6:30 PM PDT to 7:00 PM PDT and at the Britain Gate (Fel) from 7:00 PM PDT to 7:30 PM PDT.

    I will try to post a full schedule within the next day or two.

    Once these positions have been filled we will hold a hearing on what type of trial to have (i.e. jury, judge, panel).

    Your Servant,
    Maddwg, Judge 1st Circuit Court of Sonoma.

    *******This Role Playing Event is open to EVERYONE.************
    Anyone with any questions or comments may contact me. This is an on going event that PAS has been doing for some time. It is now time for the rest of us to have some fun!

    *preferably experienced PvPers.

    Much more to follow.
  2. Lady Vixen

    Lady Vixen Guest

    *wonders if any lawyers play this game*

    As much as I wish to help I have a full time position. But will do all I can to be there and observe.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    As a citizen of Sonoma, you may also testify if you have any desire to do so.

    I forsee that this could be a long trial. Many positions may have several people filling it. Thats why I have all the assistant positions. Otherwise, it could be difficult to keep things rolling.

    Only the 3 primary positions are for those willing and able to commit more time (Prosecutor, Defense Counsel and Sergeant At Arms).

    Anyone may apply for those positions and inform their 'boss' when they are available.

    If nothing else, enjoy the show!

  4. Give me a shrowd of shadows and I'll be the executioner :]

    Lets see lets set an agenda, first flailed, hung, burned at the steak, drawd and quartered, and then fed to the dogs...Followed by singing and dancing.. Sounds like a plan to me..
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Milord Lefty,

    The Executioner is the 'Investigator' and will have a few other responsibilities. This could be an interesting position. Let me know if you are serious.

    I just thought of this a few minutes ago:
    Anyone interested in a Court poition should get permission from their Guild Leader first! The Court is NEUTRAL.
    Anyone on the Court staff that betrays the Court can assume they will be described as a 'Donut Hole' in some Episode. j/k


    Addendum: You can PM me or EMail me. I created a new account just for this purpose.
    [email protected]
  6. Rapier

    Rapier Guest

    I'm interested, but I work weekends so if the vent(s) are to be done daytime on weekends I can't participate.
  7. K'Tharil

    K'Tharil Guest

    I say give him a fair trial, with a rope and everything.

    Could let my Urk friend do the defense.

    Lat toopid oomie not do nuttin. Lafferz is werse. Lafferz gruk mak nubosh mojo on urks. Urks agh oomies dey not likey lafferz. Dat maks oomies bubosh fer urk. Not do it. Inn-Noe-Sent

    *Crosses arms and stands expectantly*

    ((Oh, for those "oomies" that don't "gruk" urk, a quick translation:
    Lafferz- Liches
    oomies- humans
    agh- and
    bubosh/nubosh - good/bad\
    gruk- know))
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Milord Rapier,

    This event will last a while and probably span several different days. At this point, I would assume that most will be in the evening during the weel, although some weekend evenings may be involved. Nothing is in stone yet.

    Which poition are you interested in?

    Thy Servant,
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    To All,
    I screwed up that email address above, it is fixed as of now.

    As of this morning the Court is:

    Judge - Maddwg (XX)
    Bailiff - Rose (HELP)
    Bailiff - Jocelyn (HELP) Bailiffs are my 'gophers'

    Prosecution - unnamed PAS
    Assistant - unnamed

    Defense Counsel - no volunteers yet
    Assistant - no volunteers yet

    Sergeant At Arms - not chosen yet - I will chose from Marshal's
    Marshal of the Court - Malachai (PAS)
    Marshal of the Court - Redrum (WW) - potential
    Marshal of the Court - awaiting volunteers
    Marshal of the Court - awaiting volunteers
    Marshal of the Court - awaiting volunteers
    Marshal of the Court - awaiting volunteers

    Investigator - no volunteer yet

    Volunteer For Jury (if required):
    Alana Starbreeze (PORN)

    Hopefully we will see Rapier added and maybe even Lefty as Investigator!

    I will be at the Brit Gate tonight trying to recruit. So, if my ghost says ooOOoo, it will mean "Hey, wanna join the Lord British Trial Event?"

    Thy Servant,
  10. Brad

    Brad Guest

    Hear ye.... Oh those who would appoint themselves as judge, jury, and executioner over their Lord and liege, British King.

    I, the honorable, and most humble servant of my liege, do hereby offer my services in his defense. While I feel that these charges have been concocted and my liege has been denied due process (for whatever dubious cause or goal), I shant waste the time of the peoples of this noble land in citing quotes of Charles I, another King in the land from where our liege originated. I will simply accept the claim of the People's Army of Sonoma to possess the authority to try a Lord and King of perceived wrongs to the peoples of this land, and acknowledge the validity of their divinity in doing so. In so doing, I will ask that they should hold the will of the free peoples of Sosaria in abeyance until such higher authority should overrule their claim, validity, and or right to procede. As a long-lived and mighty guild within the lands of Sosaria, I will stipulate to the presupposition that the People's Army of Sonoma acknowledges the insurmountable debt of gratitude owed by every male, female and child, whether they be elf, human, or cross-breed from the time of Lord British's arrival in the dark days of Mondain to those generations yet to come and will be 100% fair and honest in their dealings as we proceed and will apologize once I have shown them the folly of their charges and the winkings of those whom formented them to proclaim my Lord innocent of all charges.

    In making this offer I require the following so that I may provide the most vigorous and efficient defense that our liege is entitled to.

    1) That I be allowed to meet with my client immediately and that said meeting and all future meetings be in private.
    2) That my client be treated fairly and with the dignity accorded to the leader of a great and sovereign nation.
    3) That I am presented with all evidentiary discovery well in advance of any and all scheduled court appearances.
    4) That my client be accorded the right to face all his accusers in open court for all to see and that he may cross-examine all accusers as prescribed under the articles of Sosarian law and judicial precedence.
    5) That I have the right to present a full defense and that I may call upon any Britannian deemed relevant to that defense.
    6) That while I gladly offer my legal expertise to my liege pro bono and without recompense. I do request that the fair market value of said expertise to be paid and donated to a charity of Lord British's choice.
    7) That should I be called away in the service of my guild as fleet admiral, that reccess will be granted pending sufficient notice.
    8) That my client and I reserve the right to refuse a number of jurors as specified by the rules of the court. (With same right inversely accorded to the prosecution)
    9) That while said trial is to be public, the People's Army of Sonoma, and David King specifically, will ensure the saftey of my client (and myself) and will prevent this trial from degenerating into an obscene, foul-mouthed, ill-behaved or otherwise deliterious spectacle that would bring undue vulgarity upon my client and great shame upon the People's Army of Sonoma.
    10) And finally, my client and I reserve the right to suspend the proceedings upon violation of the above listed agreements until such time that the People's Army of Sonoma can amend those issues to terminate equanimity and restore justice.

    I shall await word of the decision if my services are required, and until such time and regardless of said decision, I personally find your actions to try my Lord and liege as dastardly, despicable, and void of any merit or honor. Were it within my power as a common citizen of our great land, your temerity in taking this course would be deserving of the cessation of both freedom and vitality.

    Lord Brad
    Fleet Admiral
    United States Navy (USN)
    Temporarily Assigned to Judge Advocate General's corps
    ICQ - 256.222.140 [image][​IMG][/image]
  11. I would be honored to serve as defense counsel for our dear departed Lord British.
  12. Jack Tallow

    Jack Tallow Guest

    Oooh Oooh Oooh!! *Raises hand*

    Me! Me! Pick me!! *waves hand wildly*

    I can help! I really can! I defended Hector in darkmoor's trial. I got ex-peer-ee-ants! I can guard him and make sure he's safe and make suire he gets a good trial. I can love him and pet him and hug him and squeeze him and *stabs*stabs*stabs*poisons* well... old habits die hard I guess.

    Does this mean I have to sit this one out? Probably for the best. Britain's absentee father figure should be (in no particular order): hung, quartered, eviscerated, stretched, burned, fed to the lions, blinded, and have 7 plagues visited upon his family.

    Wait, can I be on th jury? hehehe [​IMG]
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Milord Brad,

    I respectfully accept thy request to represent the defendant. Lord Rapier did apply firstly, but hath stepped aside and asked to be an assistant to thee in this grave matter. The good Lady Jayde has also stepped up and offered her services in the defense process.

    I, Maddwg, Judge of the 1st Circuit Court of Sonoma, do hereby appoint Lord Brad as Defense Counsel, Lord Rapier as Assistant Counsel and Lady Jayde as Assistant Counsel. Keep them appraised as their job is to assist thee and to appear on they behalf if required.

    As to your requests.
    1) Lord British is currently being held in an undisclosed location for his own safety (see the post by Jack for just one example of why). WE will coordinate with King David to have him brought forward. Before ANY proceeding take place you will be allowed access to him.
    2) Aye, so it shall be.
    3) Aye, so it shall be.
    4) Aye, so it shall be.
    5) Not only is it your right it is the request of this court that it be so.
    6) Thy pay will be elevated to that of the Judge and donated as thy wish (The current salary on this case is 0 gold). Since the judge is not rich and has no taxes with which to pay anyone, I humbly ask that thou dost accept the poistion despite the low wages. My profession is raconteur, I wouldst have much more joy doing that. I was asked to perform this function and do so out of duty to my fellow Sonomans. I beseesch thee to accept this position in the name of the People.
    7) Aye. Thou hast two assistants, if the matter is minor we shall allow them to appear. I will allow you to judge when they can perfrom in thy absence and when thou must appear before us. (We can work with this, none of us will be available ALL the time.)
    8) I do not have a problem with that. However, I request that we meet at thy earliest possible convience to discuss these matters.
    9) Until such time as the defendant is remanded to the Court, it will be so. At that time the Court will assume responsibilty (with help from PAS) with our on Sergeant At Arms and the Marshals of the Court. They, as I, must remain neutral and impartial.
    10) Suspension of proceedings must remain in my power. Otherwise either side could use this as a ploy. Aly thy fears. If these proceedings can not continue without safety and justice, the prceedings will be suspended until we can rectify the situation.

    Also, beside thy assitants (those two volunteered, so I appreciate that you will allow them to participate) thou may build a staff of thy choosing. The Court Bailiffs and the Investigator will also be available upon thy need.

    I will ignore your slander to my name, since thou dost not know me. Dost thou not know that the Judge does not bring charges, that is the duty of the People.
    It is simply my duty to remain impartial and see that the trial proceeds fairly and with honor.

    Maddwg, Judge

    PS I will make an updated post after my recruitment mission tonite. Recruiting goes well.
    Thanks to all that have offered their time for this event.
  14. Brad

    Brad Guest

    My dear and most honorable Lord and High Judge Maddwg-

    Thy perceived slander was not in any way directed at you specifically. Please accept any apology you require. I know thee not personally, but I know of thee, and I know thou art an honorable and just man, and I am gratified to see you give thy most important position all the respect and gravity it is due.

    I honour thee as thou has made every effort to address my needs to, I hope and pray, defend our Lord and liege. I will do very well to give my Lord and liege as much attention to my role as first seat defender, as thou givest to thine own position. My only desire in my initial bid to recieve this honour was to show that my desire is genuine and true. I have the burning fire in my breast to be victorious and to fulfill my destiny. I am sure thou can relate to the significance that our roles in this judicially historic event will bring. Will not the fair minstrels of our land sing the deeds of our actions to come? Will they not strike the lute of Iolo or gently pluck the harp of the blessed maiden Gwenno for the next hundred years?

    I do reiterate to thy honour that I shall be true to my task and that I will show no frivilous nor dilatory behavior to thee nor any member of the court. Any rancor that I personally feel shall be channelled directly into the task of aquitting Lord British with the distinction and honour demanded by my position as a U.S. Naval Fleet Admiral.

    I hope the issue of thy pay was seen as a metaphor of my desire to work tirelessly without pay, and because thou hast shown such honor to me in they bid to serve my Lord and liege, I would request, pray, that your honour permit me the privilege of presenting a check, in your name, for 100,000gp to a cause that thou hast found to be worthy and in the greatest of need, and that as we proceed down the monumental path of history, we do so hand-in-hand in the name of justice and all that makes our fair land the beauty that she is. (In summation, I would quote the words of my good friend and fellow attorney Mr. Richard Fish.... "Mmmm, bygones!"

    I am fortunate and grateful to accept the most honorable Lord Rapier and the most noble Lady Jayde as co-counsel. I accept them not as subordinates, but as equals in this task. If the desire of one to serve thy Lord and liege is mighty, then the desire of three is beyond describe, but certainly it will carry that martial weight with which we will succeed. I look forward to seeing and speaking with them to gain their insights, and I of course request the same allowances granted me to be theirs as well. (I ask merely out of formal courtesy and respect to thy position.)

    Again Lord and high judge Maddwg, I thank thee, and I hope and pray that even though we enter this task in potentially advesarial positions, that upon its conclusion, we shall go forth as friends.

    May the creator protect and bless you and keep thy heart true to thy name.

    Lord Brad
    Fleet Admiral
    United States Navy (USN)
    Lead Counsel - Judge Advocate General Corps (JAG)


    PS - To my esteemed co-counsels, I will be contacting you within the next 48 hours. Please record thy thoughts and ideas in books that we can share, and begin our defense. Our initial volley shall be as follows in my post post-script and my post post-post-script.

    PPS - To thy most capable opponent and lead prosecutor, I shalt gladly accept thy resignation and offer of concession to save thyself the painful journey to which my team and I shall subject thee. I would be remiss and guilty of negligence to my position were I not to ask thee to concede defeat before the trial begins. I therefore would ask, pray, to not take thy request personally. I would accept your motion to dismiss without objection and then we may adjourn to the nearest tavern for an evening of liquor and swearing.

    PPPS - Your honour and high judge Maddwg, I officially submit a motion to dismiss based on a lack of evidentiary discovery to show cause that a crime has been committed, and based on the fact that no proof has been submitted that my client received his Miranda rights due all, and in as he, being a Lord and sovereign of our land, left those whom took custody of him were in such awe and suspense of who he is and the act that they had committed, failed to ever give him his rights. Also, if a negative dispensation of my initial motion is ruled, I move that my client be released on his own recognisance. As he is instantly recognizable worldwide, risk of flight is a virtual impossibility. Myself, and I am sure I can speak for my esteemed co-counsels, Lord Rapier and Lady Jayde, will utilize our own personal means to ensure the safety of our Lord and liege, and that he will know this trial in the presence of his defenders and in the comfort and limited freedom that he would normally have being as famous as he is world-wide. I will accept personal responsibility, and do so with my very life.

  15. K'Tharil

    K'Tharil Guest


    This is Brittannia, not America. Miranda is some broad working the tavern in Buc's Den here. Try plan B.

    And don't get too noble. Remember you are representing the scurvy dog that abandoned us in our time of need. The low-down rat that killed the homeland we all loved and created an aborted facade of what true Brittannia was. The miserable wretch that not only created a false system with which to govern and rule us (virtue), but also enforced it through strongarm tactics and his homicidal personal guards. The guy sold out his entire country for a few bucks. Way to go. *big thumbs up*

    Oh, and before you get any bright ideas about change of venue for the safety of your client,,, uh-uh. These charges were brought in fel, they should be settled in fel.

    I will, however, PRAY he is released on his own recognisance. As far as I'm concerned, I've sharpened a blade meant for his throat for years. Release him, and he'll never see the courtroom. I will personally guarantee you that my friend.
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Honorable Lord Brad,

    I have a thick skin and did not take the comments to heart. Do not worry over such a thing. Thou request to assume the Defense Counsel position was most aptly worded. I think that everyone will now know that you will fulfill your position to the best of thine ability. That is all that this Court asks, that we each do our best. I can rest assured that I have three honorable and capable people to defend Lord British and that is of relief to me. Tis disheartnening to over see a court without a proper defense. I am fortunate that the three of thee hath offered to fulfill this important position. I have nothing but respect for thy co-counsels. Thou are fortunate to have two such as these at thy table. This court will hold each of thee in respect and esteem.

    It tis not necessary for thee to make a donation in my name. The offer to do so proves thy honor and humbles this simple man. Thy offer to make the donation was most generous and I thank thee. Possibly, in the future we will make a matching donation to a worthy cause. I salute thee, good sir.

    I did assume the metaphor about pay. That is why I assumed that thou wouldst accept despite our equal but still nonexistant pay. Personally, I can fall back on my pay as a raconteur, which is 32 gold per month.

    Let me just say that I pledge to remain neutral throughout this process. There is no animosity on my part to any party involved and so it shall remain. When I was first approached for this position it was agreed that I MUST remain impartial. It is true that I have accompanied the PAS guild on several adventures. I will not allow that to have any bearing on this case. My personal feelings end at the door of the Court. My pledge to you and all of Sonoma is my impartiality as to the outcome of this trial.

    About your PPPS. I am planning a Hearing to cover the charges and rule on whether the trial shall proceed or be dismissed. Currently, the safety of Lord British is my utmost concern. As you state, he is well known and easily recognized. Since this court has recieved many death threats against thy client he must remain under guard for the time being. I will rehear thy argument on this matter at the hearing if thou disagrees with my decision. I am pleased that cool heads prevailed when Lord British was captured, else we would be planning his funeral and not his trial. King David has pledged to me that he will use all of his resources to ensure the safety of Lord British. Currently, the court is not prepared to assume that responsibilty. I hope that we can rectify that with utmost speed. I have accepted two citizens as Marshals. This very night I have contacted others and have utmost hope that I will hear back from the one that contacted me at the Brit Gate. He and his guild could be the answer to this judges problems.

    Please fill free to call on me for anything thou may need to fulfill thy chosen task.

    Thou Humble Servant,
  17. Brad

    Brad Guest

    My good Mr. K'Tharil-

    Whose rule of law shall I use for my case good sir, if not America? China? Iran? North Korea?

    This is a public forum and this will be a public trial. Every word I have used from my initial bid to this quick note has a purpose to the end to which I have stated, to win aquittal for my Lord and liege, not to upset you nor any other citizen of our nation. If thoust has issue with Lord British then I hope to see thee on the witness stand to testify against him.

    Lord Brad
    Fleet Admiral
    United States Navy (USN)
    Lead Defense Counsel - Judge Advocate General Corps (JAG)
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Milords and Ladies,

    As of this morning the Court stands as:
    Judge - Maddwg (XX)
    Bailiff - Rose (HELP)
    Bailiff - Jocelyn (HELP) Bailiffs are my 'gophers'

    Prosecution - as yet declared (PAS)

    Defense Counsel:
    - Lord Brad (USN)
    - Lord Rapier (WMD)
    - Lady Jayde (UOSS)

    Sergeant At Arms - not chosen yet
    Marshal of the Court - Malachai (PAS)
    Marshal of the Court - Numa (PAS)
    Marshal of the Court - Redrum (WW) - potential
    Marshal of the Court - awaiting volunteers
    Marshal of the Court - awaiting volunteers
    Marshal of the Court - awaiting volunteers

    Investigator - no volunteer yet

    Volunteer For Jury (if required):
    Alana Starbreeze (PORN)
    Love Spirit (SAL)

    I am still looking for honorable PVPers for the Marshal positions. Six is the minimum I seek.

  19. Since Defense Counsel seems to be taken, I might be able to do Investigation... I don't have the skill in game, but can roleplay it well - I've done it IRL.
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Lady Jayde,
    First come, first served. Thou art my Investigator. Having the skill is not required as long as you get any info I may need. How you get it is up to you.
    Before things get rolling, we'll have a little sit down and we will discuss your duities.
  21. Rotte

    Rotte Guest

    what of the jury?
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Lord Rotte,
    Once I get a secure Court and have had the hearing, we will begin polling for jurors. I am accepting volunteers, I'm just not actively working on that yet.