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Help with armor

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by woj1s, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. woj1s

    woj1s Guest

    If started to get accustomed to UO after recently coming back and I need help with which type of armor to wear.

    I used to be able to run into a liche camp with GM armor and hack away with my silver katana of power and id be alright..now not so much. One hit and im dead (same character).

    My skills are:
    100 Swords
    100 Tactics
    100 Anatomy
    110 Parrying
    100 Lockpicking
    100 Cartography
    85 Healing
    50 Resist Spells

    I was planning on adding Chivalry.
    The armor I have right now is 70/59/65/61/70

    Can someone help me or guide me to what I need so im able to do high level treasure chest? I do have some money to throw at it.
  2. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    Unfortunatly Treasure chests seem to be unprofitable affairs (apart from the new level 6's) however the LvL 6's spawn Ancient Wryms Balrons and Blood Eles.

    Its a tough one to come back and work a new template out, but dont give up...im not on your shard otherwise id try and hook you up.
  3. woj1s

    woj1s Guest

    Fortunetly I do treasure hunts because they are fun and exciting... not looking for the BIG payoff. Just need to know what I need to be competitive against the spawn.
  4. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    Im glad to hear someone doing something they enjoy not just for the $$.

    My only advice would be to drop your resist spells...

    50 unfortunatly nowadays will not do anything, definatly try to get chiv in there(nice bonus heals and extra damage).

    Maybe look for a virtue set suit(all 70's no mods tho :() nice set to start and hit the dungeons (its all blessed btw so you wont lose any money :)) with the spawn, covetous i believe for lichs...play around test things out and in no time youll be killing those things and back in the swing to take the chests on!
  5. GalenKnighthawke

    GalenKnighthawke Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    You didn't post the other mods on your armor....The resists you have are actually not too bad. Your fire should be higher, though, to take on any spell-casting creature. Your most important resists are physical and fire. Hell, try and have both over 70, to combat things that lower your resists.

    Finding armor can be an issue. Wander around Luna, find a rune to Bluntman & Chronics, the Salty Daemon, and other non-Luna shops that are well-attended to by their owners. Visit the shops outside the Luna gates. I've found some good, reliable shops there.

    Template-wise....I have no idea if warrior-treasure hunters are even still viable.

    One thing I will tell you, though, is to simply not bother, at all, with just 50 Spell Resist. Invest the 50 in Chivalry. Or maybe swap out the Parry for Spell Resist and have 100 at least.

    If you are willing to find a way to have over 50 Chivalry, and if you can get LMC/Mana Regeneration on your suit, perhaps you can consider using your Chivalry only to heal, and dump healing/anatomy, thus making more room for other things like, say, hiding.

    Do you RP this character? If so, take that into account when you do your template and equipment. If the character isn't comfortable, it doesn't matter how viable you are on paper, it just won't work in practice.

    One minor example is Galen's boots. Galen as Joylah-made, blessed, necromancer gray-colored boots. He should use Snake Skin Boots, or replica Detective Boots for the mods.

    But he just can't. It's always those Joylah boots. When I try to swap them out it just doesn't work, not even for a moment.

    If your character is a swashbuckling type, for example, you may want to find something other than Chivalry, like Bushido or Poisoning or something...

    -Galen's player
  6. I would definitely add Chivalry to your template. Nice heals and some spells for extra damage. With CS, EoO and a undead slayer, you'll be stomping those liches pretty good.

    As far as your suit goes, try to get all 70's, if not, try to gear towards what you are fighting. Example with Liches, 70phy, 70fire & 70energy.
  7. Storm

    Storm UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Premium Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    here is a example of A T-hunters template for a worrior I took it from the t-hunter forum you may want to look there this is basaras template I borrowed :)
    Psycho Melee Treasure Hunter (Paladin Swordsman T-Hunter)
    Swords: 101 (120)
    Cartography: 100
    Lockpicking: 100
    Anatomy: 100
    Parry: 90 (105)
    Healing: 90
    Chivalry: 70 (90)
    Tactics: 69 (100)
    720+85 = 805 points

    Plus, Human JOAT bonus lowers my weapon special moves costs by 10.

    Stats 100/100/68 (100/95/60 plus equipment)

    Resists with standard suit: 70/69/67/68/70

    My Standard Suit
    Brightsight Lenses
    Ancient Samurai Do
    Arms of Tactical Excellence
    Dupre's Shield
    Soul Seeker
    Totem of the Void (Wailing Banshee Summoner, and Giant Serpent Protection 46% - always a plus on the Treasure Chest Islands)
    Robe of the Eclipse
    62-resist enhanced Barbed Leather gorget
    56-resist enhanced Barbed Leather leggings
    (additional 0/5/5/5/5 resists from GM-Inscription cast Reactive Armor and Magic Reflection, since soulstoned back off)
    Matched Jewelry set with total of +19 Swords, +19 Tactics, +20 Chivalry (other attributes include minor amounts of HCI, LRC, physical resist and EP)

    Total Bonuses from equipment:
    Luck 311
    Mana Regen 3, HP Regen 3 (plus leeches from the seeker)
    +8 Int, +5 Dex, +5 HP
    LMC 10%, nightsight
    85 skill points, all in template, from Jewelry and equipment, which gave me the breathing room to pick up Healing (played 3 years using only Close Wounds for self-healing).

    Pets/Mounts: Choice of Swampy, Ethereals, or a Giant Beetle (the latter typically for group hunts, to haul multiple chests' loot back at once - a lot of people don't want their regs from a level 6 box - their loss is my alchemist's gain). Also, the Banshee from the Talisman (only swings at what I actively click on to target, but does some damage, and occasionally takes a hit that would have been me otherwise).

    Besides Soul Seeker-
    Long Sword (old style) Undead slayer, Mana and life leech around 50%, plus good DI. Lich Lords hate this thing when I AI.
    Demon slayer Broadsword: exceptionally crafted out of gold, 8% DCI and 15% SSI. Two-hits Daemons on the upper-mid maps.
    Blood ele slayer katana with leeches better than the Undead slayer above. usually good enough to use on Poisons too.
    I REALLY need to make/find a good Dragon or Reptile slayer, but they have eluded me