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Help with fishing pole macro

Discussion in 'UO Fishing and Treasure Hunting' started by vinny12609, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. vinny12609

    vinny12609 Guest

    Hi folks,

    I am pretty new to the game, and I'm using the enhanced client. I'm trying to make a macro that will use the fishing pole and target the water. It was working for a bit, but now it keeps saying that I need water to fish in, or that I can't reach the water.

    My macro looks like this:

    Use Last Object (my fishing pole)
    Wait for cursor
    Target last

    Basically I start it off by clicking the pole and selecting the water to fish in, then hit this button to keep that going, but it's not working like it should. Like I said, it WAS working til the fish stopped biting and I moved to another spot, now it won't work at all, no matter where I go. Any help is much appreciated.

  2. Fink

    Fink Guest

    That macro should be fine for stationary fishing.

    You need to update your target when you move to a new area. Use your fishing pole and click the water to reset your last target, then try your macro. If there's some deeper issue, I wouldn't know what the problem might be.

    Don't forget you can add a delay at the end of the macro and use the repeat function to get 10 attempts from one click. Or stack multiple tries in the one macro and add repeat. I think I set mine up to do forty casts.
  3. vinny12609

    vinny12609 Guest

    Thank you for responding.

    I was updating the target when I moved, however it didn't seem to work. Once in a while it worked just fine, exactly how I thought it should, but as soon as I would move from that spot, it would mess up again.

    I will keep monkeying with it, hopefully I can figure out what the issue is.

    Thanks again!

    ~Captain Jack of Atlantic, future Fisherman (with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome lol)
  4. weins201

    weins201 Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Fishing in EC

    I was having big problems and am still not very happywith the targeting in EC but -

    If you are stationary you can use that macro.

    If you are like me and are used to fishing slow forward you have to use a macro like this
    Use Fishing Pole
    Wait for target
    Delay (i use 2 seconds that allows me to target the water manually)
    I have this setup 5 time in the macro and repeat it ten times, I can troll for a while before i have to hit the macro key again

    Now i REALY wish would put a target location or resources like they did for Mining and LJ.

    To make it work better i have setup a kill serpeant macro
    Enemy of one
    delay 3
    Devine fury
    Equip Items (Horse Lord)
    Delay 2.8
    Consecrate Weapon
    War Mode
    Attack Nearest Enemy

    With this i usually kill them in one or two hits