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Help with macros...

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Guest, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Actually im running this template:
    720 Skill Cap
    120 Magery
    120 Eval
    120 Meditation
    90 Resist
    100 Incription
    100 Wrestling
    30 Spell Weaving
    40 Chivalry

    100 STR
    15 DEX
    110 INT

    And i'm searching the best combination for my spells macros... here are my actually macros:
    F1 Target Self
    F2 Magic Arrow
    F3 Explosion
    F4 Fireball
    F5 Lightning
    F6 Poison
    F7 Paralyze
    F8 Flame Strike
    1 Heal / Cure
    2 Gheal / Cure
    3 Curse
    4 Arch Cure
    5 Mind Blast
    6 Nature's Fury
    7 Gift of Renewal
    8 Divine Fury
    9 Bless
    Q Primary ability
    W Secondary ability
    SPACE Last Target

    Well.. That's, i need sugestions for the macros, or sugestions for the template :p

    Thanks In advance ^^
  2. I put all my heal,cures and buffs within quick reach of my target self macro. With my offensive spells I have my combo keys setup close to my last target and interrupt spells below those.

    Many people put their last target and target self on the mouse wheel through UOA.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I run with:

    F2: Greater Heal
    F3: Fireball
    F4: Lightning
    F5: E-Bolt
    F6: Explosion
    F7: Flamestrike
    F11: Summon EV
    Shift+F11: Summon EE
    F12: Earthquake

    Insert: Cure
    Home: Arch Cure
    Page Up: Rez

    Delete: Invis
    End: Bless
    Page Down: Dispel

    Mouse Wheel Up: Target self
    Mouse Wheel Down: Target Last
    Mouse Wheel Click: Mini-heal and target self

    I have others like Ctrl+R and Ctrl+G for recall/gate and various other utility spells
  4. Nerf-Herder

    Nerf-Herder Guest

    Heal/Cure Spells:
    F1 Heal
    F2 Cure
    F3 G Heal
    F4 arch cure

    F5 heal
    F6 cure
    F7 refresh
    F8 apple
    F9 the juicer
    F10 petals

    1 toggle primary
    2 toggle secondary
    alt-1 selectNearestHostile/toggle primary/attackSelected
    alt-2 selectNearestHostile/toggle secondary/attackSelected
    alt-3 poison
    alt-4 harm
    alt-5 lightning
    alt-6 fireball

    alt-q magic arrow
    alt-w weaken
    alt-e explosion
    alt-r energy bolt
    alt-t flamestrike
    alt-y mind blast

    alt-a earthquake
    alt-s meteor swarm
    alt-d Curse
    alt-f mana vampire
    alt-g paralyze
    alt-h mass curse

    Utility Spells:
    alt-z dispel field
    alt-x invisibility
    alt-c Mass Dispel
    alt-v energy field
    alt-b paralyze field
    alt-n wall of stone

    3 select nearest hostile
    4 select next mobile
    5 select previous mobile
    F12 and F11 daily smack talk, usually something funny (currently set: a few mmm bop lyrics)
    alt-, Dismount Self
    alt-. Use item type Bola
    alt-/ All Follow Me/Remount
    alt-[ Conflag Pot
    alt-] Exp pot
    alt-l Open Door
    alt-0 All names
    alt-o Toggle run/walk
    alt-; Bank, cross, recdu, recsu, etc...
    alt-= Dress macro
    alt-i i invoke my evil powers, punkte, i wish to access the town treasury
    alt-' Last Object
    ` Last Spell
    left side mouse button ----Target Self
    alt-right side mouse button -----Target Last
    press scroll wheel -----Erase Target Queue
    mousewheel up ----cure pot
    mousewheeldown ----heal pot