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Help with pvp archer suit and stats

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Minke, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Minke

    Minke Guest

    I have been trying to build a pvp archer/dexxer suit for a while and I just can't seem to get it all to fit. I have access to most everything except some replicas. I have an imbuer artifacts etc. Can anyone give me a breakdown of a suit and starting stats. I have 250 stat points also.

    My temp breakdown will be
    120 Archery at 112 now
    120 resist
    115 tactics
    115 anatomy
    115 Bushido
    100 healing
    40-60 in med depending on use of Hunters and/or lowering bushido.

    Advice appreciated
  2. Lorax_Pacific

    Lorax_Pacific Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 1, 2006
    Likes Received:
    I haven't pvp'ed since Lorax was a poison archer and prior to the tactics nerf, which made my template unusable. Anyone else should counter my opinions with latest information if anything I say is out of date or wrong. No one replied so I thought to help. Here are some thoughts for you to consider on your suit...

    125 DEX
    Minimal INT depending human or elf. I would go elf so 20 int
    The rest in STR

    You will want a suit that is highly offensive. I have made max HPR suits and very defensive suits, but in order to do any damage in pvp you would have to pair up with other people that would do damage. A highly defensive suit with HP and HPR and stuff will allow you to heal through a gank, but you would never kill any of them and ultimately just be ganked.

    You will need 45 HCI and 45 DCI and usually 70 DCI. It is good to go above 45 HCI, but there are lots of suit trade-offs that will likely make it impossible to be 70 in both HCI and DCI. I'm using the conjurer's trinket. The conjurer's trinket is cool because being undead slayer that is good against necro's in undead form.

    You want to get to the fastest swing rate with SSI on your suit and less on your weapon. This is because of how leeches work and I would put max mana leech on your bows. My suit uses 20 SSI on the suit, but I tried going 30 SSI and that was too difficult to get resistances to work out. For SSI I am wearing insane tinker legs, turquoise ring, and cloak of augmentation. To get the 55 I put 25 on an imbued weapon and enhance with ash to +35. This allows me to have low SSI on the weapon and other mods higher.

    Next you need to have max LMC because you will spam every two to three shots a special. You can't use a special on every shot because of a double mana cost penalty. I am wearing the rune beetle carapace because 15 LMC can't be beat. Ignore the MR because with a non-meddable suit the MR will be minimal to nil. I put +16 LMC on my jewelry, ranger cloak (1), and imbued gorget (8).

    Mana I would put as much as will fit and am running with +34 mana putting me at 82.

    Next you will wish to keep your stamina as high as possible since your swing speed is affected. You will want to refresh your stamina often because you won't be able to leech much stamina and will not want to use divine fury unless you have higher than 70 DCI. I have +26 DEX and +32 stamina, but right now my suit only has 15 DCI. You will want to change that on yours. The dex I am getting from tinker legs (5), crimson (5), ring (8), and +8 stamina imbued pugilist (8). I have 4 imbued +8 stamina pieces for 182 stamina. There are a bunch of different ways to get your dex to 150 and you will have to play with what pieces you have.

    I am running right now with 100 DI because I only have been pvm, but I think it would be good to have that as well on your suit. That leaves me with low SSI and no DI on weapons so I can get four other properties.

    Ok so now you are getting a crossbow and yumi to fire at 1.75 seconds. Your first weapon in the battle could have 50% HLD and 50% HLA that will last for 8 seconds. I would use a cross bow and use the mortal strike special so they can't heal. Switch to your second weapon after two hits.

    Your second weapon has max mana leech, 34% stamina leech (every three shots you will get stamina back), and 25 SSI (weight 270). Then you have interrupting spells like lightning (HL) 50% (every two swings) and maybe 20% velocity (every 5 swings). Another combo is 34% HL and 34% velocity (449 weight). On this bow you could use Yumi double shot or composite with armor ignore, or another crossbow for the damage output.

    Your heavy for dismount would include extra +10 HCI and hit dispel 34 as well as balanced and 25% SSI. I would add in 34 HLD too on the heavy and sometimes use that for the first bow. Enhance the bows to 35% SSI when you are done.

    You of course will need to get your resists up to 70's and maybe high fire above 70 if there are necro's on the battle field.

    You'll have to play around with a bunch of pieces to decide how to fit things. I would start off with HCI and then DCI. Then figure out the dexterity followed by the LMC. After that fit in the SSI and DI, etc...

  3. Minke

    Minke Guest

    Thank you very much for your help Lorax.
  4. ikaikaman

    ikaikaman Guest

    120 Archery
    120 tactics
    120 anatomy
    120 Ninjitsu
    120 Fencing
    120 healing

    If your all skill cap under 720,adjust healing.

    why Ninjitsu?
    -when dismounted,you can "run" away by Animal form.
    and D-poison,shuriken is very useful.

    why Fencing?
    -War folk is great.v,warrior Disarm and exchange folk for Bow,and Moving shot.
    -v,Mage,using bleed attack, thes can't do a darn thing.

    -Composite bow
    Used deliver a deadly blow.Armor Ignore 35+LT11~+Velocity7~.

    -Heavy cross bow
    DO NOT imbuing LT,because when use moving shot,LT give lag to you.
    Main weapon.use Moving with shuriken shuriken shuriken.....

    -War Folk
    SSI5%~,LT50%,Hit Lower Defense50%.......

    -manacost 40%...an indispensable factor!!!!
    -stamina,mana....as possible