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Help with UO graphics?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by LadyArden, May 25, 2008.

  1. LadyArden

    LadyArden Guest

    I need some advice as to where to start to fix my graphics in UO. For some reason when I play, things that should be white, blue, black, etc just show up basic colors. (For example skill scrolls show up the same brown as repair deeds; alacrity scrolls show up grey; white and black and even rare pink and fire plants show up normal base green). Now, while some people would find the absence of these colors a good feature, it is distressing looking for things when I can't tell them apart! It also makes decorating troublesome, as I for once can empathize with color-blind people and feel like asking others "does this actually match?"

    I know it's just my PC because when I log in using my husbands pc I can see everything fine. Now, before I tear up my pc, any advice on what might be causing this? I only installed KR a few weeks ago, from the UO website and let it download all its patches. I do have older versions of UO installed (AOS, Samauri, 9th ed) but I didn't want to uninstall my 2-d client as it works fine (colors too). Could it be the activex? What files does it need to be accessing correctly to color these graphics?

    Many thanks, hope I get this sorted.
    Cheers, Lady A

    I appreciate suggestions on this one!
  2. Killian

    Killian Guest

    Maybe just need to upgrade your video card drivers if they are out of date...

    if not maybe try reinstalling UO:KR :)

    just a question.. you runing Vista or XP?
  3. LadyArden

    LadyArden Guest

    XP, Thanks I'll try the video card drivers now..
  4. LadyArden

    LadyArden Guest

    Well, updating the video card drivers didn't change anything. :( (Yes, I restarted my pc after I updated them.) Any other suggestions? *sigh*
  5. Giggles

    Giggles Wielder of Ebil Cookies
    Moderator Professional Stratics Veteran Social Media Liaison Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter The Squirrel Empire

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Does it only do that for UO and not other games/programs you run?
    If its only UO then you might just need to reinstall it, maybe a file somewhere got corrupt somehow and is making the graphics all weird.
  6. Coppelia

    Coppelia Guest

    To use 2D Client again, just go to its folder and double-click on UO.exe or create a shortcut.
    It will patch automatically.

    KR and 2D Clients are separate and running one doesn't break the other.
  7. mr.blackmage

    mr.blackmage Guest

    did you switch to 512 colour mode or whatever it is by accident? Try that in your settings in UO. Makes things the colour you describe.