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Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by thechuck, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. thechuck

    thechuck Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 4, 2004
    Likes Received:
    120 anatomy and 120 tactics should I go that high on my ABC archer?? What are the bonus's at 120??
  2. yars

    yars Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 4, 2003
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  3. There are no "bonuses" for hitting 120, like you get a 5% damage bonus for 100 Anatomy. But you do get a damage bonus for every point in Anatomy and Tactics. What is the alternative? Is this for PvM or PvP? You didn't state so no one can say whether you should go that high. And it also depends on your stats/lumberjack skill, weapon, and damage increase

    I'd suggest you check out the combat calculator to put your own stats/skills in to see what the effects are:

    The difference in damage for 100/100 to 120/120 are about 5%-6% DPS, without slayer or other effects.
  4. Yen Sid

    Yen Sid Guest

    What does LJing have to do with Archery?

    @OP- PvM, I have 120 Archery/Tactics/Anatomy/Bushido and I can whack Oaks for up to 259 on a Crit with the Ironwood Composite Bow. Same with a Dragon Slayer Composite against Sygian Dragon. I think its worth it. ATM my template is:

    120 Archery
    120 Tactics
    120 Anatomy (115 Real)
    120 Bushido (105 Real)
    115 Healing
    ~70 Chiv
    Rest in Resisting Spells ATM

    Still working on the template but I can solo Stygian Dragon (takes a little while but thats ok ;), and I die a lot but that's my own fault most of the time lol).
  5. Absolutely nothing, but it's part of the damage equation, when wielding an axe of course. It was just a more general answer.

    To follow up on what you said, I added about 50 more damage to miasma with a 100% fire damage/scorpion slayer xbow increasing anatomy and tactics from 100/115 to 120/120. I think it's worth it also, just gets tight on the template.
  6. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    There's no bonus for hitting GM Anatomy, it's a linear increase the whole way.
    There is a bonus for GM Tactics and 100 Str, though.
  7. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    True, but Stygian Dragon isnt much of an accomplishment for an archer.
    Kinda like a slow version of dread horn with a free rez station. Just have to keep out of reach of the Wing Attack radius.
  8. Ya, there is a bonus for GM Anatomy. Stratics had two formulas on the website, now it has the wrong formula in the combat calculator.

    Maybe not any more... UOHerald now only has the straight 65% damage bonus for Anatomy (skill/2+5) and no longer mentions the 5% GM bonus. UOGuide still has the 5% GM bonus on one page but not another. I don't see in the publish notes where it was changed, but it may not have made the official notices.
  9. In the formula currently listed,
    Anatomy Damage Bonus = (skill/2+5)

    This is what it used to read on Stratics:
    The Damage Bonus % = anatomy / 6 (+ 5% if anatomy at 100.0 or higher)

    The +5 in the currently shown in the damage bonus formula comes from the 5% bonus at GM Anatomy, and I can't find any reference that it was ever changed. I *believe* that the bonus still applies, otherwise from this formula you are getting a 5% bonus from Anatomy even at zero skill.

    Furthermore, if you look at the damage bonus for Tactics, you have:
    Tactics Damage Bonus% = Tactics รท 1.6 (Add 6.25% if Tactics >= 100)
    which clearly shows the bonus for GM+ Tactics skill.

    Connor and I had a long debate over this, and that is when we found the two different formulas on Stratics. At that time there was no formula posted on UOHerald, but there was a reference to the 5% bonus to GM Anatomy. Petra changed this formula and calculation, but now it is changed once again.

    So, I am saying that there isn't a reference to a change and believe that the +5 in the Anatomy damage bonus only kicks in with GM+ skill.

    UOGuide has references to both formulas still on its site