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Helpful Information - Please Read Before Posting!!

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by Madeleine, Feb 29, 2000.

  1. Madeleine

    Madeleine Guest

    Before posting a question about the healing skill, please read the following resources: your question may already have been answered! /forum_images/icons/look.gif

    Questions about the Healing Skill? Check out the Healers’ Frequently Asked Questions! Bristling with pertinent information about the healing skill, it includes everything from the basics of healing to how to reach grandmaster. /forum_images/icons/cool.gif
    Healer FAQ Warning: This FAQ does not fully reflect the most recent changes to the healing skill. The methods described will still be of use, although simply healing yourself and others will let you gain skill much better than previously.

    Thinking about making a healer? Want to get the ‘big picture’ view of things? Can’t decide what supplementary skills to pick up for your healer? /forum_images/icons/crazy.gif Then take a look at Anna Fairweather’s Healer Essay: Professions: The Healer It also contains information about starting a healer’s guild!
    The Healer

    Are you sick of drinking <font color=green>poisons</font color=green>? [image]/forum_images/icons/sick.gif"> Are you looking for a partner to help you raise your healing much faster? /forum_images/icons/yawn.gif Getting nowhere trying to resurrect yourself? /forum_images/icons/grrr.gif Then find a like-minded healer to partner with at the Healers Cooperative. You can also offer your services as a patient or ghost for aspiring healers in return.
    The Healers Co-op

    If you still have questions then post away!! [image]/forum_images/icons/laugh.gif[/image]

    Guildmistress Healers of Britannia (HLR) (Pacific)
    Healer Forum Moderator<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Xena Dragon on 12/05/01 05:19 AM.</FONT></P>
  2. AZ Baja

    AZ Baja Guest

    Well, it sure would be nice if this FAQ still helped. Let's see a post-crappy-patch Healing FAQ, guys.

  3. Faesia

    Faesia Guest

    Why don't you wait until all of the new changes to healing go in before you go demanding a new FAQ? It takes a long time to get the correct information figured out, especially since healing is one of the skills targeted for the next update. I'm sure Maddy will update it when the frequency of changes to the profession have slowed down.

    Guildmistress, Catskills Preservers of Life

    Not Entered
  4. Clarence

    Clarence Guest

    Can you sound anymore indignant?

    You know, these changes are as new to us as they are to you. Give us a break! Once we have definitive answers for you, the FAQ and essay will be updated.

    Besides, the methods detailed in both documents DO STILL WORK. You just can't sit macroing them anymore... so get out and do some healing!

    Guildmaster Healers of Chesapeake
  5. SEFE

    SEFE Guest


    Don't touch nothin' but the EQ
  6. Golbez

    Golbez Guest


    That's the funniest damn thing I've ever read.

    Marcus Taylor
    Jason Richardson
    Lake Superior Shard

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  7. Avelyn (GL)

    Avelyn (GL) Guest

    you all takin this game way to serious!


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  8. Magius of LS

    Magius of LS Guest

    Avelyn i must say that that is cool, your wife must be one mean pancake in that case.
  9. Elizebeth

    Elizebeth Guest

    *Thinks it looks more like the infamous case of Maddy Vs. Wyvern*


    "Health and Life to all Good Citizens of the Realm"
  10. Dr Death

    Dr Death Guest

    just for some information, hte healing skill is now move and target based. you must move at least 15 tiles after a failure to get another gain within a reasonable amount of time. we use a town square when i play ghost during a power hour. thank you for your time

  11. Evil Blacula

    Evil Blacula Guest

    [nt] = No Text

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  12. Sneeki

    Sneeki Guest

    When it says in the Healers FAQ that you need anatomy to stay at 61 while you cure poisons. Does that mean 61 with "Show Real" ticked or not ticked? Thanks...

    Being sneeky is not a skill. It is an art.
  13. Lazarus Long

    Lazarus Long Guest

    This is out of date.You can leave anat unlocked since the Ren patch.Healing damage is the way to go now.Each of the last few patches has stood healing on its head.New strategies and methods have been required each time to maximize skill gain.
  14. Kell

    Kell Guest

    I just need clarification.

    It seems to me that what I'm reading is that for healing to progress without too much hassle, anatomy should basically be lower than healing until a certain level - which appears to be anat=61 and healing somewhat higher. Am I right?

    Right now, my swordsman/smith has ~60 healing and ~40 anatomy. Anat is rising faster than healing and will soon be higher. Should I consider a temporary skill lock in order to get healing into the 60s before proceeding?

    Thanks! And if I did mis-read something, just slap me ... I'm into pain today. /forum_images/uo/icons/smile.gif
  15. Lazarus Long

    Lazarus Long Guest

    Leave anatomy unlocked.The Ren patch has made healing damage better for skill gain than curing or ressing.Begin your heal when you've taken a couple of points of damage.You don't have to heal a lot of damage to gain skill any more either.
  16. T'Amon

    T'Amon Guest

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  17. Dr. Death, you don't have to move 15 tiles to gain. I am at 72.4 healing now and I take my girl out to train her macefighting up. I heal her about 5 times per troll and never move an inch and I gain 0.2-0.3. She is the only person I heal when we are out there so it isn't really target based either.
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

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  19. Manrix

    Manrix Guest

    My character just got to 90 in healing and he started at 18 in it. but i had 90 anatomy so it did not effect me that bad i just had a friend spar with and i healed both of us we moved around a bit so, the anti-marco will not come into effect. but it got me to 75 in healing then we got on a boat and moved around while i tried rezing his ghost. got me up to 90 within 4 days total
  20. Lucixir

    Lucixir Guest

    I started a healer from 0 2 weeks ago, since then I am at 90 anatomy and 77 in healing, my healing in the 70's has gone extremely slow, I run around at the city of the dead during the power hour, and for a few hours afterwards, usually 3-4 hours, and gain at the most.5 in healing. This is after going through some 500 bandages, and running all around. I read the FAQ and some other posts about moving around, but it just doesnt seem to raise very fast. My archery skill raises pretty fast, and its in the 80's. I let my HP get down to sometimes for an hour and maybe gain .02 from healing myself over and over. I have never gained even .01 from trying to Rez ghosts, I have used well over 300 bandages on ghosts, in numerous places, with anatomy well over 81, and never gained .01 in T2A at the city of the undead. I think something has changed, but I do not know what. I currently still have 5000 yds. of cloth in the bank to try to reach the 81 mark, so that I may Rez, at this rate it still seems impossible. Anyone have any suugestions?
    I also keep my character well fed :)
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  21. My warrior character has 87.0 Healing right now.. but for a very long time I just healed my own damage. I eventually got 81, I have no clue how long that took though. For the person who said ressing ghosts doesn't give you gains as good as damage.. get a person to go on a boat with you and 8x8 res him. Make sure he says "No" every time you try to res him. It gives you great gains, the same way 8x8 works for mages sort of.

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  22. Flash Gordon

    Flash Gordon Guest

    I also have way I do the boat res you might want to know about. I have a friend who has 2 accounts and a cable modem. Since he is on-line all the time any way, I just res his ghost when he goes to bed. Stay in war mode and let me res as late as I want. Of course this is a char that he doesn't care about. So it doesn't seem to matter if you say no, or just let it sit there with no answer. Anyway a little FYI, hope it helps

    It is better to say nothing and let everyone think you are an idiot than to open your mouth and prove it.
  23. naBeran

    naBeran Guest

    Awesome SIG Man!

    Um, I know I am a newbie, but.........
    Well just answer my question please!
  24. John6819

    John6819 Guest

    Come on now, who will want top travel arounbd with someone who is Pking it is mostly impossible because you cant stay close enough to your patient pls dont put unrealistic things in the forum.
  25. gizzard

    gizzard Guest

    once you reach gm anat
    lock it that will stop you gaining int when u heal
  26. uomct

    uomct Guest

    I may not be an expert on this matter as my own healing is at 80.5 now. I also noticed once I started getting near 80, the gain slowed down dramatically. What seemed to be better than the half dozen other methods I tried was getting beat up by 2 bone knights plus couple of other monsters. I wore plates and a shield (my parry at 90) Of course, healing attempt got constantly interrupted but with parrying I didn't take much damage. My objective was to get interrupted as often as possible during the 12 seconds. I tried to time it so that by the time bandy kicks in, I was down to 10-15 health. With this approach, I could gain about 2 points per PH.
  27. Sanglant

    Sanglant Guest

    i just stayed in felucca .found a troll and fight him.keep healing yourself as well aS the troll .i gained much faster off the troll than i did off myself...be carefull though because healing the troll will turn you gray..........boooya

    Have spear will travel.......
  28. zeus915

    zeus915 Guest

    to be frankly honest i'm two posts away from 500 so thought i'd slip a post in here hope no one minds mmmmmmk?

    Localization kills thousands a DAY!
  29. BajaGuy

    BajaGuy Guest

    I'm 30 posts away from 1000. Mind if I post 30 replies here? J/k. I'll talk about healing just to keep up the trend. I am on 93.2 healing atm. I was at 90.5 untill about 2 days ago then I got a friend to be a ghost for 2 PH. I cant seem to get 8x8 work. When I gain i move 8 tile sbut then i dont gain. So I just put on slow forward facving South and I just continually res the ghost and get random gains. I should be GM after another 4-5 PH's

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  30. Bayard

    Bayard Guest

    What exactly is a PH and what is 8x8?!
  31. Your_Friend

    Your_Friend Guest

  32. Dragoon1

    Dragoon1 Guest

    PH stands for power hour. It is the first hour that a character is logged on everyday. Each character gets one per day. The new power hour starts at midnight server time. (IE Atlantic is eastern time, Sonoma is Pacific time.)

    As to 8x8 <a target="_blank" href=http://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/uo/showflat.php?Cat=2&Board=uomage&Number=1231982&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=7&part=>http://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/uo/showflat.php?Cat=2&Board=uomage&Number=1231982&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=7&part=</a> is the 8x8 FAQ for the mage forum. Ignore the magery references and put in healing instead.

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  33. jason16

    jason16 Guest


    &lt;b&gt;I will Hax0r jo0!
  34. Guest

    Guest Guest

    ok 8x8 ill try my best this is for healing

    ok first u get someone to go with u and keep ressing him till u geta a gain in healing then say stop then say one forword for 8 blocks and u should get gains on each tile if not then repeat the first steps do this all the way to GM and ull GM in a couple of pour hours



  35. DeadCal

    DeadCal Guest

    My warrior has got to 97 healing just through healing her own damage during fights. She fights a lot of daemons which require you to heal constantly to survive, as well as liches (this area is a lot more populated so she gets a chance to heal others and res here too). It has taken a long time to reach this level, although I now spend more time on my other two characters so if you made a concentrated effort on your healer I'm sure it wouldn't take as long as it has me. I have never gone out on a boat! I would rather play the game as it was intended.
  36. Mother Goose

    Mother Goose Guest

    Ok.. I gmed Anatomy without trying to GM just by killing monsters with my guild mates, and my healing was up to almost 90 in about a month of playing. Then, I wanted to GM healing just for the heck of it and asked a friend to be a ghost dummy. Got on the boat, did 8x8, then GMed in 2 PH's. I never ate, and the ghost never pressed no. Yeah, i never eat. IMO i don't think eating helps gaining at all. GMed many skills just fine without eating.
    But, after a few days after I GMed Healing, I had to be a ghost for him. He was also GM Anat, and almost 90 healing. Took him more than 5 PH's to GM healing. And he doesn't believe 8x8 for healing works. So. It worked for me very good, and it didn't for my friend. People say I have blessed characters when they see me GM Tailoring in two days(yeah, but there are a lot of hours in two days. =) ). What I think about healing, is that 8x8 WORKS, it's just hard to find the run. I was just lucky to find those two runs of more than 30 gains.
  37. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Most folks who say that 8x8 doesn't work for various things that we know it does are rather ... impatient. Same thing with the 'hotspot' theory for musicianship... Takes so much time to find the right spots/tracks that impatient folks start to assume it doesn't work. Their loss:)

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  38. Guest

    Guest Guest

    er..lol long time since lastpost here, as for impatience, I've been spending a lot of time...last 2 years...trying to find a "hotspot" for animal lore gains using veterinary on a polar bear...I first go to 93.6 using this method, since then after countless hours of searching I haven't found a single run /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif real bad luck heh.
  39. Soam Azing

    Soam Azing Guest

    all the FAQ's needed a lot of work thanks to pub 16 and powerscrolls