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Helping the cause...sort of

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Lone Wolf, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf Guest

    The throne room at Lord British's castle was quiet this evening as he awaited a delivery of sorts from his men...

    *The shuffle of feet and the sound of threats resounded down the halls as his package arrived*

    "Here 'e is m'lord", one guard stated as the dark wizard wrenched his arm free from the guard's grasp. "He killed Jonas, and six of our men."

    "You killed the messenger, too?", Lord British questioned unbelievingly.

    *An evil grin grew across the face of the wizard standing before the throne*

    "Prolly would 'ave gotten the lot of us if he had his dragon with 'im", replied the guard as he held firm his spear.

    "Aye, that I would...", the stranger said coldly.

    "So, you probably have no idea why you have been," Lord British clears his throat " 'granted an audience' ?"

    "No, m'lord" the dark clad man said mockingly.

    "It seems we find ourselves wrought with troubled times; our enemies stacking against us, and now a strange group have descended on our fair land, causing widespread chaos. I want to know what an evil person such as yourself knows about our current situation." The king stated.

    "Well, m'lord, heh, such information would come at a premium...what have you to offer in trade?" The dark one asked.

    "How's this for a trade, fiend? You give me any information on what's going on, and I let you leave here in a single piece."

    "Well, now, m'lord," The man snapped his fingers and appeared behind the throne, dagger at the king's throat. "that's an interesting proposition, now let me barter with you. You see this dagger? It was given to me by a man named, Andrew. Now, Andrew fancies himself powerful; even threatened to do me in if I didn't pledge my loyalty to the shadows. Offered me a fine item and said to hide it; and I will, and when the time comes I'll plunge it into that back of his and show him that I'm not so easy to coerce."

    The wizard snapped his fingers once again and reappeared at the front of the throne. The guards seeing this quickly moved to impale him on their spears but were stopped with the raising of Lord British's hand.

    "No, let him speak, what is it that you want in exchange, sir?"

    "Well, you see, I have been working on a 'blackrock detector' of mine own. Much like the one that Kronos fellow built. It seems I need something to finish it though. You promise delivery of concentrated sulfuric acid in a cauldron to the top floor of my humble abode, and I promise not to eviscerate the delivery boy...and I'll even give you the information I have."

    "Agreed," the king stated begrudgingly, "now out with it, tell me what you know."

    "It starts like this, sir, according to a story I read in your library, a certain mouse overheard you speaking with the Time Lord about bringing a noble hero to save us all. This is why you agreed to fund Kronos' little project; you knew that you could get him to open a gate to where this so-called 'Avatar' was, and bring him to this world. Little did you know, however, that plans were already set in motion to bring so much more."

    "The Shadow Lords sent a group of 'people' to come and offer grand rewards in exchange for blackrock, the one thing that could do the most damage to the Lords themselves. After they deemed enough of the blackrock gathered to render it no longer a threat, they tried to cast the Armageddon spell to blow this world apart. It seems, however, that they muddled it up a bit and only destroyed the old Haven, and in turn created a rift which brought forth the new Haven, from a different time and space. This was the first sign."

    "After you finally understood what happened, you came to the realization that your plan to free the Avatar meant that there was a risk of freeing the Shadow Lords from their prison as well. This is why you told the most powerful and bravest warriors in the land, which hilariously, is not your own guard, but the citizens of the land instead, to gather at Kronos' grand unveiling and bring blackrock, the bane of the Shadow Lords themselves."

    "Were it not for the Time Lord's intervention, all your brave warriors would be lost to that abyssmal version of Moonglow, where the sun never shines, and all hope is lost in a pool of its own blood. But, no, the Time Lord intervened and created a portal to let them back out to your realm, but in doing so, released the Shadow Lords as well."

    "Little did you know, however, that there was another player pulling all the strings, giving the Shadow Lords their direction and plotting to overthrow your kingdom. This grand schemer has now sent a scouting party to your land, a series of six strangers, more demented and cunning than even I am. The first was sent to the Dungeon Despise, either to coerce the Ogre Lords to lend their armies to his cause, or to seek the grand treasure and magical armor that is found there. Another was sent to Destard, no doubt to do two things, study the beasts that your tamers hold in so high a regard, and to learn how to defeat them, or harness them himself. The next was sent to Luna, albeit she was unaware of the welcome she would receive from the brave citizens that would oppose her research. She was sent to learn the ways of the Paladin, those chivalrous warriors that seem to know the weakness of every monster, and are able to call forth holy magic to aid them in battle. I figure she wants to pervert these ways and create unholy warriors to stand against 'us'. The next was recently sighted in a dojo, as my sources say, and from what they've been telling me, he has already surpassed the talents of even your greatest ninja. This leaves two left to be seen. I believe that these next two will visit the samurai to learn their ways, and the necromancer city of Umbra, to not only learn the ways of the dead, but to be able to seize control of them from the armies of the Shadow Lords. For you see, m'lord, this is not good versus evil... this is good versus evil versus evil with a ripe bit of chaos thrown into the mix. If you don't believe me, believe that the Shadow Lords do know of this Demon's desire to overturn their plans, and that's why he's armed your more 'cowardly' warriors with daggers that will pierce it's heart."

    Shocked and bewildered at what he's just heard, Lord British can only speak to say, "I'll have your order sent immediately. I only hope that you're on our side when the time comes."

    Turning to leave the dark wizard looks back over his shoulder, "I'm on whomever's side benefits me the most, my liege."