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EM Event Hereditary Matters

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by EMCrysania, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. EMCrysania

    EMCrysania UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran

    Feb 26, 2010
    Likes Received:
    "Darn it, Out of Dragon tears" Grindylow muttered to herself as she stood before her
    cauldron, "No matter, I'll just run down to Grizelda's and borrow a few!!"
    Gathering up a small beaker, she stepped happily out her door and headed to
    Grizelda the Hag's small hut in the woods.
    Tiptoeing around the liches near the heart grove,(they always had bad attitudes), Grindy
    made her way to Grizelda. Coming through the open (and destroyed by too many potions
    gone wrong back in the day) hut of Grizelda, she ran to the old Hag and gave her a big hug.
    "Ah my little Grindylow" the Hag said with affection," Came to visit a old Hag today did you?" "Its good seeing you, been far to long" She Cackled.
    Grindylow gave a big grin to the Old Hag and chatted with her a few minutes. Looking into
    the big cauldron of the Hag's, Grindy asked, "Oooo what spell or potion are you working on
    today? A love potion? A spell to turn someone into a giant toad?"
    The Hag looked up at Grindy as she was stirring the pot, threw in a few mushrooms and cackled. " Aww no child, I'm makin me supper! Now I know this visit is more than just comin
    by to say hello...what are you in need of child?" the old Hag asked.
    "well, I ran out of Dragon tears, I'm trying out a new spell you see.and..." Grindy said.
    Chuckling, the Old Hag said "A new spell, we shall see child, I hope this ones a bit more...
    precise..Are you getting better at your spells and potions?"
    Grindylow hung her head and gave a sheepish little grin. "Maybe?" she giggled.
    "As long as tha bringin no harm to anyone, little one", the Hag smiled gently.
    "Now, those dragon tears are in one of the cabinets or chests..can't remember just which",
    she said. "You'll have to dig around in them, go ahead..while I finish makin up this stew. I need to go find one more ingredient, I wont be long". Grizelda headed out in search of what she needed, waving at Grindylow.
    Grindy turned happily and made her way towards the cabinets. Searching through this one and that one without any results. Noticing a small leather chest far underneath Grizelda's bed, Grindylow reached under and pulled it out. It was covered with dust and had seen better days. The top was cracked and worn and had a strange symbol Grindy couldn't quite make out. It "looked" somewhat like a serpentine dragon head, so perhaps this was where the dragon tears where stored.
    Grindy carefully carried the chest to the small table beside the bed and gingerly opened the lid. No Dragon tears were inside of the small chest, just what appeared to be a
    tattered cloth which was wrapped around a object. Curiosity was always Grindy's downfall, so she hesitated before lifting the object from the cloth. Surely nothing could happen, she thought to herself, if she did see what it was. She would place it back as soon as she looked! Grizelda wouldn't even know, she'd be so careful!
    Unwrapping the cloth, Grindy found she held a small tattered journal. Opening it carefully, she started reading, her eyes growing bigger and bigger and the color draining from her face. The Journal was about her.....

    Event: Hereditary Matters

    Date: 1/24/15

    Time: 7pm pst

    Meet: West Britain Bank