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Heroic Dead - US-PVE Casual Family Focused Guild

Discussion in 'Guild and Event Announcements' started by Sablehawk, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Sablehawk

    Sablehawk Guest

    Greetings friends,

    I'm Sablehawk the guild leader for The Heroic Dead. We are a group of friends, many of us have been together for over 5 years now playing games like Vanguard, Rift, WoW and … well to many to mention in a short amount of time. We have decided to make our new home in Tyria and we’re looking for people who would like to join a laid back guild where your fellow members understand that real life comes first. Many of us have kids, school, job and other stuff that we have to take care of first and foremost and we’re not looking for the type of environment where if we have to take care of our kids soccer practice for the next couple days then we get people jumping on us about it. We're a laid back guild who will be concentrating on providing a friendly, casual and stress free experience for people wanting to play Guild Wars 2.

    Our application process is simple, we’re not going to make you jump through a whole bunch of hoops to become a member and overall we just ask that you be decent to everyone and uphold your honor.

    We have no race or class requirements for the guild, a number of our folks will be playing norn characters because of our guild naming (read up on it in our general discussion stickies) but you can play any race/class you want.

    Also … I mentioned we want a casual environment where we can do whatever we want without the stress of requirements like so many guilds have. We will be doing PvE, PvP, probably a little world vs world and definitely a lot of crafting. I see some of you out there saying "What no raiding?". Raiding will NOT be something the guild stresses on, there are plenty of guilds for that. If getting to the end game content and spending 6 hours a night trying to kill XXXX big bad monster than we aren't for you.

    We are here to enjoy the game and while we wouldn’t mind getting some neat equipment from a raid our main focus and goal is to be friends first and foremost. We consider our friendships to be more important than the game and we quite seriously would like to be here in a long time down the road. That means that Guild Wars 2 may have come and gone by then. If that's the case we'll have moved onto other games. But we'll still be together and that matters more than anything.

    So what to expect from us? Like I said, everything is based upon friendship. We group with each other as much as possible, we craft for guildmates first and profit second and we will be doing PvE/PvP in a casual format. We have no mandatory play times and we will only have one pre-scheduled guild meeting
    a month so any other time you are in game is yours to do with as you please. We invite people who are looking for the same things we are to come over to our site and put in an application as we need good people around us.

    You can find out how to become a member at our Guild Application at Welcome + How to become a member
  2. Sablehawk

    Sablehawk Guest

    Updated the link to our guild application. Sorry for the trouble if you tried using the old one.
  3. Sablehawk

    Sablehawk Guest

    We've taken the time to update our site theme and shortened up our rules so they don't read like a rules lawyer wrote them.

    Hope to see you soon.