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Hey Devs how bout this

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Tylindrel, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Tylindrel

    Tylindrel Guest

    Instead of letting everyone run around using ch--- en---- or sp--- h--- you create a shard where people have to use punkbuster in order to connect to the server. that way you let the cheating pos play their UO and the 20% of the population that still play UO without cheats have their own.

    You know, maybe take a shard that has very little enrollment on it (one on east coast, the other on west coast) and let everyone who wants to cheat xfer off. Then anyone who wants to play legitimately can make a character on that shard and play in peace knowing punkbuster will boot cheaters off. Sure there are going to be some people who can get around punkbuster or whatever the hell it is, but the majority of the lazy people who cheat will not have any idea how to get around it.

    Think about how much money you will make in Xfer tokens to the new shard! Hell if you are worried about the easier side of UO making the economy screwed up, only allow xfer to the new shard for the first 2 months. Think of all the people that will come back to UO!