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Hidden Cities

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Lord Kishkuman, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. Lord Kishkuman

    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 25, 2004
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    ooc-This story is basicly about Kysh's (my charecter from the role playing thread) parents and some background information on the powers that Kysh and his sister have, and also explains the history of the wepons that Kysh, Gad, Neph and the other knights that sometimes help Kysh, hold. I've studied what I could of the Known history of Ilsenar and have done my best to not contridict any of it. The war and some of the locations are my own creation and for a time frame it takes place about 50 years before the time of our current story thread "Some people like the Lull" started by Quiby. Take note these events take place before Ilshenar was "discovered" by Brittania. Now I hope to not get lazy about writing the following chapters. If I do start going to long with out adding a chapter to the story then feel free to send nasty PMs till I get this story finished. Anyway here we go.


    Part 1: The Ancient Citadel

    A lone rider mounted on a desert ostard raced across the bridge leading to the Ancient Citadel. He wore
    spined leather armor with a red cape. Over his heart his armor bore a symbol of a kite shield with eight stars on it. He
    wore no helmet giving clear view of his elvish origins.

    As the rider neared the outer gates of the Citadel the guards on the wall ordered for the gates to be opened. After
    clearing the gates the rider dismounted and asked a quick question to a stableboy and the boy answered by pointing
    to three elves standing around a table set up near the outer walls. Leaving his mount in the care of the boy the rider
    headed over to the table. The three elves wore uniforms like the uniform of the rider and the other soldiers in the
    Citadel except these three wore blue cloaks and instead of stars showing on the symbol of the shield on their
    uniforms one had the symbol of Compassion showing on the image of a shield while the second had the symbol of
    Honesty. The third which was standing between the other two elves bore the symbol of the shield with 8 stars
    surrounded by each of the symbols of the eight virtues. It was to this elf that the rider approached and handed him a
    folded paper.

    After reading the paper the rider was dismissed and the center elf turned to a map in front of them and addressed his
    two companions, “More bad news it would seem. our strong hold at the pass of Kornaugh has fallen and a joint
    demonic/elemental army is moving on our forces at Terort Skitas.”

    “Have we received any news from Ankh,” asked the elf with the symbol of compassion on his uniform.

    “Nothing so far. They seem to be taking our strongholds one at a time, I’ve sent to word to Bontas to ask the king to
    reinforce both Terort Skitas and Ankh. Alas I’m afraid until we find out what has provoked these attacks and find
    what force as united al these creatures against us the King will not likely commit our forces. Elementals, undead,
    demons, even the ratmen and lizardmen have all seem to have joined forces.”

    The third elf spoke asking, “Could it be the Sword of Chaos. It’s the only thing I know of that could cause such
    confusion in our forces.”

    “While I feel the Sword of Chaos has part in this, Teanas, there must be something else behind this. Something with
    the power to organize these evil forces as they are. No I’m not sure exactly what is happening but Ilshenar hasn’t
    seen evil forces like these since the days of the shattering. Even with the combined power of the swords of virtue
    and the Rod of Ilshen I’m not sure we will be able to fend these evil forces off should they find one of our hidden

    The Knight bearing the symbol of Honesty named Teanas asked another question, “Is there anyway we could get
    some spies into the ruins of Montor. I think we all agree that most of these attacks have been staged from there.”

    “I’ve already sent Neph there with his rangers. They are due back tomorrow. Until they return and we have more
    information all we can do is to continue to fortify the Citadel here and be ready for a possible attack. You both have
    your jobs. I’ll let you get to them. You are both dismissed.

    Teanas gave a salute and left. The other knight remained however studying his superior, “I said you were dismissed

    Morin, with out moving, asked, “Lord Antipas, how is Alexandre? It’s been a while since you have talked of her or
    your children.”

    A smile flashed across Antipas’ face, “The last letter I received said Kysh is beginning to learn to speak. Alexandre
    also inquired as to when I would be able to come home so I can meet my daughter. I had made plans to go to them
    but then this war came upon us so suddenly.

    “War or no war, my friend, you should get home and take a rest. The Rod of Ilshen’s power can not help us if our
    Knight of Virtues is too exhausted to use it.”

    “I know, Ilshen told me to make sure I didn’t take on the burdens of all of Ilshenar when she picked me as her
    successor as Knight of Virtues. She told me not to neglect my family trying to solve everyone’s problems.”

    “Yes,” Morin smiled, “I believe Ilshen’s exact words were, ‘if you can’t handle being Knight of Virtues and take
    proper care of my daughter and grandchildren then I will find a way back to this life and teach you a lesson.’
    Your mother in law was great Knight of Virtues and saved us all after the shattering. You are also a great Knight of
    Virtues, but everyone can see you are tired. You do not need to be on the front lines for every battle. There eight of
    us that holds the Swords of Virtue to help you. Go home and direct the war from the capital for a season. The capital
    is a more central place to direct the war then here at the Ancient Citadel.”

    Antipas thought this over a moment and responded, “Perhaps your right my friend. My heart has longed to return to
    the side of my brother the king.... and to the side of my wife. I’m just not able to think about enjoying the comforts of
    home while so many of our soldiers are out here fighting. I will think it over tonight, for now the sun is setting and I
    think it best if we got some rest.”


    Antipas was awoken by the opening of the doors to his chambers. Morin and Teanas walked in followed by an older

    “Neph!” Antipas addressed the man, “You are injured.”

    “Just a cut my lord. We were almost caught by a joint undead/demonic army moving west from Montor.”

    “Moving to the Pass of Kornaugh to reinforce the attack on Terort Skitas?”

    “No my lord,” the man bowed his head sadly, “They found the entrance to Central Ilshenar. Bontas and the Castle is
    certainly under attack at this very moment.”

    Antipas stared as the rangers words sunk deep into his soul. After a moment Antipas got a hold of himself and
    sprang from the bed, “Order every one to ready themselves to abandon the Citadel. We move with all speed to
    reinforce the capital.”

    ooc- Chapter notes: The capital city ,Bontas, in my story is located in central Ilsenar where the savage village and the castle where Blackthorn's forces currently reside. I never found anything in the History of Ilshenar that said that the land wasn't owned by elves 50 years before Blackthorn took it over so I went for it.

    The charecter in this story named Neph is not the same Neph found in the interactive threads. The Neph in this story is in his 40's which would put him in his 90's in the thread and niether one is an elf. It is possible they could be related though.
  2. Quiby

    Quiby Guest

    This is good.
    Not only is it an enjoyable read, but it?s also nice to know a little of the story behind the ongoing story (even if Neph isn?t actually Neph).