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Hieroglyphics List

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by EM Elizabella, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. EM Elizabella

    EM Elizabella UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran

    Feb 23, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Here are the hieroglyphics used in last month’s arc. The title of the arc itself was “Ouroboros: Secrets of the Zealan Pyramid”.

    The spoiler tag is just because the post is so long.
    Alphabet (English – hieroglyph)
    A - hexagon
    B - deer
    C - [use ‘k’ or ‘s’]
    D - hand
    E - feather
    F - horns
    G - pentagon
    H - maze
    I - flower
    J - hook
    K - cup
    L - lion
    M - bat
    N - waves
    O - kite
    P - ribbon
    Q - [use ‘k’ or ‘kw’]
    R - eye
    S - tree, treefellow indicates possessive
    T - crystal-elemental
    U - spiral
    V - chickenfoot
    W - chickenfeet
    X - [use ‘ks’ or ‘gz’ or ‘z’]
    Y - [use ‘e’ or ‘i’]
    Z - bow

    Singular pronouns – stickfigure if peasant or foreigner. Unicorn/kirin for nobles, royalty, and foreign nobles one wishes to compliment.
    Plural pronouns – Stickfigures if peasants or foreigners. Unicorns or two-unicorns (group of female nobles/royals), kirins or two-kirins (group of male nobles/royals), unicorn_kirin or kirin_unicorn (group of nobles/royals).

    Word List (hieroglyph – English)
    {} - Encloses a name or important title
    Ouroboros - forever, eternal, repeating, returning, renewal, forever, neverending, eternal reocurrence
    hourglass - time
    ankh - life, healing
    star - death
    arc - literally "sky", figuratively "afterlife"
    {star [name]} - died, dead person
    {ouroboros_star [name]} - mummy
    gore-fiend - monster/horror
    snake - monster/misc.
    oval_fish_snake_pillar - monster in lake
    oval_fish - Gravewater Lake
    oval - water
    gibberling - cursed, horrifying, repugnant
    crook_sword_flail - Seal wording: protect, guard, and punish
    foot - against, none, no, not
    sword_stickfigure, Sword_kirin or Sword_unicorn - guard
    pillar - great, mighty
    hills - many
    hatchet - worker
    beetle - give/send
    flame - Odion
    hand-with-heart - Amoras
    scales - Apathas
    sun - Felicitar
    eclipsed sun - Doloras
    teardrop - Timyra
    {crown_triangle} - pharaoh
    {crown_wand} - adoratrice
    {wand_unicorn} - sorceress
    {wand_kirin} - sorceror
    {wand} - magic
    triangle_pillar - Pyramid
    triangle_ouroboros - Secret floor of Pyramid
    triangle_ ouroboros_hourglass - Return of the secret floor of the Pyramid
    Malas/“the world” - skittering-hopper
    Umbra - skull
    Umbra’s Ruler - {crown_skull}
    Umbrians - stickfigures-with-skull-heads
    Luna - rectangle
    Luna’s Leader - {crown_rectangle}
    Lunans - stickfigures-with-rectangular-heads
    Orc - {orc}
    heart-within-circle - beloved
    circle - hug, embrace, hold
    clasped-hands - spouse
    heart - love
    tree_flower - child
    tree_flower_kirin - son
    tree_flower_unicorn - daughter

    Event Names

    Recurring Mystery
    Ouroboros Bat_flower_tree_crystal-elemental_feather_eye_feather

    Still Water (of the Great Lake)
    Tree_crystal-elemental_flower_lion_lion Oval_fish

    Pharaohs’ Demands
    {Crown_triangle_treefellow} Hand_feather_bat_hexagon_waves_hand_tree

    Eternal Crimes
    Ouroboros Cup_eye_flower_bat_feather_tree


    The Last Pharaoh
    Crystal-elemental_maze_feather Lion_hexagon_tree_crystal-elemental {Crown_triangle}