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Highlights and Transcript, High Council Meeting of 14 January 2008

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by imported_GalenKnighthawke, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Highlights:

    A short but relatively eventful meeting.

    -The apparent death of Ariana (4th Seat, Humility/Magincia) was announced.

    -Dragon Edge, her Adjutant, was appointed in her place, pursuant to her wishes and the High Council Charter.

    -Applications will soon be taken for the position of Grand Marshal of Virtue (commandant of the High Guard/Royal Guard).

    -Application books have been spotted in Felucca, for a Trammel-based brigand guild, so be on the lookout of the kin of Feluccan murderers doing their business on our shores.

    -Leeda (2nd Seat, Honor/Trinsic) reminded us of an outstanding matter involving Farmer Ham and his ever-amusing pig.


    Buzz Aldridge: I hereby call to order this, the 222nd Assembly of the 7th High Council.
    Buzz Aldridge: *taps the halberd on the flagstones three times*
    Buzz Aldridge: The first item on the agenda concerns the 4th seat.
    Buzz Aldridge: This letter was delivered by a young drow girl named Xune.
    Buzz Aldridge: It was written in September.

    Thrand Graywolf: *blinks*

    Buzz Aldridge: *Pulls out a scroll...*
    Buzz Aldridge: It reads...
    Buzz Aldridge: "To all of my fellow Council members, and friends...
    Buzz Aldridge: If you are receiving this letter, it is likely that I am no longer among the
    Buzz Aldridge: living.
    Buzz Aldridge: I instructed my apprentice, Xune, to deliver this in the event that I

    Elfbjorn: *gasp*

    Buzz Aldridge: did not return from my journey.
    Buzz Aldridge: As I write this, I am preparing to seek out the very source of the
    Buzz Aldridge: darkness threatening our beloved world, and combat it directly.
    Buzz Aldridge: As you are reading this letter, you can expect, that I have failed.
    Buzz Aldridge: *frowns*
    Buzz Aldridge: [still reading from the letter] I only pray that my efforts have
    Buzz Aldridge: at least weakened our enemy,
    Buzz Aldridge: and that my sacrifice will not be in vain.

    Galen: *shaking his head*
    Buzz Aldridge: [still reading from the letter] It goes without saying that
    Buzz Aldridge: I have relinquished my position representing
    Buzz Aldridge: the Seat of Humility, and Magincia, by having this delivered.
    Buzz Aldridge: I ask that my adjutant, Dragon Edge, take my place.

    Buzz Aldridge: *looks at Dragon Edge*

    Dragon Edge: *gasp*

    Buzz Aldridge: There is so much more I want to say, so much more I wanted to accomplish
    Buzz Aldridge: in my lifetime, but it would seem my time has ended.
    Buzz Aldridge: Please, win this war, do not let my death be meaningless.
    Buzz Aldridge: Don't allow this evil to destroy our beautiful world...
    Buzz Aldridge: Goodbye, hopefully not forever, my friends...”
    [Letter ends.]

    Buzz Aldridge: And it's signed...
    Buzz Aldridge: Ariana Winyala. 4th Seat, Magincia
    Buzz Aldridge: *Sigh*
    Buzz Aldridge: *Looks up from the letter...*
    Buzz Aldridge: Ladies and gentlemen of the council, you are again tasked with
    Buzz Aldridge: replacing one of your own.
    Buzz Aldridge: Lady Ariana foresaw her death and has nominated Lord Dragon Edge as
    Buzz Aldridge: her replacement as is her right.
    Buzz Aldridge: Your job now is to vote either to accept or not Lady Ariana's
    Buzz Aldridge: choice to replace her on the High Council.
    Buzz Aldridge: Please vote "Aye" to accept or "Nay" to refuse.

    Thrand Graywolf: Is he willing?

    Buzz Aldridge: Lord Thrand?
    Buzz Aldridge: Ahhh... a good point
    Buzz Aldridge: *Chuckles*

    Galen: Well if he's not all he's gotta do is get up and walk away.,...

    Buzz Aldridge: Lord Edge?

    Dragon Edge: If I wasn't willing, I wouldn't be sitting here

    Buzz Aldridge: *nods*
    Buzz Aldridge: Very well

    [Buzz then begins to poll the Councilors for their votes.]

    Buzz Aldridge: Lord Thrand?

    Thrand Graywolf: Magincia needs all the help it can get, so aye.

    Buzz Aldridge: *Nods*
    Buzz Aldridge: Lady Merlynna?

    Merlynna: Compassion says Aye.

    Buzz Aldridge: Lord Galen?

    Galen: Aye

    Buzz Aldridge: Joylah?

    Joylah: Yew and Justice say aye.

    Buzz Aldridge: Lady Leeda?

    Leeda: Honor votes Aye

    Buzz Aldridge: *Smiles Sadly*
    Buzz Aldridge: I hereby call this vote official.
    Buzz Aldridge: The vote is unanimous in favor of Lord Dragon Edge.
    Buzz Aldridge: Congratulations M'Lord. Would you care to address the assembly?

    IronHorse: *applauds*

    Galen: *claps*

    Dragon Edge: Sure

    Maggie Stweart: *claps*

    Merlynna: *claps*

    Dragon Edge: I do wish the circumstances were better for me to recieve this position

    Dragon Edge: But i also Believe Lady Ariana can be abit overdramatic
    You see: Cooter
    Dragon Edge: She is alot tougher then she gives herself credit for
    Dragon Edge: Until I see a corpse, I refuse to believe she has passed on
    Dragon Edge: but as for her wishes, I am honored to take the seat

    Buzz Aldridge: I hope you're refusal bears fruit

    Dragon Edge: Hopefully. My effort will help Magincia and all of Brittannia
    Dragon Edge: thank you all

    Buzz Aldridge: Thank you and congratulations again!
    Buzz Aldridge: The second announcement is that I will be sending out application
    Buzz Aldridge: instructions for the position of Grand Marshal of the High Guard
    Buzz Aldridge: on the Stratics' LS Boards within the next day or two.
    Buzz Aldridge: (My apologies for the delay - technical difficulties)

    Buzz Aldridge: Do any Councilors have any items that did not make tonight's agenda?

    Galen: *raises hand*

    Buzz Aldridge: Lord Galen?

    Galen: [I give Joylah a poke as I pass by her to the front of the table.]

    Joylah: *giggles*

    Galen: I saw an odd and....mildly disturbing sight the other day.
    Galen: At the Yew Moongate in Felucca, I saw a recruitment book
    Galen: for....A Trammel-based brigand guild.

    Buzz Aldridge: Hmmm....

    Thoron Sul: Damned brigands

    Galen: The thought of criminals in our land recruiting the
    Galen: kin and friends of criminals in the OTHER land is mildly disturbing,
    Galen: and I figured worth a mention.

    Cora: Its a shame at this time the last GM resigned

    Buzz Aldridge: That's a bit on the brash side...

    Galen: Perhaps Chancellor but....Well it's not without precedent.
    Galen: But not typical.

    Buzz Aldridge: Aye

    Galen: Hence my....mild warning to everyone about the occurrence.
    Galen: And I'm sure we'll have another Grand Marshal....
    Galen: And in the meantime,

    Cora: Why dont you lead a defense against them Lord Galen

    Galen: there's no shortage of people in the lands with fighting skills.

    Galen: Leading a defense against a guild that maybe hasn't formed yet and definitely
    Galen: hasn't attacked seems a bit much.
    Galen: Thank you Chancellor.

    Cora: Just seems like something you woul.d do
    Cora: thats all

    Buzz Aldridge: Thank you for the warning...
    Buzz Aldridge: Any other announcements from the Council?
    Buzz Aldridge: Very well
    Buzz Aldridge: Would anyone else care to address the assembly?

    Elfbjorn: Perhaps you could dispatch the guard to confirm Ariana's passing?

    Dragon Edge: what guard

    IronHorse: what guard would that be?

    [There was a single Guardsman in attendance. The first duty of the new Grand Marshal, whomever it may be, is effectively going to be to rebuild the Guard.]

    Galen: Since we don't know where she went.....
    Galen: And if she went where I'd guess she went,

    Cora: the guard doesnt exist anymore

    Galen: no way in Hell am I sending anybody in there.

    Buzz Aldridge: Once we have a Field Marshall again, that will be an excellent idea

    Galen: Actually before we adjurn..

    Buzz Aldridge: Yes?

    Cora: Galen you would fit in just perfect
    Cora: if that is where she went

    Galen: Anybody else with the idea of fighting evil at its source....

    Cora: you could lend somepeople in

    Galen: That is a laudable idea but.....Not the best one.

    Cora: Im sure noone would miss you if you was to die

    Galen: Evil doesn't really have a source per se, it's just there.

    Joylah: I'm sure you would be mistaken.

    Galen: You could kill The Devil himself and it'd still exist.

    Cora: well except for your wife

    Galen: That's all Chancellor.

    Cora: *Smirks*

    Buzz Aldridge: Very well

    Leeda: Raises hand

    Elfbjorn: Lightness, Darkness, one cannot exist without the other.

    Buzz Aldridge: Yes Leeda?

    Leeda: I just remembered
    Leeda: that before
    Leeda: we were attacked
    Leeda: that
    Leeda: farmer Ham

    Cora: Look you have two gurads now

    Leeda: was acussed
    Leeda: of stealing
    Leeda: I feel we should follow up on that in the furure

    Buzz Aldridge: A good point

    Thrand Graywolf: I thought it was the pig

    Merlynna: *chuckles*

    IronHorse: send ham to me
    IronHorse: I have need of labor on my new mansion

    Joylah: *lifts a slender brow mildly*

    Buzz Aldridge: Oh...?

    Leeda: Not sure he is guilty

    Cora: *Stares at Joylah*

    Merlynna: *snorts like a pig*

    IronHorse: well 30 days on the rock pile wouldn't hurt him regardless

    Branwyn ap Gwien: What about the pig?

    Cora: Gut it

    IronHorse: I'll take care of the pig

    Dragon Edge: Dinner for 9?

    Cora: filthy swine

    Buzz Aldridge: *shakes head*
    Buzz Aldridge: I sense the meeting is de-evolving...
    Buzz Aldridge: *Chuckles*

    Leeda: hehehe

    Maggie Stweart: *chuckles*

    IronHorse: plenty of charcoal about these days

    Buzz Aldridge: Anyone else care to speak?
    Buzz Aldridge: (Versus ordering from a menu)
    Buzz Aldridge: Very well
    Buzz Aldridge: I hereby bring this, the 222nd Assembly of the 7th High Council to a close.
    Buzz Aldridge: Long Live Britannia!