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Highlights and Transcript, High Council Meeting of 25 February 2008

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by imported_GalenKnighthawke, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Higlights:

    This meeting was dominated by the appointment of Piper Everwood as Grand Marshal of Virtue.

    Passing references were made to the status of the 8th Seat (Spirituality and the City of Skara Brae) and to the situation in Trinsic.


    Buzz Aldridge: Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
    Buzz Aldridge: I hereby call to order this, the 225th Assembly of the 7th High Council.
    Buzz Aldridge: *taps the halberd on the flagstones three times*
    Buzz Aldridge: The first announcement is to let y'all know that
    Buzz Aldridge: we have a new Grand Marshal of the High Guard.
    Buzz Aldridge: Please join me in welcoming Piper.

    [Applause from most present.]

    Buzz Aldridge: Thank you for that enthusiastic welcome [​IMG]
    Buzz Aldridge: Piper, would you care to address the assembly?

    Piper: plz

    Galen: Oh my...I almost didn't recognize her!

    Sir Killjoy: ya she has clothes on
    [Not sure what that was about.]

    Joylah: Not necessarily, it's just a robe.

    Galen: *blushing*

    Zippo: Yar respect m'lady

    Piper: First I want to Thank you for giving appointing me this positon

    Jackson: *starts counting chairs silently*
    [Looking for his chair, presumably.]

    Piper: I will do my best to protect the citizens of the lands

    Piper: I would also like to introdcue my Field Marshalls Eric and Wicked
    Piper: And let Everyone Know I have three openings
    Piper: on the guard
    Piper: and will be holding
    Piper: interviews

    Elvin Archor: RAYN
    Elvin Archor: RYAN
    Elvin Archor: GET UP
    Elvin Archor: come over here plz
    Elvin Archor: sorry

    Buzz Aldridge: Thank you and welcome, M'Lady.
    Buzz Aldridge: Do any Councilors have additional items for tonight's meeting?

    Ryan: i must consider my sins

    Buzz Aldridge: Very well
    Buzz Aldridge: I'll open up the meeting to the assembly
    Buzz Aldridge: Would anyone care to speak?

    IronHorse: I would

    Zippo: *wipes blood from blade*

    Buzz Aldridge: Well...

    Merlynna: Oh...

    Buzz Aldridge: Merlynna?

    IronHorse: I would

    Merlynna: Somewhere I read a message about houses burning?
    Merlynna: What is that about?

    Thrand Graywolf: Fire

    Buzz Aldridge: I believe I read something similar

    Merlynna: *shakes head*

    Joylah: Weenie roast.

    Galen: Luna politics is rough.

    Buzz Aldridge: *Chuckles*

    Elvin Archor: :) [​IMG]

    Buzz Aldridge: No lie

    Merlynna: *throws a peanut at Thrand*

    Natalya: Crimes against the government

    Buzz Aldridge: Lord IronHorse?

    IronHorse: thank you
    IronHorse: Good evening councilors
    IronHorse: evening Good Citizens

    [Various exchanges of greetings.]

    IronHorse: I would like to Congratulate Piper on her appointment

    Zippo: *raps hally on ground*

    IronHorse: I know she will make a great Grand Marshal

    BloodWolf: *claps*

    Zippo: Hurah!

    Piper: *blushes*

    IronHorse: And I extend the hand of Trinsic to her as well as her RoyAl Guard
    IronHorse: anything that Trinsic may be of assistance to you in
    IronHorse: we stand ready

    Isak Tangretti: here here

    Piper: Thank you Sir

    Jackson: OMG and I missed it?

    IronHorse: and again
    IronHorse: I ask about this empty chair

    [The 8th Seat, Spirituality and the City of Skara Brae.]

    Thrand Graywolf: What number is it?

    Dragon Edge: 8

    IronHorse: the 8th seat

    Galen: *looking right at Iron*

    Joylah: What would you like to ask about it?

    Thrand Graywolf: No fair, he gave it away

    Jackson: what now you want the 8th seat as well as yer city Lord Ironhorse?

    Galen: One thing at a time?

    IronHorse: Same as I asked last time
    IronHorse: how long shall it remain without representation

    Buzz Aldridge: A valid question Iron

    [Thrand moves into the 8th Seat.]

    Merlynna: Thrand's warming it.

    Merlynna: [chuckles]

    Zippo: *eyes IronHorse*

    IronHorse: I only wish to see a full council Lord Jackson

    Buzz Aldridge: And one that is being considered even as we speak

    Jackson: I see.

    Galen: Since you're here Iron, your Captain hasn't come through with that arrow yet.

    IronHorse: regardless I do not expect an answer to my question on the matter tonight
    IronHorse: I only point out the vacancy

    Buzz Aldridge: Thank you, Iron
    IronHorse: he hasn't?

    Galen: No.

    IronHorse: I shall get that piece of evidence to you later Galen

    Galen: Diola lle.

    IronHorse: I have been busy dealing with pirates
    IronHorse: Now I would like to introduce Elvin Archor
    IronHorse: I believe He wishes to address the council

    Buzz Aldridge: Certainly

    Elvin Archor: hello Councilors

    Joylah: Hullo

    Galen: Hello.

    Zippo: Ello m'Lord

    Merlynna: Hiye

    Elvin Archor: in my days as ive traveled through my life
    Elvin Archor: ive noticed as im sure u have
    Elvin Archor: an encroaching darkness
    Elvin Archor: a tainted world
    Elvin Archor: since i saw the ways of old fade
    Elvin Archor: i vowed to never let it die
    Elvin Archor: in all my efforts and business
    Elvin Archor: ive always been honest
    Elvin Archor: just
    Elvin Archor: fair
    Elvin Archor: and i do it to the best of my ability
    Elvin Archor: ive noticed in recent days
    Elvin Archor: that there is a lack of leadership in our direct lands
    Elvin Archor: and i feel it is a duty of mine, due to the public office i already hold
    Elvin Archor: to bring that sense
    Elvin Archor: ive talked with Iron about the devided lands
    Elvin Archor: and since ive always inforced only good honest members for ED
    Elvin Archor: i would trust any one of them
    Elvin Archor: so due to our size i am planning to bring back the virtues in
    Elvin Archor: Luna, Skara, and Help tame Umbra
    Elvin Archor: we would like to be able to keep a eye on Doom

    Merlynna: I am confused, sir.

    Elvin Archor: so i would like to announce my candidacy
    Elvin Archor: for Governor of Malas

    Joylah: *lifts a slender brow mildly*

    Dragon Edge: We don't have any control Of Malas

    Elvin Archor: and Skara if it would be allowed by the council
    Elvin Archor: i can give u my work
    Elvin Archor: word

    Galen: Depending on who you ask...Malas is either a colony of the Crown, or an independent state.
    Galen: So we really don't have anything to do with that either way....

    Elvin Archor: well then
    Elvin Archor: im declaring the Governor of Malas
    Elvin Archor: then

    Merlynna: *looks kinda stunned*

    Galen: There was a government called the Malas Confederation. Then recently,

    Jackson: I thought you were the Governer of Moonglow sir.

    Elvin Archor: if u who me?
    Elvin Archor: who me?

    Merlynna: Didn't someone else Proclaim that Malas Title a while back?

    Galen: some fellow whose name I forget, but he's part of the government, higher up,
    Galen: called Malas a colony of Britannia.

    Elvin Archor: well who ever it was

    Galen: So it's a bit...Uncertain.

    Elvin Archor: has not stood time

    IronHorse: here here

    Merlynna: Could be, seems we have someone doing it every few months.

    Elvin Archor: well

    Buzz Aldridge: And if I may...

    Elvin Archor: as i can show through my work in ED

    Buzz Aldridge: The 8th seat, representing Skara Brae...
    Buzz Aldridge: has not been declared empty

    Buzz Aldridge: It is still officially
    Buzz Aldridge: held by Lady Wysteria

    Elvin Archor: was not looking for the council position
    Elvin Archor: of council
    Elvin Archor: only Mayor

    Buzz Aldridge: I see...

    Elvin Archor: i like working with the people
    Elvin Archor: i want to repopulate these cities

    Galen: A suggestion if I might?

    Elvin Archor: and bring patriotism to our world again
    Elvin Archor: plz

    Galen: The High Council does NOT control the local governments....However,

    Joylah: Obviously

    Galen: because we are prominent people in our communities,

    Galen: the local governments find it convenient to work with us.
    Galen: So, given that.....What I suggest is that

    Rick: Run for the office and let the people vote.

    Galen: you let us settle the matter of the 8th Seat first.....Then whomever occupies it,
    Galen: can assist you or whomever in setting up a local government there?
    Galen: It's the reverse of how it'd have worked years ago, I know.
    Galen: But times have changed.

    Buzz Aldridge: *nods*

    Galen: Does that sound good, Elvin?

    Elvin Archor: yes

    Galen: Thank you.

    Elvin Archor: so for clerification

    Elvin Archor: oh nvm
    Elvin Archor: hehe
    Elvin Archor: well i would like to say

    Zippo: *strokes hally*

    Elvin Archor: i am already to making a effort to get involved with local officials in each city
    Elvin Archor: well thank u for hearing me

    Leeda: Thank You elvin

    Galen: *salutes*

    Buzz Aldridge: *smiles*

    IronHorse: three cheers for the new governor of Malas

    Merlynna: *smiles*

    Leeda: Good Luck

    Merlynna: Aye

    Elvin Archor: and i hope u keep in mind that all my effort will be for the best of our world
    Elvin Archor: and always have been

    Isak Tangretti: here here

    Thrand Graywolf: Good luck with Umbra

    Dragon Edge: *nods*

    Buzz Aldridge: This is certainly an enthusiastic group tonight *smiles*
    Buzz Aldridge: Would anyone else care to speak tonight?

    WildFox: Question

    Buzz Aldridge: Certainly

    WildFox: I have known Lady Wysteria for many years....she had a fine Tower on the island to the north
    WildFox: and a very nice vendor house on the main road to Umbra

    Buzz Aldridge: *nods*

    WildFox: has she disappeared?

    Galen: We've managed to make contact with her a few times,
    Galen: just never for very long.

    Buzz Aldridge: *nods*

    WildFox: I will try to reach her as well

    Galen: 'Would be appreciated.

    Buzz Aldridge: That would be very helpful

    WildFox: and one more question
    WildFox: there are 8 council seats
    WildFox: and 9 chairs

    Galen: Nine.

    Buzz Aldridge: There are 9

    Galen: Nine seats.

    WildFox: ahh then 2 are empty

    Galen: One for each Virtue, and one for Chaos. That's Thrand.

    Buzz Aldridge: 8 representing the virtues

    WildFox: ty i knew of the virtues

    Galen: Raven, who is Sacrifice, ain't here tonight.

    Buzz Aldridge: No, Raven is simply not here tonight

    WildFox: but not of chaos

    WildFox: Thank you

    Buzz Aldridge: :smiles
    Buzz Aldridge: Anyone else?

    Ryan: ya

    Buzz Aldridge: Ryan?

    [A fight appears to break out amongst the guild ED, Grand Marshal Piper's guild.]

    Dragon Edge: ?

    Galen: Piper?

    Ryan: k stop

    Galen: Is your Guard killing thsemlves?

    Ryan: stop

    Piper: they are not guard

    Ryan: stop

    Piper: they are settling a guild matter for me

    Dharma Moon: plz stop

    Piper: i am sorry

    Ryan: lol

    [Fighting dies down.]

    Galen: Now where were we?

    Merlynna: Is this the entertainment tonight?

    Buzz Aldridge: Ryan, did you have a question?

    Aurien Stormsong: Lively

    Ryan: Yes I do

    WildFox: I had just finished asking of Lady Wysteria

    Buzz Aldridge: Go ahead

    Ryan: What is all this
    Ryan: like are we all allianced now
    Ryan: ohh my bad
    Ryan: shutting up

    Galen: Piper can explain it.
    Galen: *smiles*

    Buzz Aldridge: It's a good question
    Buzz Aldridge: The short answer is no
    Buzz Aldridge: The longer answer...
    Buzz Aldridge: Is, well, longer
    Buzz Aldridge: *Chuckles*

    Merlynna: *chuckles*

    Ryan: lol
    Ryan: its cool i will find out later

    IronHorse: in spirit I would say that we are

    Ryan: i guess

    Joylah: And we wonder why he's the chancellor.

    Buzz Aldridge: We certainly share common interests for sure

    Thrand Graywolf: Actually...why IS he the chancellor?

    Buzz Aldridge: So in that respect we're allied

    Ryan: sounds good to me

    Buzz Aldridge: *looks at Thrand*

    Paddycat: he knows more then you

    Dharma Moon: haha

    Galen: We kind of appointed him, and no one else wil do it.

    Buzz Aldridge: Because I didn't say "no" :)

    Ragenir: its cause his stick is bigger

    Buzz Aldridge: *laughs*

    Joylah: And he's got a biiiig stick.

    Thrand Graywolf: Mistakes happen

    WildFox: Buzz has been chancellor for 5 years now?

    Buzz Aldridge: Allright

    Piper: *giggles*

    Leeda: He is great at what he does

    Buzz Aldridge: If there's nothing else for the evening...

    Thrand Graywolf: He can certainly bang a mean stick

    Galen: Please don't remind him of how long it's been.

    Buzz Aldridge: I hereby bring this, the 225th Assembly of the 7th High Council to a close.
    Buzz Aldridge: Long Live Britannia!