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Highlights and Transcript of the 11 Feb 08 High Council Meeting

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by imported_GalenKnighthawke, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Highlights:

    -The High Council will soon be interviewing applicants for the position of Grand Marshal of Virtue, and hopes to install one at the next meeting.

    -The various, emerging situations in Trinsic and the Magincia ruins were discussed;

    -Joylah informed us of a new park opening in Tel'Ruid, by the waterfall (east of Yew).

    Buzz Aldridge: Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
    Buzz Aldridge: I hereby call to order this, the 224th Assembly of the 7th High Council.
    Buzz Aldridge: *taps the halberd on the flagstones three times*
    Buzz Aldridge: *does a slow soft-shoe*

    SeVaN: Here Here

    Buzz Aldridge: The first announcement is to let y'all know that the application

    Thrand Graywolf: *blinks*

    Jerard Slasher: `here mlady

    Buzz Aldridge: period for the Grand Marshal position is over.

    Buzz Aldridge: We will be setting up interviews for the next week or so.

    Buzz Aldridge: We hope to be able to announce the new Grand Marshal at the
    Buzz Aldridge: next meeting.

    Isak Tangretti: Lady Enya, My spot for you

    Enya: thnx

    Buzz Aldridge: The next item is from Lady Leeda.
    Buzz Aldridge: M'Lady, the floor is yours.

    Leeda: Good Evening
    Leeda: The City of Trinsic has built and activated a new ground to ground
    Leeda: Teleporter from Trinsic to Magincia.
    Leeda: This was done to allow for the massive shipments of building material
    Leeda: to Magincia once the rebuilding begins.
    Leeda: A long time dream of mine has been the creation of a library containing the history of Trinsic.
    Leeda: Lord IronHorse has graciously offered a section of the new
    Leeda: Governors Mansion for this purpose.

    IronHorse: *cost Trinsic a bundle too*

    Galen: *appears thoughtful*

    Liet: *arches a brow*

    Leeda: I am looking for people to interview that recall historical events in Trinsic.

    Buzz Aldridge: There's been a few

    Leeda: I will also be collecting books of Trinsic History.

    Galen: I recall a river of Juka blood on the streets.....

    Buzz Aldridge: Daemon blood also

    Leeda: The War Hammer of Trinsic will be on display at the Governors Mansion.
    Leeda: If you have any information or books. Please contact me or Lord IronHorse or Maggie.
    Leeda: Thank You

    Buzz Aldridge: Thank you, M'Lady.
    Buzz Aldridge: An excellent idea

    Liet: *Whispers right: Sounds kind of screwy, no?*

    Leeda: Thank you i am excited

    Buzz Aldridge: Next on the agenda is an item from Joylah
    Buzz Aldridge: 'M'Lady, the floor is yours.

    SeVaN: Trisnic this.. Trisnic that...

    Joylah: thank you, Buzz
    Joylah: Hullo, Everyone

    Locus Ceruleus: Hi Joylah

    Galen: Vedui melamin.
    [“Hello My Love,” in Elvish.

    Joylah: *dimples lightly, leaning back on the table*

    Piper: *waves to Joy*

    Joylah: The rest must be sleeping..
    Joylah: *coughs and says a bit louder*
    Joylah: Hullo, Everyone

    Jerard Slasher: *nods*

    SeVaN: Hello Hotness Joylah

    Locus Ceruleus: *listens to crickets*

    Jerard Slasher: hello

    Liet: No...

    Leeda: Hello

    Buzz Aldridge: *Chuckles*

    Merlynna: Hiye Joylah

    Enya: evening

    IronHorse: Evening Concilor

    Isak Tangretti: *Bows*

    Merlynna: No smooching during yer announcement, eh?

    Joylah: Ah, excellent.
    Joylah: No smooching for you, Merly.. people talk.

    Merlynna: *shakes head*

    Piper: lol

    Joylah: I'm not sure many have been out to visit it yet..
    Joylah: but there has been a very, very lovely garden constructed..
    Joylah: well.. people call it north east of Yew.. but it's in Tel'ruid..
    Joylah: just north of the Shrine of Justice near the waterfall.

    Leeda: It is lovely

    Locus Ceruleus: ah yes!

    Merlynna: Oh, that I'll have to see.

    Joylah: It's well worth the trip, it's quite beautiful, though as yet, there is a slight difficulty using the
    Joylah: bridge that spans the falls, though I've been assured that will be addressed in the next day or so.

    SeVaN: Should be a popular place this week [​IMG]

    Joylah: I would think so, it's very romantic.

    Liet: *shrugs non-comittally*

    Buzz Aldridge: Aye

    Galen: *smiles*

    Jerard Slasher: *lookin around at ladies*

    Isak Tangretti: *Sighs deeply*

    Joylah: Hope that you all can take advantage of it... or advantage of who joins you there.

    Enya: hehe

    Buzz Aldridge: *Chuckles*

    Piper: lol

    Joylah: *dimples lightly, glancing back at Galen*

    Kariny Stormsong: *gags*

    Jerard Slasher: *chuckles*

    Joylah: Oh yes.

    Piper: good idea

    Liet: *smirks*

    IronHorse: *oh great that means Galen and Joylah will hog it*

    Galen: *blushes*

    Sheera Habbard: *wootwoot*

    Piper: lol

    Kariny Stormsong: *thinks Iron is right*

    Joylah: *dimples at the assembled*

    Joylah: That's all I have for you.
    Joylah: Thank you for your time.

    Buzz Aldridge: Thank you, M'Lady.

    Joylah: *taps Iron's chest*

    IronHorse: ouch

    Joylah: I'll leave a few benches for you.

    Piper: lol

    Leeda: hehehehe

    Merlynna: *chuckles*

    Enya: heh

    Kariny Stormsong: At least she warned us

    Buzz Aldridge: Next, is an announcement from Lady Maggie Stweart
    Buzz Aldridge: M'Lady, the floor is yours.

    Liet: *glances back*

    Buzz Aldridge: Ooops
    Buzz Aldridge: My mistake

    SeVaN: Its a TRAP!

    Liet: *laughs*

    Buzz Aldridge: Apparently [smiles]
    Buzz Aldridge: Alright...

    SeVaN: *glares at IH*

    Buzz Aldridge: Do any Councilors have additional items for tonight's meeting?
    Buzz Aldridge: Very well
    Buzz Aldridge: Do any citizens of the realm wish to address this assembly?

    SeVaN: Aye

    IronHorse: aye

    Liet: We can talk at these things?

    Buzz Aldridge: Lord SeVaN

    Liet: *shrugs*

    Locus Ceruleus: Yes you can

    SeVaN: My brief appearence tonight

    Buzz Aldridge: Yes, Liet

    SeVaN: is not to represent magencia
    SeVaN: but to ask for your continued thoughts and prayers for my son

    Locus Ceruleus: *nods*

    Joylah: Is Noah any better today?

    SeVaN: who is very ill, possibly due to the evil daemon forces that invaded our home land

    Locus Ceruleus: tiny lil tyke

    SeVaN: Not much today
    SeVaN: but he is a fighterand will prevail

    Kariny Stormsong: Poor mite

    SeVaN: thank you

    Galen: Demonic ailments can be nasty aye....*points to the white streak in his hair*
    Galen: But they can be recovered from.

    Buzz Aldridge: Our prayers are with you and your family, SeVaN
    Buzz Aldridge: Would anyone else care to speak?

    IronHorse: aye

    Buzz Aldridge: Lord IronHorse

    IronHorse: good evening councilors

    Dragon Edge: Evening

    Joylah: Hullo, Ironhorse

    Galen: *nods*

    Dragon Edge : joined the party.

    IronHorse: and citizens

    SeVaN: Hail, IH

    Jerard Slasher: Evenin

    Liet: I like that color pf purple.

    Isak Tangretti: *salutes*

    SeVaN: *whispers* its royal purple
    SeVaN: only the best

    Liet: *oohs scarcastically*

    IronHorse: as much as I hate to bring bad news I feel i must share certain events

    SeVaN: *raises eyebrow*

    IronHorse: last thursday evening about 8 pm or so
    IronHorse: while on routine patrol one of my City Guards was murdered

    Liet: *chuckles, shaking his ehad*

    IronHorse: some evidence was collected

    SeVaN: It wasnt me

    IronHorse: I have spoken with the Captain of my Guard
    IronHorse: Magnus
    IronHorse: and once the HC appoints a new GM
    IronHorse: he would be glad to share what evidence was collected
    IronHorse: and would welcome any assistance the HG can provide in solving this crime

    Joylah: Are you asking us to investigate an internal police matter of Trinsic?

    IronHorse: no not at all
    IronHorse: I am stating that trinsic would be receptive to the HG involvement

    Liet: *chuckles*

    SeVaN: *moohaha*

    IronHorse: I believe it is one of the HG duties is it not?

    Liet: *Whispers right: That was a yes.*

    Buzz Aldridge: Yes, it is
    Buzz Aldridge: I believe that should be one of the first tasks once the new GM is elected

    IronHorse: but of course the crime may be solved before the new HG is even in place
    IronHorse: however
    IronHorse: as i stated

    Liet: *quirks a brow*

    IronHorse: trinsic would welcome its involvement

    Dragon Edge: how noble of you

    IronHorse: *flips to next page

    SeVaN: The criminal when caught should have to cleanup magencia by himself

    Liet: *whispers right: That sounds screwy too.*

    Locus Ceruleus: I nominate the Justice Seat!
    Locus Ceruleus: Second?

    IronHorse: I ask the HC how long shall we gaze upon this empty chair?
    [Standing in front of the Skara Brae/Spirituality Seat.]

    Galen: *looks back*

    Locus Ceruleus: sorry

    SeVaN: Justice league? what?

    IronHorse: the 8th seat seems to have grown abit of moss

    Liet: *shrugs*

    Thrand Graywolf: That's the seventh seat

    Liet: *laughs!*

    Merlynna: Hehe

    IronHorse: excuse my tile

    IronHorse: I do not expect an answer now

    SeVaN: IH maybe you want to keep the seat warm? hhmm?

    Liet: *blinks*

    Buzz Aldridge: First things first, Lord IronHorse

    Joylah: We can't seem to find someone willing to sit next to Thrand..

    IronHorse: I just bring it to the attention of all

    SeVaN: lol

    Merlynna: I think we plan to do the Grand Marshall first.

    Joylah: Perhaps when Deleaduindill returns..
    Joylah: so will Wysteria.

    Liet: Well, the seat -is- empty.

    IronHorse: how long the 8th seat has been without representation

    Liet: *smirks*

    Galen: *tapping fingers looking thoughtful*

    Jerard Slasher: *looks around*

    IronHorse: *flips to next page*

    Isak Tangretti: *eye's 8th seat*

    SeVaN: Im just gonna bring a lawn chair next time

    Liet: *oohs with a grin*

    IronHorse: a rather disturbing development
    IronHorse: I have been given a book
    IronHorse: one that seems to be circulating at least in trinsic
    IronHorse: I feel I should bring it to this HCs attention

    SeVaN: *hides his copy*

    Liet: *snnorts*

    Isak Tangretti: *puts evil pen away*

    IronHorse: the author is what disturbs me most

    [Lays a book down on the table.]

    Joylah: I can't reach that.

    Liet: I can't reach that.

    SeVaN: Who is the author?

    Dragon Edge: Ah. My Hero Wrote it

    Buzz Aldridge: He sure is needy for attention...

    Dragon Edge: ......

    Galen: Oh this piece of s__t.

    [Reference to the Shadow, who had authored the book. It is a work of anti-High Council and anti-Crown propaganda, initially distrubuted by him or his followers during the invasion of Magincia, and has now been making the rounds amongst the refugees in Trinsic.]

    SeVaN: me neither

    Galen: I've seen this.

    IronHorse: perhaps you all can pass that copy among yourselfs for examanation

    Dragon Edge: was that outloud?

    Thrand Graywolf: The author was Bert

    [A nickname for the Shadow, invented and spread by Joylah.]

    SeVaN: Did bert kill ernie the guard?

    Liet: *shrugs*

    Galen: *sighs and takes book, handing to Joy*

    Joylah: *giggles softly, leaning over Galen to take a look*

    Galen: *winks*

    Merlynna: Darn I wasn't finished reading.

    Galen: Sorry Merly.

    Merlynna: No pass it along..

    Liet: *squints*

    IronHorse: on a more positive note

    Joylah: Oh, it's fine, Merly...

    Galen: Basically says we're responsbile for Magincia, and everything is our fault, as I recall.

    Galen: Nothing he ain't said before.

    Merlynna: I am sure Shadow has more excrement to pass along.

    Joylah: Too bad he didn't include pictures.

    IronHorse: i am happy to announce the completion of the construction of the New

    Thrand Graywolf: Some of the refugees, however, like that book.

    IronHorse: Governors Mansion

    Liet: *tips his head, listening*

    Joylah: "our city"?
    [Quoting from the book.]

    SeVaN: Built from the best pieces or rubble stolen er transported from
    SeVaN: Magencia and built by our hands

    [Presumably a reference to IronHorse's Governor's mansion.]

    Joylah: *flipping pages, a wry twist to her lips*

    IronHorse: The Construction finished ahead of shecdule

    Leeda: Hmm

    SeVaN: while our town still sits in ruins

    IronHorse: which pleases me greatly

    Merlynna: Done, thank ye.

    SeVaN: so send your construction teams here

    Liet: *looks right, nodding*

    IronHorse: and I will point out

    SeVaN: no doubt

    IronHorse: accident free

    Dragon Edge: Were still working out contractor issues

    SeVaN: permitting is a pain I know

    IronHorse: Lord SeVaN as Leeda pointed out in her report
    IronHorse: Trinsic has installed a new teleportation pad

    SeVaN: Aye which is I admit safer than that rickety old boat method
    SeVaN: *thanks*

    IronHorse: this was done at no small expense to trinsic

    Liet: *Mumbles: but -after- the manse...*

    Locus Ceruleus: literally

    Buzz Aldridge: I can imagine

    IronHorse: but will aid greatly in the transporting of bulk building materials

    SeVaN: I expected it to transport me to the mansion at first

    Liet: *smirks*

    SeVaN: thanks to Trisnic for their *cough* support *cough* so far

    IronHorse: Well there has been an increase in pirate activity in the waters around Magincia

    SeVaN: TY IH
    SeVaN: *nods* very true

    IronHorse: and the Trinsic fleet just cannot cover all the waterways at this time

    Joylah: *chuckles softly, making a note to talk with Shaelin*

    IronHorse: we do the best we can

    SeVaN: I shared some rum with Cap'n Jack last night on the beach

    Liet: *looks thoughtful*

    IronHorse: many of the Magincian refugees have been learning new and useful skills
    IronHorse: so they will be valuble once the rebuilding comences

    SeVaN: I agree but do we not want the end result for them to return home?

    Merlynna: Oh I surely hope so.

    SeVaN: We appreciate your hospitality but while Trisnic prospers we lay in ruins for months

    Liet: *nods*

    SeVaN: not even the bankers have returned

    IronHorse: Trinsic shall be offering permanant citizenship to those who apply
    IronHorse: and are deemed useful

    Liet: *arches a brow*

    Galen: *chuckles softly*

    Thrand Graywolf: *raises an eyebrow*

    Locus Ceruleus: *chuckles*

    Joylah: *lifts a slender brow mildly*

    SeVaN: I must peruse that applicantion process then - when Noah is well

    IronHorse: I will see to it that a copy is delieved to you as soon as I have an address
    IronHorse: I invite you all to visit the New Mansion

    SeVaN: third pile of rubble on the right, Magencia beach

    IronHorse: we are quite proud of it

    Thrand Graywolf: *shakes head slightly*

    Merlynna: Does anyone know when the rebuilding here will start?

    Locus Ceruleus: can't wait

    IronHorse: but I do need to find a good stone furniture crafter

    Buzz Aldridge: I believe that is still being considered

    Joylah: *giggles, scribbling something on a scrap of paper and passing it to Galen*

    SeVaN: When is the house er mansion warming party?

    IronHorse: I lack a desk in my office

    Dragon Edge: Still working out some labor disputes

    IronHorse: and just can't seem to find one that suits me

    SeVaN: I'm sure the magencians will be "happy" to make one for you
    SeVaN: If you *ask* nicely of course, its the least htey can do

    Galen: *a deep blush at Joy's note, hurriedly pocketing it*

    IronHorse: one more item

    Joylah: *dimples mischieviously*

    IronHorse: The Refugees have donated a large cornerstone from the ruins of magincia
    IronHorse: as a permanant display within the Mansion

    Merlynna: Hmm...

    IronHorse: so that we never forget what has taken place

    Liet: *Whispers right: The refugees are a political body?*

    SeVaN: Should not the cornerstone be the centerpiece of a rebuilt Mag?
    SeVaN: when we get to that point? or are you just keeping it Safe

    IronHorse: perhaps we can discuss such a thing

    SeVaN: *nods*
    SeVaN: perhaps

    IronHorse: once there is an active government within Magincia
    IronHorse: I am willing to discuss it

    SeVaN: very well [bows]

    Buzz Aldridge: Thank you for the update Iron

    IronHorse: it is in safe keeping I assure you

    Buzz Aldridge: [​IMG]

    IronHorse: thank you Buzz

    SeVaN: Hail Buzz

    Buzz Aldridge: Yes, SeVaN?

    SeVaN: nothing sorry

    Buzz Aldridge: Not a problem [​IMG]
    Buzz Aldridge: Would anyone else care to speak?

    Liet: Sort of?
    Liet: *shrugs?*

    Thrand Graywolf: Charades?

    Buzz Aldridge: *Chuckles*

    Liet: Huh?

    Buzz Aldridge: The floor is yours Liet

    Liet: Oh.
    Liet: *grins a little.*

    Locus Ceruleus: *perks up*

    Liet: Hi. I really, really don't like talking...in front of...

    Liet: so many p-people.
    Liet: *grins*

    Buzz Aldridge: If it's any consolation...

    Liet: Bit I work in the mines because I don't like to talk to people anyway, and...
    Buzz Aldridge: there's an active debate about Galen

    [Not sure what that was about.]

    Liet: um,
    Liet: I mean - I know a few masons, and...
    Liet: well, why build a manse when...w-wh...
    Liet: *smiles a bit*
    Liet: When a whole city needs rebuilt?

    Galen: Ask Iron.

    Liet: I mean, they asked m-me, maybe...help but I have sooo much work to do and I just can't

    Galen: It wasn't Council money, and so far as I know it wasn't Crown money.

    IronHorse: my City does not need rebuilt

    Liet: but you know mining is hard work for people to just try and...
    Liet: *falls silent*
    Liet: *blinks*
    Liet: Isn't it screwy?

    SeVaN: Sounds like he has a pickaxe to grind

    Thrand Graywolf: If you want opinions...yes. Among my people that would
    Trhand Graywolf: be very...screwy.

    Galen: Wait wait.....What did they ask you to help with that you couldn't?

    Liet: I'm a mmm...
    Liet: *looks around*
    Liet: Miner.

    Galen: Right...

    SeVaN: Right

    Liet: And blacksmith. Chhers, heh.
    Liet: *grins*
    Liet: Is anyone helping?

    SeVaN: Has the blackrock gone to your brain?

    Galen: With Magincia?

    Liet: No!: scowls back

    SeVaN: sorry

    Liet: Y....
    Liet: Mmhmm.

    SeVaN: Wow thanks for the help. I didnt know anyone had started yet
    SeVaN: where are the materials you have mined so far?
    SeVaN: *looks around*

    Liet: C...can't work on ch...harit....
    Liet: For free?

    SeVaN: oooh

    Galen: Why is no one rebuilding Magincia? The Crown basically has the resources

    Locus Ceruleus: *checks pockets*

    Galen: to take on such a huge task....And they haven't said a word as of yet.

    Locus Ceruleus: *shakes head*

    SeVaN: Who has asked you to work for free?

    Galen: Whether they have some reason for this, I don't know...

    Liet: *looks back*

    SeVaN: Tis the first i have heard o of this

    Liet: N...noone...b-but...
    Liet: Noone said anything...b-bout working for p-pay.
    Liet: *blinks*

    SeVaN: What a coincidence that the mansion is finished ahead of schedule...

    Thrand Graywolf: He's asking when someone is going to organize, and pay
    Thrand Graywolf: for, work groups to begin clearing the city.

    Liet: Yes! What he said.
    Liet: *heh*

    Merlynna: *smiles*

    Thrand Graywolf: *shrugs*

    SeVaN: I have not the resources or I would have done so myself long ago

    Galen: Best answer I can give you is my one from a few minutes ago.

    IronHorse: good planning and organization

    Galen: It's a huge project, the Crown has the resources, and they haven't said anything.

    Liet: B-but...
    Liet: B-...this is...
    Liet: *looks confused*

    SeVaN: But yet they had time to decorate for valentines day *huh*

    Merlynna: This council doesn't have the coffers to organize this endevour.

    Liet: Oh.
    Liet: Well cra...

    Merlynna: Yeah, their priorities are squed.

    Liet: Oops! Sorry - heh.

    SeVaN: Liet - how long have you *already* been working in the mines?

    Liet: *grins*

    Merlynna: skewed

    Thrand Graywolf: I don't understand why it would take so much gold, really

    Liet: Um...

    SeVaN: and how many miners?

    Merlynna: If the resouces are available

    Liet: *looks back*
    Liet: A long time? I'm a m-miner.

    Thrand Graywolf: There's a large work force that you would think would be willing to do it

    Buzz Aldridge: This is obviously a huge task

    Liet: But I -don't- want to mine around anyone.
    Liet: *glances back*

    Thrand Graywolf: Huge tasks don't shrink until you start on them.

    Buzz Aldridge: Exactly

    IronHorse: certainly was a large work force to haul off the pieces

    Merlynna: And as ye know the Gods never do anything fast and easy.

    Buzz Aldridge: It will take many more Liet

    Liet: Hah! No kidding!
    Liet: *stopps*

    SeVaN: Very True...

    Buzz Aldridge: Thank you for your efforts

    Liet: *shrugs and mumbles*

    Buzz Aldridge: I wish there was an easy answer to this
    Buzz Aldridge: *shakes head*
    Buzz Aldridge: Would anyone else care to speak?
    Buzz Aldridge: Very well...

    IronHorse: oh
    IronHorse: one more thing

    Buzz Aldridge: I hereby bring this, the 224th Assembly of the 7th High Council to a close.

    Jerard Slasher: *salutes*

    Buzz Aldridge: Iron?

    Merlynna: Long Live Britannia!

    Liet: *smirks, looking down the archways*

    Athenat: Long Live Britannia!

    IronHorse: Bert wished me to thank Lord Galen and the city of Jhelom
    IronHorse: for their contribution of nice warm wool blankets

    Liet: *Whispers right: Who cares?*

    Buzz Aldridge: Then on that note...
    Buzz Aldridge: I hereby bring this, the 224th Assembly of the 7th High Council to a close.
    Buzz Aldridge: Long Live Britannia!