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Historical records of the city of Trinsic

Discussion in 'UO Drachenfels' started by Drachenfels EM Feed, May 28, 2013.

  1. The Chronicles of the City Council and the Principality.
    Events around the Spider Goddess Zalindera and the undead pirate Stormeye.
    How we fought and how we won.
    (this Chronicle starts about 12 years ago and covers 1 year)
    They come out of nowhere
    The priests of the Spider Goddess Zalindera, recognizable by their white robes, led by Kormin Windsong appear entirely surprisingly in Trinsic. They plan to set up a cult of the weaver with Trinsic as its center in Sosaria. They also search a renegade from their own ranks, a young man named Daniel Newstrom. Daniel, who has found shelter in the monastery of Utracht close to Trinsic is repeatedly attacked by spiders. The captain of the Trinsic guards, Wulf von Trinsic, decides to protect the young man.
    In the jungle around Trinsic the spiders populate stronger and stronger. The priests of the Weaver accuse Daniel of a crime against the Weaver. He and all others that help him, will feel the wrath of the Goddess until Daniel comes in front of the Weaver and accepts her judgment.
    Conrad NorthwoodA stranger move into the house at the Trinsic harbor, a sailor named Conrad Northwood, who holds back a dark secret. One of his old foes, the wicked undead pirate Stormeye, wants to take revenge on Northwood and the city where Conrad lives. Very famous is the parrot Pete who is living in Northwood‘s house.
    The silence before the storm
    Kormin Windsong is caught, defeated and arrested by the guardsmen Peter von Ravenwood while he is doing an unholy ritual. But even from his prison he succeeds to implement his plans. He hands over the leadership of the Followers to the trinsicanian city councillor Alrik Ploetzbogen. From now on, the spider attacks on Daniel Newstrom stop and the Followers preach in peace the words of the Weaver, even under the protection of the city guards. Trinsic at this time establishes the unique weekly market that attracts more and more people from near and far. The Followers and Conrad Northwood, who still keeps a watchful eye on them, are always there to be found.
    A wedding with consequences
    Ex-Follower Daniel Newstrom announced he wants to marry his fiancee Mirranda Henander in Trinsic. The City Council and the guards are preparing the wedding and a big party. But after the ceremony, Daniel dies from a poisoned apple, which is presented to him by a strange knight from Minoc with the following words.
    “Greetings Daniel, you’ve done it well lad, that with your wedlock.
    In my shire, we have olde ways at wedlock. The Bride and Groom must enjoy the pleasures of an apple together!
    I send you the fruits of Minoc; a juicy apple, covered with a soft and aromatic flesh.
    My heart wishes you and your beautiful princess, a long, fruitful and tumultuous wedded life!”
    The knight escapes unrecognized after the shameful act.
    Zalindera shows her power, because Daniel’s painful death wakes up Zalindera’s daughters and Trinsic is occupied by the Goddess. A magic crystal in the south tower, built by the Follower Max confuses the defenders and the Trinsic guards must compete weakened. However, during the fighting, a document of Max is found, in which he reports about problems with the manufacture of the crystal. At the end the crystal can be destroyed and the defense of the city is restored. Many fighters come from other cities to help and the spiders are repulsed on this day. But the losses of the brave and courageous guards and citizens of Trinsic are high.
    The tough battle with the Weaver Zalindera and Stormeye continues
    Especially in Trinsic but also in other places such as Bloodhaven, at the monastery Utrachts and at the Blackmores Inn daily heavy fights against the spiders are accomplished. The priests of the weaver preach words of peace and tolerance, but the spiders that they invoke by provoking their Goddess spread toxic death and misery. Finally the Goddess herself arrives in Trinsic in the form of a powerful red spider and explains her claim. The coastal cities, meanwhile, are attacked by Stormeye and his pirates. But the Trinsic guards fight. They fight in the woods, they fight in the hills, they fight in the deserts and they fight on the seas. They will never surrender.
    The Longest Day
    The day that determines victory or defeat has come. A huge invasion army of the Spider Goddess Zalindera is intercepted by a virtuous trinsicanian Army of Light reinforced with Lord Baal Draco’s vampire troops of Bloodhaven in the largest battle of the entire war just at the gates of Bloodhaven. The battle begins at sunrise and sways back and forth a long time, but at noon the spiders are defeated and the Weaver, who throws herself into battle, is seriously injured.
    An immediate campaign against the supposed origin of the Weaver gets a debacle southwest in the steaming jungles of Trinsic, as the allied fighters from Trinsic and Bloodhaven run in an ambush of the Weaver. With the help of her son, Roberto, the Weaver has spun ​​a deadly trap. Unholy magic of Zalindera ensures that fallen warriors arise as undead and turn against their own comrades. The Army of Light and the forces of Bloodhaven are hardly beaten and head completely disoriented back to Trinsic. The city is preparing for a long but hopeless siege. The victory of the Weaver seems near, but at that moment the Seer Camus engages. He shows the warriors the right way to Zalindera’s fortress. With rapidly gained strength and magical support the allies from Trinsic and Bloodhaven quickly start an attack in the night against the Terathan Keep. The weaver is completely surprised by the attack, and the major part of her troops stand far away near Trinsic.
    In the evening hours of the day the decision is made in the deepest catacombs of the Terathan Keep. Zalindera’s Terathan-legion runs against the battle-weary armies. But the will of the combatants from Trinsic, Bloodhaven and all other heroes is greater at this hour, as they have suffered months under the Weaver. At midnight Zalindera is found, beaten to death and burned to ashes. The curse of Trinsic is finally broken and the roads are again free from roving, murderous spiders. The spider armies dissolve leaderless and the Followers disappear, as they came to nothing, or turn away from their former Goddess in repentance. Kormin Windsong remains in prison, but from the moment of Zalindera’s defeat he is a broken man.
    Stormeye is defeated
    There are more and more attacks in the countries port cities by Stormeye’s undead armies and magic inspired Gazers, Hellhounds, Fire Elementals and Lichs. As the threat by Zalindera is over and Trinsic is safe again, the fighters head out to stop the undead pirates. Stormeye and his son are found in a tunnel system under Bucaneers’Den and are defeated in a heroic struggle. The gold found is distributed among those who have lost their homes or loved ones in the fight against Stormeye.
    The Seer leave Sosaria
    Those mysterious beings who have visited the country since many centuries and which the people commonly call “Seer”, surprisingly leave our world. The green-robed, barefooted Seer Camus, who often stayed in Trinsic and helped the city against Zalindera by word and deed, is last seen in Britain. Since the same day Northwood’s house in the harbor of Trinsic is deserted and expires.
    Again they come out of nowhere
    Exactly one year after the defeat of Zalindera their Followers complete surprisingly are back and try to usurp the power in Trinsic again. Again the fate of the city is influenced by an apple. Alrik Ploetzbogen is successful to poison Prince Megor Tarvar using an apple. Alrik advises the almost mindless Prince in political and religious matters, and again, the strings of power are in his hands. The shadow of the weaver begins again to darken the city. But a few loyal followers of the Prince cure him from the effect of the poison. At the day the Followers want to finally seize their power in Trinsic and again to call Zalindera back in our world, the Prince Megor Tarvar comes back healed and takes them all trapped. The Followers are all brought to justice.
    All those who fought and suffered in these times hope that the gates to our world are closed for Zalindera forever, and that never again the odious call “Hail Zalindera” will be heard.
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