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History Lesson: Followers of Armageddon (FoA)

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Dor of Sonoma, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. In a continuing effort to provide some background on the events and establishments of our shard, I invite you to peruse some of the following, linked sources.

    Many many years ago, the Followers of Armageddon (originally known as the Zog Cabal) presented a very real threat to all of Sosaria. They claimed to possess 'blackrock' (which was witnessed by many of us at the time), the intergral ingredient of a world-shattering spell. Our world was shaken to its core (quite literally, at times) by such activity, and many guilds became involved in the epic struggle for control of Sosaria. In the end, the FoA leaders were captured and condemned and their cause thwarted...but not before many had been touched forever by that chain of events and their personal involvement therein.

    A partial listing of some additional information follows:

    One of the initial, official reports: Town Cryer-Zog Cabal August 9, 1998

    (Many additional Town Cryer reports on the FoA activities may be found at Stratics' Britannia News Network (Town Cryer) Article Archives, if you scroll down slightly to later '98/early '99)

    Glendor of BLD's personal journals of the proceedings:

    Followers of Armageddon 8/18/98

    Free the Followers of Armageddon!

    The battle for Zendella Kxris! 10/15/98

    The battle for Martoo Saul! 10/18/98

    The end of the FoA? 12/12/98

    The FoA Trial 3/3/99

    And last (but not least), Musashi's recollections of the bruhaha on another shard:

    Musashi, Tailor-Detective 9/22/98

    Musashi at the Big battle that Almost Happened 9/26/98
  2. KalInEx

    KalInEx Guest

    Did someone say crackrock?
  3. Karyn XX

    Karyn XX Guest

    Thanks for the links. That was very interesting!