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History of your character? Do you have one?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Wyrmsbane, Apr 19, 2001.

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  1. Wyrmsbane

    Wyrmsbane Guest

    I just took the notion and wrote this about Damien, my main character...has anyone else ever done anything similar to this? Enjoy.

    <font color=blue>
    - Damien Wyrmsbane grew up as a boy in Moonglow. His father was a member of the High Council of Mages, and taught Damien what he knew of magery. Damien was intrigued and began to want to learn more of the arcane arts, and his parents obliged. He was sent to a small academy in the Yew Forest, and there boarded from the time of his 8th birthday until his 23rd, when his studies were over. He packed his belonings and began the journey home to Moonglow to see his family once again.
    - As Damien stepped through the blue, glowing moongate in the woods near Moonglow City, all he could see were flames and dragons in the skies. He rushed home to the tower his parents and siblings lived in, carefully avoiding the high-flying dragons' eyes, but found only rubble. He rummaged through the ruins of his childhood home and found his father's spellbook, unharmed by the fire due to a spell of protection cast upon it.
    - There was a rustle of leaves behind him and Words of Power were on Damien's tongue, ready to burn to cinders anyone who approached. From the forest behind the ruins of the tower came Damien's siblings. Enoch, Dominic, and Aeric slowly came from the trees and Damien asked where his mother and father were. The trio told him, they were dead in the rubble, and they had only time to save themselves before the tower collapsed. Damien became enraged and began spouting Words of Power he didnt even knew he understood at the trio. In the chaos that ensued, the three brothers were knocked unconsious and Damien ran through the moongate and ended up in Skara Brae.
    - In this strange new city, Damien saw more people than he had seen in years. He eventually made a few friends in the tavern and around the bank, the most notable of which were Golgorian and Mercalius. They taught him the ways of the city and the world, and slowly Damien rose in power. He made friends with the Rangers of Skara Brae, thanks to Golgorian and began a career as a Ranger himself, not long thereafter.
    - As Damien progressed in the field of magery and its ilk, the folk around him began to say he was a Grandmaster Mage among other things. Damien had never thought about this himself, but finally decided to try the one spell that would tell if they were right or if he was simply another wannabe magic user. He began the incantation, and moments later the smell of brimstone entered his nostrils, and a majestic red hellspawn was in front of him. Damien had reached Grandmaster status.
    - Not long after the attaining of this status did Damien find his brother, Enoch, in the streets of Skara Brae. They talked, but Damien still held resentment in his heart toward his siblings. Enoch showed Damien the small tower his brothers had procured on Occlo island through long, arduous work from all of them and allowed Damien to see his other siblings. Apparently, as time ran its course Dominic had become no more than a petty thief, and Aeric was working the way of a craftsman. Damien spoke little to his brothers, yet always kept in touch. Damien told the brothers of how he held his father's surname, L'morte, sacred and never used it on himself as he wasn't worthy of the honor it held. His brothers took note, and also adopted Damien's chosen name, Wyrmsbane.
    - Damien then showed them the large cabin he has acquired on his own, simply to boast that he has done better alone than he would have, had he stayed with them. Damien holds some kind of hatred for his brothers in his heart still, and never believes he can fully trust them. He prefers to do things alone, rather than as a group, because you cannot always trust the group you are with.
    - To this day Damien is a reknowned Scholar, Mage, and Stoic among other things. He continues his quest to rid Britannia of the hated dragons and their ilk, and also holds the Rangers' code as his own.
    </font color=blue>

    <font color=blue>Damien Wyrmsbane, Grandmaster Scholar/ Mage / Stoic / Shieldfigher</font color=blue>[​IMG]
    <font color=red>Luck is for the weak-minded and the superstitious.</font color=red>
  2. AnvilNForge

    AnvilNForge Guest

    Brought up in the streets of Britain, Anvil quickly grew tired of the noise of the city. While wandering through the streets He decided he wished to take a ride on a boat. He yelled out for quite a time. Finally a kindly mage agreed to take him. As they sailed, The mage introduced himself to Anvil as Julius. Finally, with the long trip over, Julius told Anvil that he would take him to a Village, Where he may train and grow in skill. Then Julius brought Anvil to the dangerous land of Felucca. Anvil enjoyed Felucca and decided to stay.

    Anvil began to prosper as his skills flourished. But one day a vile presence descended upon the Village of Virtue. A vile peson of the name Crowley began to attack the village looking for a child. He cast his evil magiks on the good people of the village. In these days Anvil expirienced the horrors of death for the first time. Soon Anvil's lust for money grew, And his over confidence in his own skills drew him away from the village. Saying his farewells, Anvil set out to make a name for himself. Anvil trusted his skills, Maybe even just a little too much....

    He set out to join a guild, And decided he would defend the honorable side of Chaos. Once again, He died many times and decided that fighting may not be the life for him. Anvil moved on. While wandering through Britain one day, He began to want brothers to share his expiriences with. He called out for a guild. Soon a kind woman by the name of Isabella answered his call. She took him tho the guild house, And he was put in the ranks of TAS! Oh what a glorius day, Anvil now had a guild full of friends. He began his training again, As he would travel to the swamps North of Britain and battle the vile Lizard Men. Anvil died many a time though, Due to the deadly venom of the swamp dwelling serpents. As time passed on, Anvil yearned for a home to call his own. But he was strapped for money, and could not seem to make any. So after much thought, Anvil started to escort nobles to their cities of choice. One day while walking through the forest escorting a noble, The noble decided he would leave Anvil, With no pay at that! He became enraged! Anvil lunged at the noble, His blade striking swiftly! In cold blood He slew the Noble..... Such a dark day. He rummaged through the Noble's corpse, And found that nobles hold out on the gold they would pay. He then decided this was the job for him. He slew many a noble, at least a hundred,twice over... Finally he had saved up fpr a home.

    He marched into town delighted with what he was going to purchase today. As he soon discovered, Word of the way he attained his gold had spread, And vendors would not deal with him. So he begged Isabella to take his gold and buy him a house. She finally agreed, And bought Anvil A small house made of the finest plaster and sand stone. Anvil quickly set it up on the Isle of Fire. He lived there for a time, but grew tired of the solice, and began to long for his friends. So he packed up, Sold his house, And began to search for a new one. One day he found a house on the brink of collapse, So he waited, And he waited. Finally the time had come. The house fell. On this fine day, A good friend of his, Gave him a marble work shop! What a glorius day! Anvil felt like all his dreams were fullfilled.... But Anvil was troubled over his horrible deeds in the past. Oh to think of the families he had parted when slaying the good nobles! So he turned himself in, and was executed. Upon ressurection, Society had forgiven him of his deeds somewhat. After a while, Anvil had forgotten his house, while out exploring and it collapsed! Oh he was wracked with woe.... But he moved on, And came up with gold, and he bought a fine new patio made of sand stone south of Trinsic.

    He once again prospered, But the solice bothered him. Anvil looked back to his first visit to Vesper, Oh how he loved that quiet sea front city. So Anvil set out, and in no time had found a house near Vesper for sale. As he wandered into Vesper to take some items from the bank to the house, Anvil ran into a very kind man who gave him a house, That was even closer to Vesper! He took great care and quickly decorated his house. Oh how he was pleased! Grand trophies on the wall, Snow globes on the table! Ahh, he was content. Anvil had finally attained mastery in the skills of the warrior and was close to attaining Grand Mastery, So he said a sorrow filled good bye to his friends of his old guild, and set out to find a new one with wishes of battle.

    He remembered a friend he had in the Guild of LynchMob Justice. He contacted her, and she sponsored him into the guild. This surely was the guild for Anvil, He loved every moment in the heat of battle. He fought valiantly against the scum of GuL. On one day, he travelled to the Island that the guild of his choice dwelled on, And after proving his loyalty so often throughout the past few days, They accepted him! Anvil now had every thing he desired, and to this day he lives contently.......

    Come visit us pirates on Napa!
    We're always recruiting! Be a Pirate!
  3. DA miner

    DA miner Guest


    fine!! fine fine fine!!! I'll start working on my character's story (A bit hummorous)

    <font color=red>Please visit my idea and cast ye vote. </font color=red>
  4. SickOfScams

    SickOfScams Guest

    The History of the Vampire Lord Davion Talar (As Told
    by Kilkeny the wandering Kender)

    As Kilkeny, the free-spirited kender, walks into the
    tavern he notices a dark shadowy figure sitting alone
    in a dark corner of the room away from the fireplace.
    The shadowy figure emits a low guttural sound whenever
    someone approaches, and no company bothers to share
    his table.
    Upon seeing his face Kilkeny immediately recognizes
    him as a Dark Elf, who are better known as Drow. It
    is a curious thing that he is out in the above world
    as the Drow seldom travel outside of their home world
    of Menzoberenza except in times of war or conquest.
    However a sense of an evil aura surrounds him unlike
    any other Drow Kilkeny has met in his travels. They
    are by nature, evil creatures but this one just seems
    Kilkeny walks closer to where the Dark Elf sits as
    Kender cannot ignore their insurmountable amount of
    curiosity and no sense of danger. Then Kilkeny
    notices something that puts all the pieces of the
    puzzle together. This man is drinking a dark red
    substance that flows thickly from the glass in an
    oozing motion. He is drinking blood. This man is no
    ordinary Dark Elf but is also a vampire. This would
    explain why he is away from his homeland, but does not
    explain what he is doing inside of a human tavern in
    the city of Wintershield. Vampires are not shunned in
    the Drow homeland and are often seen as the gifted
    ones, although due to the recent war between the
    Vampires and the Drow-Queen Lloth there may be a
    certain degree of suspicion among the Drow about him.

    Having that insatiable curiosity that kender have,
    Kilkeny walks closer to him and sits down at the
    Vampire/Drows table. He emits a low guttural noise
    and doesn't look up. When he realizes that Kilkeny is
    not leaving he looks up with a dark golden piercing
    gaze. He informs Kilkeny that it is not in the
    interest of his health to be sitting where he is as he
    is hungry and it is quite obvious that he feasts on
    the living. As Kilkeny is unaffected by the vampires
    control over the mind as the emotion of fear does not
    affect the kender, nor does the power of persuasion
    that Vampires typically have over most races. He
    looks in his trusty guide on the races of the world
    and notices this small entry concerning Vampire/Drow:

    "Aloof and convinced of its superiority, the vampire
    Drow is perhaps the most reluctant of all undead to
    create progeny. Only rarely does the drow vampire feel
    the loneliness of its existence. Vampire drow rarely
    ever leave the deepest levels of their caverns, and it
    is almost unheard of for such creatures to appear on
    the surface itself. Instead, these vampires spend
    years within elaborate underground tombs constructed
    by drider slaves. Such tombs are exquisite yet
    disturbing works of art with carvings ranging from
    twisted masses of limbs to horrifying faces fighting
    to swallow themselves."

    Upon a further review of the man Kilkeny writes down a
    description of him in his journal as the vampire looks
    on with mild amusement. He is approximately 5'10",
    130 pounds, has white hair and gold colored pupils on
    a black background. His appearance is like that of a
    Dark Elf in every way except for his eyes, and for
    surely his fangs when used. Kilkeny demands his name
    and a background of his history; his family history?
    His role in the underdark before and after becoming a
    vampire? His transformation to a vampire? His age? And
    of course his name?
    The vampire being in a cheerful spirit, as far as
    vampires go, decided to oblige the kender, as he had
    no pressing business. He states that his name was,
    and sort of still is, Lord Davion Talar. He is
    formally of the Noble Drow House of Talar until his
    transformation, where he was cast out of the Drow
    Hierarchy and forced to be a personal servant to the
    pancake queen Lloth. He says the name with disgust
    unlike many others of his kind who praise the queen as
    a goddess. The Drow worship their queen and as many
    drow see the gift of vampirism to be a blessing from
    the gods. The vampires are the personal servants of
    the queen that is typically considered an honor beyond
    all other honors that a Drow may receive. But there
    is more to this story…
    He was a young Drow, about 100 years old when he met a
    young looking beautiful female Drow. He fell in love,
    in the Dark Elf way, and courted her for many years.
    She resisted his every attempt with her only reason
    being that it would hurt him in the long run. His
    devotion to her only grew as she resisted him. This
    made his family worry about him being right in the
    head, but he had a sense of power and intelligence
    about him even at a young so his family did not worry
    and cast it off as a quirk. He did not care what she
    said to him and chased her for years on end. A year
    in a Drows life is nothing as they typically live for
    1,000 years.
    One day, for some reason, she gave into him. They
    went back to his Palace to spend a night (in the
    underdark it is always night so time is only relative)
    of passion, or so he thought. As they entered his room
    the female drow, we do not need to know her name, laid
    him down on the bed and initiated the conversion
    ritual. She was a vampire herself which Davion did
    not know; she had a sort of caring for him and did not
    want to see Davion become a servant to Lloth. She was
    over 3,000 years old at the time as vampires are
    immortal, and there had been no invasion of the
    Underdark, which could pose a threat to that
    immortality. For as the Drow think it a great honor,
    the vampires know better. They know that it is a
    terrible thing and when they receive the enlightenment
    of the kiss of death they know what the queen truly
    is. The vampires are no match for her power however
    and cannot do anything to escape.
    Davion, being naive in the ways of love did not
    realize what was happening until it was too late. His
    blood had been drained to a point close to death in
    which he was unconscious for days. When he woke up he
    knew what had happened but did not want to admit it.
    He had a good friend who had been given the gift. The
    friend described the menial chores that he had to do
    for the pancake queen. This was an odd thing as
    normally the vampire lords are busy serving the queen
    to have a relationship outside the royal palace. But
    Davion and this vampire happened to be friends, in a
    more of a mentor/student relationship. Davions mentor
    told him of the pitiful status that he was lowered to
    working for the queen, and Davion was one of the few
    Drow who did not wish to seek the gift. His mentor
    failed to inform him who he had actually fallen in
    love with until it was too late, as he believed the
    female vampire would be stronger and not succumb to
    her emotions, or what emotions vampire/drow have.
    Both classes have very little feeling for other
    creatures, and when combined they lose most of that
    feeling that was left, but in a few a small spark
    Davion tried to eat regular food but it only disgusted
    him, and as he went to try his first drink of blood
    that the "young" female had left in his chambers he
    knew for sure what he truly was. He knew that what
    had happened and dreaded it, he did not want to work
    for the queen but he knew that he had no choice. He
    knew her powers were immense and would know
    immediately that the “gift” had been bestowed on
    someone who she did not authorize.
    Meanwhile Lloth sensing the unauthorized power that
    was granted to Davion summoned him to her chambers.
    She of course demanded the name of who granted him the
    powers without her authorization and he, having
    feelings for her and scared for her well-being,
    refused. The female Drow came in at this time and
    gave herself in, as she had feelings for Davion as
    well. She did not want Davion to be held to the mercy
    of Lloth and believed that she could defend herself
    well enough to escape the underdark as she had been
    training up her powers in her spare time. Lloth just
    laughed at Davion for his futile attempts to save her
    and at the young female Drow for her weakness. She
    was sentenced to die and Davion was to be Lloths
    personal servant for the next millennium. She had
    managed to escape but her name was wiped from Davions
    memory afterward by Lloth, before he became powerful
    enough to resist her as well. As an added punishment
    she stripped away his noble title forever lowering him
    to a common status. Even taking away the title of
    Lord that vampire drow normally receive. He cursed her
    inside as a deep hatred for her brewed there and
    resolved to himself to escape one day to find his
    “lost love.” She knew his feelings and thought them
    to be amusing, thinking that he could never escape
    He was a true Drow at heart, and was well suited to be
    a vampire as he was a sly creature interested in the
    magics before the transformation. He had been a
    powerful mage beforehand, which only added to his
    vampiric powers, but he was not yet strong enough to
    go against the queen’s will. He studied in secret and
    cast spells to cover his increased power.
    He left one day in the form of mist, which is very
    prevalent in the underdark and makes it very easy to
    fool the weaker minded beings down there. He cast a
    spell over Lloth that was just powerful enough to
    prevent her from realizing his presence was gone. But
    he knew that he could never return to the underdark
    while Lloth still presided there or he would surely be
    Davion tells the kender of his quest to find more of
    his kind, and to find the female drow that he had
    loved so much as a child. He also needed to find a
    place where he may live with toleration around him.
    The Drow are a hated race in the above-world and
    people attempt to take his life at all turns.
    Although he is immortal being run through with a sword
    is not a pleasant experience. He can hide his
    vampiric form easily enough unless his killing is
    witnessed, or he survives a certain death situation.
    He has no abolition against killing and does so
    regularly. However he tries to stick to the lower bums
    and scums of life that no one will miss, but on
    occasion he feels the urge to dine on the nobility.
    He has taken back his title of Lord that he deserves
    and is known as a full vampire lord in the lands that
    he has traveled. He is feared everywhere he goes and
    has the usual attempt to kill him by Sir Noble whats
    his face. He just gives them a laugh and ends their
    life with a death gaze or some spell or another. His
    golden eyes hold the power to kill or cause insanity
    in any mortal being. He has grown to be one of the
    most powerful beings in the above-world but tries to
    hide his power as it only brings more acts of
    attempted retribution against him.
    In his many years spent above ground he has learnt the
    ways of the above-worlders, but has not accepted them
    for his own. He learned of this city of "toleration"
    from a tavern keeper in a far off city. He did not
    know whether to think he was just trying to get him as
    far from the area as possible, or was actually giving
    useful advice. But he needed to try; he needed a home
    base to look for more of his people.
    On the surface and just below the surface he is a
    cold-hearted being with the dark intents of a true
    vampire lord, however deep inside is something quirky.
    It is by no means a feeling of good, but maybe one of
    respect for creatures he deems worthy. But should
    someone lose that respect after attaining it they will
    find themselves Lord Davions meal quick enough.
    He has decided to reside in Wintershield for the time
    and has offered his Services as a mage to the King of
    the city, Talimor de'Monte and the commander of the
    army, Talin Kir'Shen. He has not yet revealed to them
    who he truly is and has only demonstrated great
    magical power to them to prove his worth. He hopes
    that they may further his goals in traveling the world
    and finding more of his kind.
    He has stated however that should anyone get in his
    way or offend him, that he will have no qualms about
    killing them on the spot. Little did the King and
    Commander know of whom they had sing on with their
    force. Had it been a wise decision to take on such a
    mysterious man? Would it be hazardous to their health
    or those of their loved ones? Only time would surely

    Davion Talar-4x mage/tamer
    Vyrien-5x alchemist/mage
    Lerek Darkblood- 3x Lumberjacker
    Safious-5x Macer/archer/mage (Soon to be bard)
    Joseph Craftswood-gm smith/miner, master tailor, master carpenter, master tinker.
  5. SickOfScams

    SickOfScams Guest

    Sorry mine is in a crappy format.. I just copied and poasted it out of an email and didn't bother to go into the original word document.. :) This has the potential to become a very long thread with only a few posts. :)

    Davion Talar-4x mage/tamer
    Vyrien-5x alchemist/mage
    Lerek Darkblood- 3x Lumberjacker
    Safious-5x Macer/archer/mage (Soon to be bard)
    Joseph Craftswood-gm smith/miner, master tailor, master carpenter, master tinker.
  6. Wyrmsbane

    Wyrmsbane Guest

    already is a long thread../shared/forum_images/beige/icons/tongue.gif

    and thanks for the posts guys..=) i love them..=) glad im not the only one that does stuff like this..=)

    <font color=blue>Damien Wyrmsbane, Grandmaster Scholar/ Mage / Stoic / Shieldfigher</font color=blue>[​IMG]
    <font color=red>Luck is for the weak-minded and the superstitious.</font color=red>
  7. SickOfScams

    SickOfScams Guest

    hehe tell me about it. I did that one a few days ago for something else and actually posted it below for people to make comments on. :)

    Davion Talar-4x mage/tamer
    Vyrien-5x alchemist/mage
    Lerek Darkblood- 3x Lumberjacker
    Safious-5x Macer/archer/mage (Soon to be bard)
    Joseph Craftswood-gm smith/miner, master tailor, master carpenter, master tinker.
  8. Wolfran

    Wolfran Guest

    Heres my warriors story!!

    My names Wolfran a 22 year old lumberjack swordsman. I was born in the small town of Truth a son of a lumberjacker. My father taught me the skills of swordsmanship with which to defend myself and the art of lumberjacking so that i could one day continue the family buisness. The life of the lumberjack was not for me a felt a differnt calling from what my father desired of me. Accepting my descision my father told me about the ancient lands of brittania and warned me about the dangers that lurk there. Excited by the tales that my father had told me and with my years of training with weapons i knew that i could go into brittania and make a difference. I travelled the lands for several years making friends and vanquishing evil. I have made my fortune and the excitment of battling monsters had faded i hanckered to see the old lands and my family and maybe even to take over the family buisness. I sold my home and was preparing to pack up my things when a messenger from lord british arrived in town declaring war had broken out between four factions. Having been bought up to always fight for good against evil i instantly re-aquired a house and re-equiped for the coming war and prounonced my loyalty to Lord British and have been fighting for him ever since.
    Wolfran's adventures continue!!!

    Thats not a monster!! THIS is a Monster!!!!!
  9. DA miner

    DA miner Guest

    Before we start on DA, lets view how his name came to be. *Flips many pages in an historical book*

    Once, long ago, on the outskirts of Skara Brae, there lived a family of farmers. These farmers were the talk of not only Skara Brae, but even in Trinsic, Vesper, and in Britain.

    This family produced some of the finest fruits and vegetables. Many Dukes, Duchesses, Scribes, and even the King, Lord British, himself bought their food eagerly.

    The family took great pride in their work. They were paid greatly by those of higher-class. This family was called the McNelie family, but that would change.

    Nearly 8 generations before a boy, to be named DA, was born, there was a feud between two brothers and a father of the McNelies’.

    One day a father, Burian McNelie, and his two sons, Kyle and Nile, went to Britain on the Sabbath Day, to go to church. The father carried a small basket of fruit and vegetables with him. You see, a close family friend had passed away to an illness. The widower, John Ironwern, was in a depression due to his wife’s death.

    After the service, Burian went to John’s house to consult him. At this time John was the owner of Britain’s northern forge. (at the time it was called Wyrm’s forge) He not only did business, but he also used it as his home at night.

    At the forge Burian told his sons to stay outside, which would be an error to his family. As the boys waited outside, Kyle and Nile saw a man bulging in muscle. They watched him unload a backpack of ore, and further watched him smelt it into a Viking sword, ever so sharp, with his name indented into the blade ‘Lord Thor’.

    “He’s a Lord?” Nile whispered into Kyle’s ear.
    “Yes, He’s British’s personal smith.” Kyle whispered back.

    The two were not sharing the same idea as they marveled at Lord Thor. Kyle’s head was beaming at making fine weaponry, and armor, but Nile’s head was filled with the idea of exploring the land over the mountains.

    The next day Kyle and Nile confronted their dad that they wanted to be a smith and a miner. Burian became furious and eventually threw them out of the house.

    Kyle and Nile went their separate ways, Kyle found a place near Britain and smithed there, He changed his name to Kyle Smith. Nile, on the other hand, went to Minoc and mined the mountains there. He too changed his name. He became known as NE Miner (Nile Eli Miner)

    They both found wives, had children, and died. Kyle’s family was very successful, and became a very well known smith. however, Nile’s family did not fare as well. His family struggled to survive on their income. Eventually Nile died to a plague. He died a poor, poor man.

    but 8 generations later…….

    We’ve heard of NE Miner, TK Miner, LD Miner, OR Miner, RE Miner, FS Miner, and FA Miner, but they all died poor, and starving. To be poor was hard on all of them, but one lives … and live as wealthy as the next one. His name is DA Miner, Darius Aldbert Miner.

    He was born during a trip to Nugel’m. It was a stormy day there. FA Miner and his wife, Rebecca, were stranded there for nearly two weeks. DA was born in the inn(which was provided to the passengers of all boats)

    He lived in the streets of Minoc. He was very intelligent for an eight year old, but had no idea what a smith was. Only when he ran from his house to explore was life was like outside the town he passed the forgery. Something stopped him in front of the forgery, his feet wouldn’t move. He turned his head to the building. Somehow going towards the building’s door was the only direction he could walk. He walked to the door and put his hand on the handle. He pulled. He walked inside and more smoke had entered his lungs than ever before. He coughed and choked for a few seconds. His eyes were blurry from the smoke. He saw a man at the small forge and anvil near the wall. He was hitting something with a hammer. DA stood up and walked towards the forge and anvil. There, he saw, a katana of exceptional quality. A name was indented into the blade ‘Julius Smith’ it read.

    “E-excuse me sir.” DA said, nearly stumbling.

    The smith wiped the sweat off his head and turned his head to DA. His long blond hair waved as he turned his head. He had an expression on his face, one of anger.

    DA took a step back when he saw the man’s face. He looked at his shirtless torso and saw more muscles than he’d ever seen. The man seemed Superhumanly strong. “Er- uh- sir? A-are you really J-J-Julius S-Smith t-the personal s-smith of our L-Lord, B-British?” He said, stuttering.
    The man’s face glared at DA. “Are you FA’s kid?” He said.
    “W-why y-yes I-I-I am sir.” DA returned.

    The man’s glare stood for a moment. Then it changed completely. He had a big smile on his face. “Good ta see ya boy! Last time I saw you, you were this high,” He held his hand about a foot off the ground. “Say. Bet ya didn’t’ know who yer Godfather is, do ya?”

    “U-uh n-no sir” DA replied, still a bit scared
    “Why, me of course! Me and yer pa’ go back lots’ we do. We s’pect that we’re related n’ all, but t’ere’s nay way ta tell if we are. Ya know? Ever heard of Nile an Kyle?” he said with a big voice.
    “Uh n-n-o sir. W-who are N-nile and Kyle, sir?” DA stuttered

    “Blimey! Yer pa’s ne’er told ya ‘bout Nile an’ Kyle? Why tey were great I tell yah! Though ol’ Nile didn’t get ‘nuff attention” Julius went on and on, telling DA about their families.

    About 5 years later, when DA was 13, DA took apprenticeship under Julius. FA was outraged and told Julius, he boyhood best friend, to never come near his son again.

    DA took to mining, but hated it very much. Maybe it was the boredom of it all, maybe it was the anger that he had for his father.

    DA, however, did not exactly comply with his father’s orders. Three days a week he snuck out of his house, and met up with Julius. Julius taught DA as much as possible in two hours, of course he not only taught DA about smithing, but tinkering as well, and he often told DA about their family.

    This did not last even a year, however. DA was caught at the Forgery by his father, who had longed suspected DA of sneaking out of the house, and confronted Julius. FA and DA moved to Britain, and mined there, Confined.

    DA thought that he’d never see Julius again, but no more than a week later he overheard a man at the bank. He was instructing someone to the public moongate. He told the other man about the phases of the moon, which was very hard to understand, but DA eventually got the hang of it.

    DA figured out the possible times that he’d have to go through the moongate to reach Minoc. So, on a small piece of parchment, he wrote down all the possible times he’d be able to make it to Minoc and back. This didn’t fare well. He couldn’t make a single trip there at an available time. He saw something on his diagram, he noticed that, if he was lucky enough, he’d be able to jump to other cities and make it to Minoc without waiting too long, as well as coming back.

    He made it to Minoc and snuck in the Forgery. He saw Julius at the forge, but he wasn’t smithing, or smelting. He was in a chair, glaring at the forge. DA crept up close behind him. He heard Julius crying.

    Julius said to himself, “Man, if I’hd only list’nd ta FA, t’en DA wouldn’t a be in trouble. Oh what’v I dun?
    DA spoke out loud ‘Hey Julius, I’m okay. Don’t punch yourself for something that was my fault.
    Julius turned around quickly, thinking that he had heard a ghost, “Wha? DA? What’r ye doin ‘ere? .. ow’d ya get ‘ere? .. Yer pa’s gona be mad!”
    “heh heh, hope so.” DA said, smiling at Julius.
    “…. Well lhe’s get ta work now, Ya hear?” Julius said smiling back.

    And that’s the beginning of DA’s life. since that time he’s found his beloved horse Renim, made many friends, and is still single .. AHEM, IS STILL SINGLE!

    And that concludes this chapter of DA miner’s life. Thank you for reading.

    Fare Thee Well And May The Forge Be With You.

    (well I was gona make it funnier, but I couldn't. Most names in this story are false .. in fact it's all false. The only names that are true are Lord British, DA, and Lord Thor (May the forge be with him, wherever he may be)

    <font color=red>Please visit my idea and cast ye vote. </font color=red>
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    Succabus Guest

    My main -- Evallon, born the second day when UO came online.

    -- female, gm mage. lived for 2 years, till GM tell me she's too bugged and they can't fix her no more. so she died.

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    This is the history of my character, Jaeger. A 5xGM warrior on Lake Superior and Elite Commander of the Warriors of Rejuvenation:

    Born to a respectable working family living in the forest to the north-west of the city of Britain, Einhander Jaeger was raised to be a lumberjack, the trade of his father. Returning home from a hard days labour, Jaeger's father entered the small wooden cabin that served as the family home to find it ransacked and inhabited by murderous outlaws. His wife lay in a pool of blood with his only son draped over the body of his dead mother. Overcome with grief and anger, he attacked the murderers who quickly turned their blades on him and subsequently killed the man. A guard patrol happened by the forest days later and came across what was left of the small cabin. Upon entering, they found not only the defiled corpse of Jaeger's mother and his dead father, but the boy himself, huddled in a corner of the charred and blackened house. After the young Jaeger was taken to Britain and nursed back to health, he became a student of the ways martial and soon became a capable apprentice swordsman. Not content with the confines of city life, he left Britain with a burning hatred for all things evil and unjust and set to the open road.
    While exploring the far flung dungeon of Shame, he was injured severely and lay wounded and dying within the cold, damp cave. Unable to defend himself, the beasts that inhabited the forsaken place were soon called by thr promise of an easy meal and as the monstrous giant scorpion raised its pincers to slay the young warrior, its head was suddenly shattered and Jaeger found himself being lifted onto an armoured horse.
    The warrior that saved his life that day was the master of a guild dedicated to halting the evil that spread throughout this once beautiful land. Swearing allegiance to the small group named the Warriors of Rejuvenation, Jaeger soon became a powerful and experienced warrior and high ranking member of the guild.
    To this day, Jaeger fights on with his battle brothers, determined to destroy the growing shadow that is ever darkening the realm of Brittania.

    "The end always justifies the means"
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