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HoC Meeting Oct. 8th 2010

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Paschal, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Paschal

    Paschal Guest

    Hall of Commons Report
    October 08, 2010
    HoC Building, Britain


    Events For The Month

    Underway, Judging will be Oct. 31st - Falloween Home Deco Contest
    Decorate your home in Fall or Halloween theme, Judges will choose the best design in three catagories:
    *Best Fall Season Home Deco Design- Recognition Award of 2 Mil
    *Best Halloween Home Deco Design- Recognition Award of 2 Mil
    *Most Outstanding Fall-oween Home- Grand Prize Winner 3 Mil
    Donations provided by K^T Guild Home : The Knights of the Ancient Truth - Sonoma - Ultima Online - Guild Launch Guild Hosting
    All Judging will be covered on WRRadio and Video provided by UOForums

    Fri., Oct. 22, 2010 @ 7pm PT, Meet At Luna Bank Stable Area - Graveyard Diggers Unite
    Come take a tour of Sonoma's graveyards and other places to DIE for!!

    Sat., Oct. 23rd, 2010, Make a Monster and Costume Design Contest
    More information will be given shortly!

    Announcements from EM Sangria

    EM Sangria requests Sonoma's attention on Oct. 28th and 30th to discuss October Madness. More details will be given shortly.

    Player Announcements

    Sirus K^T, The Knights of the Ancient Truth are currently building an Auction house that should be completed with-in the month, they plan on holding auctions every other week.