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Holiday Trading, I seek Sonoma. 24 on most shards

Discussion in 'UO Holiday Trading' started by Lord Drakelord, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. Again its is that time of year that we put out the Christmas cheer and seek companions across the shards to trade our goodies.

    I have access to 18-24 charactors on ever shard, a few of these shards will have 30.
    ICQ is on the trader list and in my profile, I hope to see my fellow Stratics members soon in game as we trade our holiday gifts!!!!!!

    BTW any hints what we getting this year yet??

    Found this over at uo.com

    If you have PM/ICQ me already then I will put you down for a trade to confirm when the pub goes live, below is those that have ask me to hold for them.

    Holding in reserve for :

    Legends 19 gandolfofaol
    * rest BardMal
    Lake Superior 24 kristypl
    Chessy 30 Demon Slayer
    Napa 6 Deb
    Pac 12 TorAnn
    Formosa 24 Alice

    I still have several on all Asia shards except Formosa and Yamato. I still have a few on LS, and 18-24 on GL, and 18-24 on Origin and 24 on Baja.
  2. Will hold 19 down for you on Legends
  3. kristypl

    kristypl Guest

    Ive been trying to contact you by icq, its not working. I can hold 24 on sonoma for you if you ahve 24 on Lake superior.

  4. ok got you down
  5. If you have not heard you can see the gifts in the over seas shards. Currently we can get a Pot of eggnog, a ice patch, snow piles, and Garland, there is also a deed to a tree. When we trade I will ask for the following;

    I will be taking all Icy unless I ask other wise.
  6. Nice Trading TorAnn!
  7. Kailee

    Kailee Guest

    i have 6 on sonoma need gl 455390034
  8. Nice trading gandolfofaol
  9. Thank you Ms. Kailee for a awesome trade!
  10. Carpo Tunel on Eurpoa good trade [8 for 8]
  11. Maris

    Maris Guest

    Also looking for Pacific, I have Sonoma for you.
  12. Great Trading with you!
  13. And with you as well!
  14. going to close the forum down and move boxes icq me if you wish to work out a swap
  15. If you have 6 left on Pac I'd be interested.
  16. Alice 24 for 24 on Formosa! Great Trade and THANK YOU!
  17. got 12 icq me when you can and we work out the details for our 6 for 6 swap
  18. TopPlotter of Europa, awesome 12 for 12 swapping with you
  19. ALt- Aalia nice swap 20 for 20 and thanks :)
  20. Kristy nice swap 24 for 24 :) thank you
  21. Malimus

    Malimus Guest

    Hello. Im seeking gifts on Pacific. I have 12 on almost all shards.
  22. By my count I still have 6 on PAC, but I am taking a day off from all trading, icq has been off all day and I am just missing around in game, did the slime quest, posted a few comments about the academic books and how unfair I believe it is to make such an item a artifact 8 and in a Bedlam dungeon. They should have used the Doom books for it. Making it so all four Doom Books were require would have been far better then making the academic books.
  23. a212silver

    a212silver Guest

    I still have 7 on Sonoma looking for 7 on Atlantic. Pls pm me or ICQ#219424865 thanks!

  24. 7 for 7 swap, and thanks!
  25. Thank Demon Slayer! great trade with you!!!
  26. 7 for 7 swap with Teeshy on Oceania, thank you!
  27. Teeshy

    Teeshy Guest

    Thanks for the great trades! =)
  28. 18 for 18 swap with Uiui on Yamato, thank you!
  29. uiui

    uiui Guest

    Thank you for great trade Lord:)
  30. Pacific 6 for 6 swap with PuinSai, all gone there folks!
  31. Darkwolf 7 for 7 swap on Catskills that leave 23 for that one person that PM so I will hold those for that person when they get on line, thanks again DW for the box.
  32. DarkWolf

    DarkWolf Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Thank you Darklord. I'm glad that I was able to return the favor! :D
  33. Deb thank you for a great 6 for 6 swap on Napa Valley, Happy Holidays!
  34. Thanks for the trade on Lake Austin Sir Butch! another thank you to Siege player for a great trade, forgot your name
  35. Siabra

    Siabra Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 26, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Just a quick note to let everyone know about my wonderful trading experience with Drakelord - we just completed 24 trades & I was lucky enough to get a round icy patch AND a neon box!! talk about a nice UO Christmas present !!!!!
    :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

    Graine on Catskills
  36. Your welcome

    I still have some left on some American shards,

    Baja has 30 still
    Napa still has some
    couple left on LS
    Origin still has all of its tickets as no one traded

    All the Asia shards are still a go except Formosa, so if you can trade with me on Sonoma just yell, PM, icq me etc..
  37. Peacecraft of Baja thank you for a great 6 for 6 swap
  38. Morning all, Merry Christmas Eve!
  39. Oceania is gone, thanks for a great trade birdinforest. ;) I was glad to see you get two rounds icy and a neat box
  40. birdinforest

    birdinforest Guest

    You bring good luck to people.
    That is perfect trading experience.
  41. great 18 for 18 swap on Napa with Reba.
  42. Legends is gone thank you Mal