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Holy Sampire assassin hodgepodge? [pvp/pvm]

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Barl DeAbreago, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Ok..Initial template:

    weapon 120
    tactics 90
    Necro 100
    ss 120
    Bush 120
    chiv 70
    ninja 100

    Now..My reasons:

    1) The character I am considering doing this to is a roleplay character. He's always been a necro dexxer, and hes always been geared towards rp pvp...but more and more, I've wanted to give the sampire thing a try. It is also worth mentioning that poison is big in his family so is sort of a required part of the template (though i've subbed in ninjitsu instead under the ideal that he could 'throw poisoned daggers' instead of 'stabbing things with poisoned daggers.'

    That covers motivation, so as I try to wrack my mind over how I can make this rp character work in the sampire fashion while still remaining true to his RP and rp pvp capable...I came to these conclusions...

    [For PVM]

    I still have most of what is required. Vamp form/ML weap/bushido/chiv/good damage: The biggest difference here as far as I can tell would be the lack of parry. I imagine that yes not having evade would hurt alot, but in place of parry I do have ninja..which affords me mirror images. Yeah it would be kind of a pain in the ass but I know I've spammed mirror images against monsters before and it keeps me from having to heal all that much if I'm leaching life at the same time anyways. Though I'm unsure how well this would work against higher end bosses? Maybe spamming mirror that often wastes too much mana and time?

    [For PVP]

    This is where the random collection of skills has its pros and cons.

    Biggest con I can see off the bat is mana and defensive ability. I still have the ability to mirror/animal form if I get dismounted..and I've still got pots/confidence and kind of/sort of chiv for healing. Can still load up on DCI.

    In terms of offense I think it sort of depends on the approach I take. With wraith form I could still wither chokes because I have the ss for it. In duels I could also use wraith.

    On the field there is the possibility of good damage with the conc/corpse combination and things like LS and possibly Nerve strike. Not to mention that I'd still have the DP stars which..if nothing else..might marginally disrupt healing if someone is trying to run from me.

    So ..you have my reasons, what are your thoughts?

    Granted, the best idea might be to just not try and pvp and pvm on the same character, but it was fun to try and figure out anyways.
  2. NBG

    NBG Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    May 15, 2008
    Likes Received:
    When you parry no mana is used but when you divert to mirror image you need to use mana to bring up another image. You can still parry when you get mana drained/vamped but you can not cast mirror image when that happens.

    Does casting mirror image stop your swing? If it does, it will stop you from leeching......
  3. Maximilliean

    Maximilliean Guest

    Unless it has been changed due to a patch I am unaware of.

    Ninjitsu abilites can be used while fighting without interrupting your swings

    Animal forms are subject to the same timer restrictions as riding a mount. (Delay to use animal form after you use a dismount attack or after you have been dismounted etc)

    I had a template similar to this for RP PvP, I didn't have the 120s and I had poisoning instead of chivalry. The highest creature I fought with him solo were Titans, Ogre Lords and Artic Ogre Lords with a simple tactic. I tried to keep two mirrors out and since I had poisoning I used Parasitic poison on my blade to get life back from that as well as leeching with my Soul Seeker. I did love hitting people with infect/bleed/strangle then just watching them die cursing me the whole time. I say give it a try, if you don't like it you can always rework the template.