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Honordayz Festival and Celebration! [Catskills, Come Join Us!]

Discussion in 'UHall' started by katherinepgoh, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]
    Opening Ceremonies - Sunday October 11th at 7 pm Olympus Castle (80o 51'S, 35o 51'E)
    Help us kick off Honordayz and start on our thirteenth year.

    Archery Tournament - Monday October 12th 7 pm Trinsic Barracks (94o 28'S, 44o 0'E)
    Prove your skill with a bow by participating in our archery tournament.
    Participants can join in anytime before the first round is finished. There will be
    four rounds with different point totals you must beat to advance to the next round.
    We ask all participants to not wear any armor or jewelry for this competition...
    please wear clothes.

    Temple of Virtues Dedication- Tuesday October 13th 9 pm (69o 26'S, 32o 24'E)
    Join us for the dedication of our brand new Temple of Virtues.

    Healer's Challenge - Wednesday October 14th 8 pm Infirmary (72o 20'S, 34o 10'E)
    Come try your hand at being a healer! Our healer's challenge will be a taxing
    test of your ability to properly treat various injuries. Participants have to sign up before the event, and spectators can watch all participants; Participants are only able to start one at a time. Upon starting your turn, you are given a patient, whose condition and wounds are described to you. You have only the equipment/items given to you to help heal the patient, as their condition
    steadily gets worse. Your goal is to say what actions you will take to keep the
    patient alive. Our Expert Healer(s) will let you know how the patients react to
    each of your actions, and if you manage to keep your patient alive until they are
    stabilized, you will advance to the next round. There will be three rounds, and
    if there is not a clear winner by then, a sudden death round will occur.

    Casino Night - Thursday October 15th 8 pm Galehaven (82o 51'S, 35o 51'E)
    A night of gambling and fun.

    Humility Hunt - Friday October 16th at 7 pm Barracks (78o 18'S, 34o 10'E)Take a new look at an old dungeon the PGoH way. We'll start at the entrance
    to a dungeon with nothing but npc bought weapons and some clothes and work
    our way through while looting our gear from what we kill. Mages will be limited
    to only using spells at fourth circle or below, and tamers will need to tame what
    they can while we go.

    Jousting Tournament - Saturday October 17th 9 pm Jousting Arena (82o 15'S, 34o 48'E)
    What's not to love about two people charging each other with pointy sticks?
    Participants will have to be warred to PGoH or join our jousting stone for the night. Non runic crafted armor with no gloves should be worn with no jewelry. Luna lances will be provided so anybody with a weapon skill other than archery will be able to compete. No spells or special moves other than the dismount from the lance may be used.

    Trades Baazar - Sunday October 18th 7 pm Trinsic Market (110o 12'S, 49o 25'E)
    Come buy, sell, or just hang out with us and enjoy the night.

    Mining Event - Monday October 19th 9 pm Market (82o 15'S, 34o 48'E)
    We provide the tools, you keep the ore. We'll be hitting a few spots with gargoyle pickaxes to see how many ingots we can gather.

    Community Nets - Tuesday October 20th at 8 pm Olympus Castle (80o 51'S, 35o 51'E)
    Show the serpents and other assorted water creatures who's boss. We'll toss a bunch of nets and have a good time.

    Egg Hunt and Feast - Wednesday October 21st 8 pm Galehaven (82o 51'S, 35o 51'E)
    We'll be heading to the fields to hunt for eggs and then returning to Galehaven for a feast.

    Zoo Collection - Thursday October 22nd at 8 pm Olympus Castle (80o 51'S, 35o 51'E)
    We'll have a list of animals that will need to be donated to the Moonglow zoo.
    First person to finish the list wins.

    Treasure Hunt - Friday October 23rd at 9 pm Vault (62o 3'S, 33o 40'E)
    Our resident treasure hunter will be leading the way to several level six treasure
    maps. Each person that joins us will get a map and receive all of the items in the chest.

    Bards Night Championship - Saturday October 24th 9 pm Galehaven (82o 51'S, 35o 51'E)
    All the winners from our various travelling bard's nights will be facing off in the
    championship. The topic will be Honor. Stories will be limited to ten minutes.

    Closing Ceremonies - Sunday October 25th at 7 pm Temple of Gods (62o 3'S, 33o 40'E)

    Olympus is located just to the north of Trinsic [Trammel]. We hope to see everyone there and having a good time in the next two weeks. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments/concerns about these events.
  2. Begins Tonight!
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    Sep 22, 2008
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    Bring your friends!

    Cute girls drink free! Ugly ones pay double.

    Sorry Kat had to say something silly.