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House Menu List For All Locked Down & Secured Items

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Mr Artifact, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. Mr Artifact

    Mr Artifact Guest

    I was thinking of something and i thought of a cool idea at least i think so. what if theres an option on the house sign that allows the owner and perhaps the co-owners or friends if the owner allows it to see a list maybe even also have an optional view of every single item locked down and secured in our house maybe even our banks too when we go to our bank for every character on that account. [/list] Hopefully it can have a search option too so we know if we have that item in our house or our bank already or not. i don't know about you but as for me i am a rare collector and i have alot of rare items and once in a blue moon i see an item on a vendor and i buy it forgetting i already have that item that might sound dumb but if you seen every single item i have i think you would understand why. [/list] With this option we could quickly recall to our house and maybe bank and use the search menu and see if we have this item already or not. if we forget the name of the item or how to exactly spell it like for example if we know it starts with a P we can search for all items in our house or banks starting with a P and if we know it starts with GL we can search for all items in our house or our bank starting with GL or what ever and possibly avoid buying something we already have if it shows up in our house or bank search menu list. this could save us alot of money and regret. [/list] Another good use of this search option would be we could see how many duplicates of an item we have so we can sell or give away or toss the extras or at least know how many of an item we already have. hopefully it can tell us what floor and container it is in too. maybe we can even grab and add items directly to and from the house sign instead of searching around for the container which has what we are looking for. this i believe would make things run more smoothly and make things easier for us all. [/list] Imported and modified from an old idea of mine on the Ideas Den.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest


    learn to organize better? Maybe even for so far as making a list(s) in MS Word? and printing it out? Or even a handy pen/pencil and notebook?

    I have a notebook at my desk for just this purpose. Espeically player vendors in out of the way places (not luna). I usually recheck vendor(s) every other month if I am not actively shopping them. note if them restocked, change out runes if they seem to be abandon. I also made lists for every bod in game, so I just look at the list to see if its worth saving, if not toss in on the ground for someone else who might want it.

    Yes, it takes time and effort, but once you get organized its just a matter of upkeep.
  3. wanting a bit much arn't we ?
    notepad works just fine. i have every item i have listed on a .txt document... and i can search it too.

    why should the game be dumbed down to lazyness ? ( there are easier games out there if UO is to challenging for you. )

    so you goofed and bought something you already had or didn't need ?
    marka rune to vendor go check n see if you have the item already... if not go buy it.
    honestly i would dare to say buying things we don't need or already have and forget about happens to everyone, some over complex search/list system is not going to help.