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house resizing?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Kensai Tsunami, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. uhm ...i have resisted the forums for yrs. been playin since dec of '98.
    but this can not be ignored and i have seen no one comment on it.
    if i missed it then forgive me folks.

    i have a house that is 17x18.
    it can be resized to 18x18 or larger.
    i have about 153 lockdowns available there.
    so if i resize the thing, if i understand this fof correctly, all my stuff will drop to the ground as if i demolished it?! where in the hell they think i am gonna stash all that stuff aye?
    up my ...???

    tell me this isnt so!
  2. Pax

    Pax Guest

    VERY good question! Usually the only reason to demolish a plot is because you've already placed another house and transfered all your stuff there... but with the resizing thing, you don't have that option.

    However, when you remodel your existing house, all the stuff in areas where new walls and other building structures are placed will go in your Moving Crate after you Commit. So, perhaps you could put everything in chests and place them somewhere you know you can locate when nothing is showing when you're in Customize mode, then place a wall directly over the location(s) of all the trunks and Commit. All your stuff *should* wind up in your Moving Crate then.

    *After* all your stuff has been transfered to a Moving Crate, then choose the Resize option. The worst that might happen is the contents of your moving Crate will be placed in a concentrated pile under where your house sign used to be.

    But this is just an educated guess, have no experience as to if it will work as I think.

    Honestly, I don't think the Devs thought the Resize thing out as far as they should have before implimenting it, now that you've brought the contents problem up. Perhaps you should go to Test Center and try a few things with a house there first.

    Be well - Pax
  3. Lady Michelle

    Lady Michelle Sprite Full SP
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend The DarkOutlaws, TDO

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Since you have a 17 by 18 you shouldnt waste the time resizing it to make it a 18 by 18 since you won't get more lockdowns out of it. With that said this is what you do if you only have one account.
    1. put what you can in every characters bank box.
    2. get blue beetles for your characters fill the beetles up get on them.
    3. put what you can in each characters packback.
    4. buy boats and put whats left over on them.
    If you have 2 accounts
    skip #4, and just move the stuff to your 2nd accounts house,and characters bank boxes.
    never fill up pack horses never know what might come along and kill them
  4. Ha! now theres a sharp idea ...customize THEN resize ... pffft! ready made slogan/mnemonic!
    The "drops to ground like demolish" ... :cool: even I had a lolwhuat???

    I think, > this < , we can get changed ... I'll watch from the sidelines ... need to recruit some housing/deco Guru's

    shoot ... I will set a Minimum requirement though ...:
    AT Least, "a resizing container" ... leaves nothing "hanging around" or undeeded or ...

    Guru's ??
  5. Pax

    Pax Guest

    "a resizing container"! Great idea! And make it a special container that will not decay for a week if left on the ground, can either be moved out of the way, in case it was blocking placement or, better yet, will not block placement and will automatically become the new regular Moving Crate when the new plot is placed, no matter if it originally wound up inside or outside the new plot's footprint.

    Oh, and while the Resizing Container's on the ground, it can only be opened by a player from the account that owned the house. That way no invaluable stuff will be laying there for anyone to go through and take if the owner isn't fast enough to place and get all the stuff onto the new plot before the vultures descend. :lol:

    Be well - Pax
  6. mmm ... just saying ....no on "the week" ... resizing time only ...and unless I'm missing some other "fine point" ... the "dropped area" is already set to just the account that dropped (for replacement) ...can't get something down, in the alloted time and move the resize crate within ... and either unpack or lock/secure it as a "conversion container' deco pending ...

    now ... if I misread ...and just the container ON the resized/replaced plot is what you meant ...
    {wink} yeah ...hold/allow them a week ... but ...then what ? ? forever hidden container? stuffs fall off the plot? ...

    Play on!
  7. Pax

    Pax Guest

    No. The right to place a new plot is set to just the account resizing the house, but the items that drop are free for anyone to pick up. NOT GOOD! The Resizing message screen was pasted into a post in this thread (thanks to DevilsOwn):


    and it states very plainly that anything that drops is at risk to be taken by others. I think that's unacceptible, and will result in not many people choosing to resize their houses, even if their house is in a more remote area.

    As far as stuff in a normal Packing Crate, at the present time we can let it stay there forever, so why limit that with the Resizing Crate? As long as it's incorporated into the newly placed plot and taking up storage slots just like a normal Packing Crate (because it's become the normal house Packing Crate after placement of the new plot), what difference would it make?

    Now, if placing the new-sized plot works like placing a plot over an IDoC's contents when the IDoC collapses, then all the contents will be thrown under the house sign... but they'll still be there free for anyone to pick up until the owner can get it all up onto the new plot. I find that *highly* unacceptible!

    There should definitely be some sort of Resizing Crate that's accessible by only the owner of the house being resized. I said one week because that's how long you have to move the contents from your old house to your new house before your old plot goes *poof*... well, maybe it's just 5 days, can't remember, but it's definitely longer than an hour.

    A Resizing Crate that immediately becomes the house's normal Packing Crate when the new plot is placed would be perfect. Otherwise, the crate should at least be secured and moveable only by its owner so its contents would be safe until the owner could get it all up onto the new plot.

    Be well - Pax
  8. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Here's a workable option, for the majority of us. It won't work for the overly paranoid and those that play SP with only one account (is there such a thing?), though.

    Step 0: If you have two or more accounts, and have more than one home on the shard, move everything over to the other house(s) that you can.

    Step 1. If no additional houses available, find someone in the game you can trust. Ideally, this will be a family member, but can be a friend, guildmate, etc. Their home (or your own other homes if you fit into the Step 0 category) will be your safehouse.

    Step 2 - Consolidation:
    2.a.: Convert all your items that can be put into commodity deeds into the smallest number of possible deeds. remove these items from your bankboxes, and carry them on your characters (As these are now your lightest possessions, instead of your heaviest)
    2.b.: Take all your characters (including those on other accounts), and load up all their bank boxes with as much as you can, starting with your heaviest items (after converting the deedables to deeds and gold to the largest checks possible). Be sure to leave enough room in the character's bank that will be demolishing the house for the resize, plus enough gold in check form that (With the returned gold from the old house) will allow you to build the resize. If you have more than one account, and don't have all character slots filled on all accounts for the shard, now would be the time to create even temporary characters, to use their bank & pack space. This should take care of anywhere from 50-100 items per account, more if you bought the extra space.
    2.c.: count the remaining items. If you have about 200 items or less, per character (including those on other accounts on the same shard), go to 2.d.; if more than 200 per character, go to 2.e. At the completion of 2.d. or 2.e., if you STILL have items left over, you'll have to find someone who will loan you more secures at other locations - but that is very unlikely to occur, unless you got a LOT of heavy, unstackable, undeedable, stuff, or are attempting to move a lot of stuff from vendors (in which case you'd be better off getting rental vendors somewhere, and moving the stuff there while you move, instead of packing the vendor items - even if unpriced BODs in books).
    2.d. (for the reasonable item numbers): make sure every character has a giant beetle; load each beetle, heaviest items first, mount the beetle, then load your characters. If you run into weight issues still, buy pack horses for step 3. Go to step 3.
    2.e. buy however many pack horses you need to hold the items, with your characters. Loaded pack animals won't auto-log.

    Step 3. This is where having a trustworthy friend (or another house, even if with 0 lockdowns) comes into play. Take any pack animals (other than beetles being ridden) to this safe location. Park them, and log out there. If you really trust people there, you might friend them to the animals to keep the animals happy while you're busy with the house.

    Step 4: Take the character with the leftover bank space and gold, and resize the house. Quickly build the basic structure of the new home.

    Step 5. Return all the pack horses to the new home, and place the items in secures that will be in areas unaffected by further customization. Since your home is now resized, placed and partially built, the most that will probably happen is that if you make a change the game doesn't like, the items will go to the moving crate.

    Step 6. Finish the house construction/deco of the sign-driven type, then unload all the characters and any beetles they are on, into secures. Do the same for the stuff stuck into their banks for the move. Be sure to label the chests and bags as to their contents, as to re-deco your house as quickly as possible, and get your secures of valuables where you want them. What's left over, do whatever you wish (donate, trash, stick on vendors, etc.)