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Housing and goldsink

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Flinx, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. Flinx

    Flinx Guest

    In the early days every one could place as many houses as gold and spots were available. Later spost became so rare, that the one house one account rule was introduced. Sadly the subscriber base vanished and today there are a lot of spots open again.

    EA earns a good amount of $$ from the additional accounts some players are holding just for additional houses. And this for sure will be the factor why my idea probably never get real.

    But nevertheless i´d like to post it ;-)

    So: Everything for the first house/account should be as it is now. But it should be possible to rent additional houses. For the second house on an account, on another shard than the first one, there should be a monthly (RL) rent of about the goldcost for the spot. Thats not so much, no one could afford the second one, but it would drain constantly gold out of the economy. Imbuing, and the hereby needed gold for gems, made his part, but there is to much gold out there any more.

    The real goldsink would be the third, fourth, ... houses. As the rent will raise by factor two for any additional house. So the third on will cost double building cost, the fourth fourfold, and the fifth eightfold and so on. The cost raises fast to insane amounts. And for sure there will be some players who are willing to pay theses insane amounts of gold. And thats for good. Gold will be drained!

    The second (third, ...) houses on the same shard would be additional double (fourthfold, ...) cost to the normaly raised costs as described above. More than one house/shard will be pure luxury. And if anyone like to have more, he should pay accordingly.

    For good:

    - players with not so much RL money to easy pay for additional accounts can play on more than one shard with a house.
    - gold will be drained out of the conomy
    - You can once more build small houses for RP reasons. And not always have to think of storage for all the other chars beside the RP ones.

    For bad:

    - EA earns less $$
    - the "rich" players get more. (As always, but this time ingame cash is above RL cash - even if a bit...)

    Your ideas and opinions are welcome!
  2. OxAO

    OxAO Guest

    Just like to point out an obvous:

    Two reasons people have more then one account:
    1. More charcters
    2. extra house means more room to store stuff.

    in other words if people could add houses to existing accounts some would drop their additional accounts.

    Bottom line:
    - EA earns a lot less $$
    housing prices goes up for newbs.
  3. RaDian FlGith

    RaDian FlGith Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 19, 2002
    Likes Received:
    A few thoughts...

    First, as a gold sink, this is a bad idea. The economy, while not completely in shambles, has a huge disparity in it. For those who have the gold to spend on it, you'd have to set the sink very high in order for it to matter; this would make it unattainable for those who don't have that money. If it's low enough that everyone could afford it, it's not really a gold sink but a "maintenance cost." Maintenance costs are a bad thing because then people tend to lose out if they go on vacation, have to do something other than play, et cetera -- the monthly game fee should always be enough.

    As for housing on other shards, that leaves out players who have no interest in other shards. There really should not be a system in place specifically just for those who play multiple shards.

    Finally, there was, of course, an interim stage between "Place as many houses as you feel like," and "One house per account." This stage was "One house per character."

    Now by no means do I think we need to return to one house per character, but as an alternative, I propose the following:

    1) Each account may own 2 houses.
    2) These houses are known as "Primary" and "Secondary" houses.
    3) A primary house is placed with a Primary Housing Tool.
    4) A secondary house is placed with a Secondary Housing Tool.
    5) Primary housing tools works just as our current Housing Tool.
    6) Secondary housing tools offer only plot sizes less than 10x10 (custom or classic).
    7) Primary and secondary housing do not have to share shards.
    8) Placement of a new Primary house sets other Primary houses to decay.
    9) Placement of a new Secondary house sets other Secondary houses to decay.
    10) Grandfathered houses remain unchanged, but if you place either a Primary or Secondary house, you must then set one of your other houses as Primary or Secondary (as apppropriate) and all other houses begin to decay.

    - Would allow same-shard players to have more than one house, but limits size on second.
    - Would allow multi-shard players to have homes on two shards.
    - Would encourage placement of smaller-sized houses, filling in some of the small, open spaces.

    - Decreases total amount of available housing per player per shard.
    - Open spots for larger houses could be blocked by smaller houses.

    Given the amount of available space for housing as it is, allowing everyone to have another up to 10x10 would not significantly impact available housing space. Additionally, it would certainly allow more housing placement.

    For me personally, the big plus of this is, as a roleplayer, I'd love to have a couple of smaller plots I could place that would work as guard towers or other community enhancing buildings that right now I would never place simply because I wouldn't give up the space and storage of a larger building.

    For others, you could now place a storage shed next to your main property, perhaps a mining shack near mountains, or a farming shack near Yew.
  4. Beer_Cayse

    Beer_Cayse Guest

    Actually not too bad, however I'd suggest 13x13 as the secondary limit, allowing for the tile spacing around the foundation and to open the classic choices just a bit more.

    I do like this one over the original offering. Sorry, Flinx!

    Then again, one could use a "bank" of 1024 tiles.
    - Each house placement subtracts "x" amount of tiles from that bank.
    - This bank is sufficient to allow 1 castle - but that would be the ONLY house!!
    - It allows up to 3 18x18 and a 7x7 on the same account.
    - Restriction: no more than 2 houses may be on the same shard.
    - No change to the housing tool - use it all you want.
  5. Too complicated.
    The disparity of gold is not as bad as people think.

    Yeah the 10 billion guy and newbie is a huge disparity.

    However, countless times I have taken a new player and made millions in a month.

    My point the disparty is there for the extreme example. A new player can get millions in a month. Sell your gifts. Collect resources in the abyss. Participate in EM events. Fight big monsters and sell rewards.

    Let us add basements to our houses.

    1st level 5 million
    2 level 10 million
    3 rd level 25 million.
    4 th level 250 million and access to a new dungeon

    Once you pay for it, it is attached to your account. You can take them with you.

    Something novel. And yeah you cant have one if you dont pay 250 million but you can public your house and anyone cant enter.

    Oh the fee to go in the dungeon 100k.

    Gold sinks abound.
  6. pgcd

    pgcd Guest

    The only goldsink that works is the one that does not make you farm gold - I'm sure it's easy to see why.
    That's the reason I still think my "have Cilitha the Bowcrafter sell wood" goldsink would work =)
  7. Black Majick

    Black Majick Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 14, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Thats the only reason I have two accounts. I cannot put all chars I use on one account. Beleive it or not I actually use all of chars atleast once a week.

    Account 1
    Red Evasion Dexer
    Red Necro Mage
    Blue Necro Mage
    Blue Scribe Mage
    Blue Nox Ninja Dexer

    Account 2
    Stealth Archer
    Vamp Form Archer
    Tamer Mage
    Blue Evasion Dexer

    Once account 2 gets SA I will have gargoyle imbuer. Tonight I am starting a resource collector on account 2. All chars have purpose and I use them...strangly enough...

    As far as a second house goes. Stop being a pack rat. I can fit everything I need to play the game in one max storage custom. Why do you need multiple houses?