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Housing Help

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by sevan, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. sevan

    sevan Guest

    I am trying to start playing again and have a housing dilemma I need some advice on. As a few of you may recall, I am (still) the owner of the Magistrate's office on Magincia (beach). I have retained ownership of the property since pre- Magincia destruction days. The large house between mine and the mayor (not sure if he still "active" or not) on the other end of the beach fell many moons ago. I wanted to see if I can resize the house to make it larger but I have been hesitant to try as the beach houses (on all shards as far as I know) on Magincia became "improperly placed" at the start of the Magincia Invasion arc when Draconi & dev crew made everything destructable and removable (rubble).

    So my dillemma is that I am out of room in my house and have longed for a larger house for some time. Should I try to resize the existing house? Should I continue to hold out hope that it will become useful/visited when and if the Magincia rebuild event FINALLY happens (years following its destruction). The house has almost 50K visits and is in a rare location. Or should I just say screw it and give in to the strong temptation to roam the lands of Lake Superior shard looking for a new/larger housing spot? Which brings to me to the final part... I heard that now most of the shards save for a few (*cough* Atlantic * cough) are not as populated as they used to be. If that is true now also on LS is it possible now to place a keep or castle? I cannot afford to buy one in this inflated economy and I thus far since my return to actively playing have found hundreds of large house which look empty/not used for some time but yet they still stand.

    So in summary - if you were in my virtual shoes- would you stay the course and hold on to a (small) piece of history with future use/value (if nothing else form an RP prospective) or pack up the moving crate & packies for one final move to a larger plot in a distant land?

    Thanks for your feedback. Hope to see you all on LS again soon.

  2. Fraggles

    Fraggles Guest

    if i where you i would contact a Gm and ask about the placement of your home on Magincia, it is a home of history and would hate to see you loose it. As far as placing a keep or castle your only hope there is if you happend to find one that was falling. there is alot of open space in tram and tons in malas and even some in Umbra to place a 18x18 home if you decide to give up on your beach home. Also if you are running out of room and have not upgraded to the High Seas, when you upgrade you get additional houseing storage in your home. good luck and i hope this helps