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Discussion in 'UHall' started by Rix/\, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Rix/\

    Rix/\ Guest

    So after another year break from UO I return yet again to my main house falling no big deal. So I go looking around Origin where I created several chars when it first opened up with the hopes of having a decent home in one of the prime areas for vendors. With the low population you would think it wouldn't be hard. As my search goes on I'm shock to see how many homes in prime spots across the shard are owned by players all of the same name. Not just one spot here or castle there I'm talking 5-6 castle/keeps all over diff areas prime vendor housing, like 5-6 empty plots in zentos. I was disgusted I transfered back to my home shard LS.

    I settled a nice 18x16 some where in malas nothing special I didn't expect to find much better on a more populated shard. Then today I find an idoc, right in a prime spot and there were some idoc campers but I was ready to take my chance. The house falls, I struggle for the tool and goto place and get the message " Housing is temp unavailable blah blah" was new to me I wasn't aware of this change but ok I wait and................wait....................3 hours later I notice the message was different like I was able to place but something was blocking then I try a smaller size just to get placement. Bam got a plot down much smaller then what was there. I was excited, then I'm looking at the plot thinking ya I can resize bigger no problem. I then goto resize and my client crashes I'm thinking just my luck I log back in and sure enuff the house was gone and I goto retry and it says I can't for 7 freaking days so I lose this awesome plot and I'm really upset with this game and I return to my home and now it's condenmd. And it seems now the whole plot is bugged like I have a plot there but it's in design limbo.
  2. Because,you're not allowed to have 2 homes on Uo.
    You were able to place cause it had been 7 days or older since you plotted your last home thus if you placed the new one[at the idoc] makes old one condemed.So when you crashed and tried to plot again since you still owned the last home..so if you logged in and demoed the old plot then log in for the new area you should have no issuses.As i said.. you can't own 2 homes.

  3. Rix/\

    Rix/\ Guest

    I know how many houses you can have but the issue was due to me crashing the game still acted as if there was a plot still there. Others tried to place after I had already qued for a GM. As I'm waiting for a response I'm toggling the placement tool and eventually was able to place but I placed a much smaller plot now so apparently the plot area was reset and another person in the crowd seen I was able to place another plot noticed there was enuff room for another small plot, so due to this client crash I screwed myself out of a nice 18x17 plot and had to settle for a 11x14 and to person who placed next to me wasn't looking to sell so I could upgrade the size. So being disappointed about wasting my day on this plot I took the first offer that came.

    Why my client crashes when doing things like opening a menu or recalling or goin thru a moogate I have no clue but the timing latly has been really poor. It doesn't happen everyday maybe once a week. But other then my client crashing the whole housing thing is rather discouraging on for a returning player or even a new player. I'm talking about the multiple homes owned by inactive accounts. I can deal with maybe 2-3 but they guy on Origin with like 20+ all in unique spots/castles/keeps and prime vendor areas is a joke.
  4. What you dont like our friend Tyrant ???? :)
  5. Wood Witch

    Wood Witch Guest

    I made a post recently on Origin forums asking about the Tyrant guy, rightly named...
    That kind of play is discouraging and why I think there should be a limit to how many accounts someone can own, of course there are so many loopholes in that..

    Anyway, I'm wondering, did you use the "i wish to resize my house" command after putting down the first small plot?

    Also I've noticed some housing troubles lately, I wonder whats going on?
  6. Rix/\

    Rix/\ Guest

    Yes, I placed a 14x15 at first trying to hurry up to claim the plot, no one was around atm. The house that fell been there for over 2 yrs I know of the size was 18x17 so I used the resize command and no sooner the menu come up client crashes.

    And yes I didn't want to point out any names but that is the one on Origin. Origin is a small populated shard but they have a great community and I think it would have a chance in growing larger if these plots were available to active players not brokers or inactive players.
  7. Sir Stain

    Sir Stain Guest

    Rix: I have been playing on origin for almost 3 years now. Came over from Great leakes! The thing about Origin is the number of players that have multi accts. Go to the banks at ANY TIME and you will see no more that ten chars at one time and that is being generous. I chose origin because of it low population since all my UO playmates quit the game when powerscroles came into effect and I knew I would probably be alone. Yes origin has a great cast of players. As in RL there are always a few undesirables. I just about never see a young player there and for that matter on other servers I visit as well. Please come to Origin. We need players!