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How about a UO Cook Book

Discussion in 'UO Botany and Nutrition' started by imported_Leaf, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Give a little "love" to all the Newbie Chefs. How about placing your recipes on how to make certain things and where to find the ingredients. Some things are simple but there are others like Green tea for example, that take a bit of figuring out. How about sharing your recipes and we can have a UO Cookbook [​IMG]
  2. Slowtree

    Slowtree Guest

    I am not willing to share my secrets just like that! *smirks artisticly*


    Laurence the chef
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think that would be a good idea. Maybe someone update the chef essay or cooking skill.

    I eventually took a mage and UO automap and marked runes everywhere. Yew Mills, Beekeeper in Vesper, the innkeeper that sells green tea. Also, I created a book of fields with wheat, veggies, and farmers cottages.

    My first kitchen had a library just like my rl kitchen does. Runebooks and guides to good vendors and locations both Fel and Tram.
  4. Sounds great Kariny! I'm on Seige so it takes forever to gain skill in the 90's. I'm just trying to figure out where the best places are to find ingredients and such. I'm new to cooking, but hope to be making some mean egg-bombs soon--hehe
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    For the longest time I had my scribe, mage, alchy, and chef on one char. It was fun to recall all over heck and gone.

    When I do go shopping I take a bonded blue bug. If you have 75 magery and go to into Wind you cannot summon with a pet ball and I don't think there is a stable. I still shop there often since it's pretty vacant.
  6. Good Eat's Britain ( 1o 4'N, 9o 29'E , Honey , Flour in sack and bowl form * Fresh ginger )

    Britain Farm House ( 23o 12'S, 4o 17'W , pumpkins peach milk pear apple eggs ginger also rancher's have pack horse/lamma's )

    Brit Wheat Field 1 & 2 ( 2o 2'N, 12o 56'W , two of the many wheat field's )

    use wheat to grind in a mill save gold on buying flour , all though time is money .

    Sake Saka Tavern ( 35o 31'N, 44o 22'W - Green Tea , bowls of peas for wasabi , corn for wooden bowls , grapes and banana's )

    Also marked the mill in yew and vesper beekeper all though not needed i had a few spots left in my book .
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Being new to cooking, green tea struck me as funny.
    Green Tea: requires, Green Tea. hm. =)

    I will share a perk of UOA with you all. Apparently, water tiles can be used from quite a distance. If you record a macro in UOA where you dbl click your water pitcher and then target a water tile which will yield water, you can replay the macro anywhere on that subserver and it will still yield water. In other words, if your house is nowhere near water, you can go to where there is water, record the macro, recall to your house, and carry on :O.
  8. The water thing is cool , not much a problem for me as i do have a water trough in my house . Still would like a one tile well or automatically refilling blessed water container . Green tea thing is typical of uo but reflects life so we like it .
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I would love to see not only a cook book of sorts but a donation location of sorts like the zoo but for gardeners.chefs and other crafters.

    and more recipies oh there is such a need for more and to actually have player made food be better and more useful then npc brought food.