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How can I enjoy this game again?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by imported_Splup, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Iv been playing this game for 8 years now, and when I think playing pre AoS I get sad. This is not a "bring back pre AoS" post so don't start flaming yet [​IMG] It's more about me then AoS.

    I started playing on Atlantic because my IRL friend played there. I live in Finland so Europa wouldv prolly been the right choice, but back then it was really about ms. My friend already had characters with high skills, but he did not tell how to powerplay/train chars, for which I appreciate him very much. He just gave my character a GM made studdet armor, and told me how to play this game. Then he showed me few cementries and such where I could battle monsters. It was very exciting to kill monsters here and there and to be able to collect some gold. When I had fought enough trolls and ettins in forests, I went to dungeon for the first time. Huh it was great! I still remember the feeling when I was able to afford my first boat! Oh, it was really something. After my warrior had skills at 90:s my friend told me how UO:s gaining mechanism worked. Back then we had Powerhour system (For 1 hour per day you could gain even when you missed/failed/fizzled). He also showed me the bone knight wall, and there I trained my warrior skills to GM, I was Grandmaster warrior!

    We liked challenges with my friend, so we went to kill demons with our warriors. Demon was a real threat back then. After killing bunch of demons we decided to try to kill a dragon. Dragon was really tough one for warriors, warriors couldnt 3hit kill them back then... We had to used hit and run tactic, even thou we could crossheal, because dragons hit really hard. If I remember right, I died few times even with hit and run tactic. But it was just awesome when we got it killed!

    I could list these memories for many pages, but then no one would read this whole post [​IMG]

    After a lot of hunting with bard/tamer/warrior and 3 years of gaming, we decided to make PvP characters to Europa. We made fencers called Felisin Paran and Ganoes Paran. It was still pre AoS and powerscrolls were not introduce to game yet. We trained GM fencing, GM tactics, GM anatomy and started hunting. Like most of fencers back then, we barely wore any armor and we used Tribal spears. Ohh we got lots of kills back then, if spear happened to hit paralyzing blow (spear hit parablow randomly) the target was dead.

    After that first powerscrolls, then AoS, SE, ML and whats left of my playing... Powergaming...

    Powergaming and PvP are the only things I do nowdays. If Im not PvP:ing, Im doing champs/harrower or killing Melissande. I also remember when I had 100k for the first time, it was A LOT of money! At the moment I have 22mil and Im considering if I should buy barbed kits or heartwood kit or just buy new armors/weapons from others.

    I don't enjoy this game like I used to. Only thing I really enjoy is PvP, champs/harrowers we do for PvP action and money. Melissande we do purely for items.

    Iv been thinking about making character to Siege Perilous. Im also waiting for Faction updates, if I could find my joy there again...

    What should I do? Or am I a lost cause already?
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'd say try Siege. Starting over with a new ruleset will maybe give you a fresh take on UO. Especially as you're not obviously going to be scared by PvP [​IMG] You'll also find a few folk from Europa dabble in Siege too.

    If you can live without a house in Siege you can always keep one on Europa, but you may be as well to bank things and just keep chars in case factions gets better.

  3. Der Rock

    Der Rock Guest

    the DevĀ“s did NOT use the chance to give the longtime player new fun to play around IN uo( i dont mean the major dungeons) with the release of ML

    the 100th of quests we can get in heardwood are ALL kiddy-quests

    they could give us player realy major quests wich would last hours if not days to complete.
    they dont even lost this chance, they also made this kiddy quests such as useless,so almost nobody do the quests anymore, because they "tweaked" again the rewards of this quests down to trash collectors quests only.
  4. Der Rock

    Der Rock Guest

    I'd say try Siege. S........

    lol,yes,so then he not only cant enjoy the game, then also he is boring him to death with standind hidden on a empty shard,
  5. Take a few months off wait to see if they release an expansion , then come back if you really miss the game...

    Or do what a few other players have suggested in the past , build a new character on a new shard..
  6. Repowski

    Repowski Guest

    Well, the problem with building a new character on a new shard is that building characters isnt' going to be fun anymore. Building a character for the first time is fine, but if this poster is anything like me, they've already GMed most of the skills in UO several times over. We know how to do it, and working with a newb character has lost its appeal. You spend all of your time wishing you just had a fully developed character.

    I suggest that you find a guild with active members, and spend some time with them. Community is always the key to enjoying an interactive online game.
  7. You mention all of the fun you had fighting monsters, yet it doesn't seem that you do that anymore. Why don't you try going back and fighting some of the tougher things in the game. With the recent change to dragons, the challenge is back again, and you might find it's something you enjoy.

    PvP is one end game in UO, but not the only one.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    My question is.... why do some people try to force themselves to enjoy this game. If you dont enjoy it anymore then look for a game you do. Why pay and force yourself to play when obviously its no longer the game you once loved.

    Its ok to let go... and to move on.
  9. I usually simply advise people: UO is a game. If you are not having fun playing it, stop playing it.

    In your case, it sounds like you are still having fun, just not as much fun as you had, or as you would like to.

    So in your case....Perhaps it's as simple as pulling back a bit, playing less overall, and focusing on things you enjoy doing?

    Maybe playing a trial of a few other games so you can get perspective?

    Maybe do WoW until you get sick of the bear jaw quest, or play D&D Online until you get sick of hearing the computer-controlled Dungeon Master telling you about the footprints?

    -Galen's player
  10. FrankBama

    FrankBama Guest

    Perhaps if you stop powergaming.
    As addictive as it is, if you stop focusing on the numbers and making the perfect template, or getting 40k an hour, you can find enjoyment in some very different areas.
    If you have friends in game it makes life much more enjoyable.
    I have a couple friends in game...and we take turns being kind of like a dungeon master for each other. We set-up a scenario and or adventure for Saturdays and off we go. We set it up complete with a little roleplaying fiction and a small ruleset (sometimes it is die and your out you can res to get your stuff but can't help out anymore, sometimes it is no recall, sometimes it is using basic equipment etc.) and an objective and usuually a prize from one of our coffers. Imagine the old pen and paper D&D modules. Sometimes the guy in charge plays the event with us and sometimes he follows along in ghost cam type mode. But the cool thing is we have a new objective and not the farm gold objective. We only do it one day a week so people can still powergame or do whatever during the week...but I find myself anticipating these days and not playing as much on the other days.
    Also for solo play...unusual goals help...I personally am trying to get all my characters even my crafters up on all their virtues. Sounds silly but it forces me to play some unusual characters in some unusual situations.
    Of course their are the minor diversions that UO has set-up in game...an occasional event, gardening, putting up your first aquarium...etc which I am sure you have done already.

    So basically try a new approach...try not to worry so much about being able to carry all that gold or if fighting this monster will raise your stats...perhaps the other posters are right and you should take a couple mini breaks and try out some other games too. I did before we started with our own mini adventures. But I came back and now am enjoying it more than ever but that is just me.
  11. Thanks a lot for responses. I quess Im going to try out Siege and test few other games, which basically means playing less UO [​IMG]

    Well, atleast I have something to wait for. If Faction wars start again and spells and arrows start to fly in towns, that's where you will find me.
  12. That selfmade quest scenario sounds pretty fun, maybe we will try out that with my friends. We have guild with like 8 active members, but problem is that 6 of us are oldschool players and we are all having these same feelings.
  13. id say come to siege and enjoy its tons of fun and btw iam from sweden [​IMG]
    there is no powerlevling here we hunts pvp and lots more people is much nicer here than other shards and no scripters/(not many)cheaters
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Factions is an option on Siege. Many folks from Europe find the ping tolerable.
  15. <blockquote><hr>

    Well, atleast I have something to wait for. If Faction wars start again and spells and arrows start to fly in towns, that's where you will find me.

    [/ QUOTE ]
    So you have been playing Siege? Because I've been faction fighting in town for the last year... so if thats what you are looking for, look no further- you've found it on siege.
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Yes, try siege. It's fun to be a total newbie again, where 10k gold makes you feel really wealthy!

    However, the key is to get involved and find a good group of friends in game. The game is pretty lonely without that, and it's only my friends and guildmates that keep me coming back.
  17. Splup, I'm part of a very small guild that is slowly (very slowly) visiting all the various North American shards and fighting the local faction members. It's going to take us a long time to achieve our goal of visiting every shard, but in the meantime we are having fun playing together, meeting new people, and also setting ourselves up with decent characters on a number of shards that we can play with whenever we feel the urge. Some of the shards we're visiting don't have a lot of faction activity, so taking control of the towns may not seem like much of a victory or challenge. Perhaps, however, when we show up we give the local faction members a reason to stick with being in factions, trade kill points with us, maybe get some of their friends involved with fighting us, and above all, have some fun.

    Perhaps you and your friends might want to consider doing your own faction tour?
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i am not a fan of world of warcraft but some of my friends play it and some things from it should really be implemented in uo... the idea of Arena fighting where you get a rank as a team by fighting other groups and get better items based on your record, battle grounds with capture the flag and such, and quests that take days to complete and make you think about what needs to be done next
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Try seige, you character can be ready in 3+ months and then you can decide if you like it!!!
  20. BadManiac

    BadManiac Guest

    Whatever you do don't buy Heartwood runics! If you really want to get rid of the money give it to me and I'll give you some random bows looted from mongbats. They'll be about as useful and you don't have to worry about finding a heartwood kit to buy...

    Here's what I do. Make a new character, completely new template, something you personally have never played before, see if you find some fun in that.

    Otherwise take an old character you are comfortable with and go PvM in nothing but non-runic GM crafted gear, and go back to the old haunts like legacy dungeons, Fire, Ice or T2A.

    Or, for a totally weird one, make a char and equip it with nothing but minor artys...

    Just mix it up, do something new.
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If you keep doing the same thing everyday, it gets old pretty quickly. During these periods, I will try out other games. I even re-install and play games I'd played before. Eg:

    After the recent Magincia event and Doom boost, I googled for ultima + blackrock and found some forum mentioning blackrock armor in Ultima 9. It had been years since I played it and I remember the game was plagued with so many bugs that I uninstalled it immediately after beating it. However, I do remember some fun parts too. So I reinstalled and patched it - wow, it runs so much better with my current PC. Gameplay was smooth, bugs that were annoying were gone. Loved it. I must admit now that it really was a pretty good game if patched and have a good PC.

    After U9, I reinstalled and played FF7/FF8/Zelda OoT/Zelda MM/Evil Genius. I totally enjoyed the lull in UO and was playing Fallout2 when the Moonglow event started.

    Just exploring the new crafting changes, the events and the greater dragons, it was a brand new part of the game.

    Died many times to the Moonglow spawn, but had lots of fun! Worked up the courage to try taming those new super dragons last night and I now have 2 keepers! And now I'm trying to come up with a template for my taming that I can use animal form with.