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how do i become a sim DJ?

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by frogger2, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. frogger2

    frogger2 Guest

    just wondering I see alot of people are now hosting internet radio at thier homes and often host partys at other sim homes. Im thinking this sounds like fun and wouldnt mind trying out to be a DJ myself for my home. sounds like a fun way to get players to get to know you, so just how can I become a internet DJ anyone who knows please post. [​IMG]
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hey hon contact me dj_broken_69 on yahoo i can get ya all the info u need i own mixx radio
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Basically find a station you like... go to their website... and fill out the application. There are so many stations around right now. They will set you up and you can DJ from anywhere. Mind you, stations may broadcast from inside EAL, but they are not affiliated with EA or EAL at all.

    If you want to check out the station I work for, go to InsaneAsylumRadio.com.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Try applying at my new station. www.powerhitzradio.net

    We are just opening! Need DJ's! Check out our brand new website!
  5. nobuttkisser

    nobuttkisser Guest

    Yes I'll say it . lol now that you have heard from the rest, come to the best. no not the station at the end of this tag that is my own commercial oriented radio station and you HAVE to work in commercial radio to work there.

    However I have a radio station no SCRATCH that.. I work for a "radio Group of people that have station(s) yes I said it stations that may cater to your needs. To start off: http://www.urradio.com has five radio station(s) to suit your musical taste... We operate (24/7) UrradioChristian the name says it all. Texas 101 (UrradioCountry), Pure Rock (UrradioRock), UrradioVariety (all type of music here). and our newest station UrradioOldies

    Now mind you we are picky with our application process and the main reason is we want to make sure that any and all dj's are committed in what they want to do, will have fun doing it, and we train you in EVERY aspect of internet radio including providing you with the proper software.

    Given that there are people of all walks of life at our "urradio family of stations" we treat everyone equal, we are family oriented (no profanity, nor sexual inuendos as sone of the current songs "tend" to have embedded within their song.

    UEG (Urradio Entertainment Group) has a proven track record of stability (having been on the net since 1991. Some of our "DJ's"; -- if you will, come from commercial radio (including your humble DJ, having worked at some of the top major market radio stations. But don't let this intimidate you in no fashion.

    We train our internet dj's, then set them loose to "do their thing" we even have a "test stream" for you to practice until you are confident enough to go "live"

    We DO NOT restrict ourselves to TSO/EAL or SL like most internet "in game" stations. our family have a wide variety of place to broadcast including but not limited to ones "own property" in EAL.

    Now you have the backround of UEG go to http://www.urradio.com pick a stream of your choice. listen to each streaam for at least a week and in different dayparts to make absolutely SURE that you want to become a part of the Urradio.com's Family.

    If so, you will find the "become a DJ" on the main page, fill out an application. if there is a referred by please inform them that DJ Tee Simmons sent you.

    If after you have listened and find that our family is just not your "cup of tea" we won't get mad at you. you and anyone reading this message are always welcomed to listen to UEG and or become a part of our "Family Friendly/Drama Free" station.