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How do I Build/Train a good Necromancer???

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by Dreadmage, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. Dreadmage

    Dreadmage Guest

    Ok, I have been on here asking about a warrior template already, and I think I got that one nailed. Yet in that thread, someone mentioned a Necro Template vaguely, and it sparked my interest. So I checked Stratics for a guide to Necro's, only to find a short vague essay referring to necromancy, and spirit speak. This is a VERY inconclusive guide IMHO.

    If anyone has a suggestion for a good Necro template, and advice on training it up, or a site that has a good guide, I would be grateful.

    Thanks for letting me bombard the forum with mundane noob questions, you are all a lot of help, and I thank you all! [​IMG]
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Try the Necromancer Forum I just looked at their FAQ and it looks pretty decent for spells, training tips and a couple cross-links to other data.

    Never having done a Necro, this is the best help I can offer.
  3. Cat Crimson

    Cat Crimson Guest


    Thanks for letting me bombard the forum with mundane noob questions, you are all a lot of help, and I thank you all! [​IMG]

    [/ QUOTE ]

    There's no such thing as a mundane noob question. only mundane noob answerers... or something.... [​IMG]

    I have one Necro fencer and one Necro/mage/poisoner/alchemist. Although I've had them for years, they've changed templates a lot ( pre soulstones you see ) from previous builds before the AoS expansion ( which brought us the Necro and Paladin skills ) and are incomplete - so I can't tell you how extremely effective they are, but they are FUN ! you may want to reconsider having just that one character, ya know [​IMG]
  4. Basic necro/warrior template:

    Spirit Speak

    This template isn't super-powerful, but it's workable with even the most basic gear, playable even long before the skills are finished, and doesn't die much in PVM at all. Heal with Spirit Speak and bandages, and use Horrific Beast form or Curse Weapon if you need even more health on top of that. I used this template just fine for a long while, before switching to...

    My vampire/samurai template:

    Mace Fighting
    Spirit Speak
    Resisting Spells

    You'll need a suit with very high fire resistance, and maybe some mana regeneration, because you don't have Focus and you're going to be in Vampiric Embrace form all the time. Just put on a good slayer weapon, cast the Curse Weapon spell, and spam lightning strike until everything is dead. Your hits leech back so much life that it takes huge amounts of damage to really threaten you. I've tanked Dark Fathers with this template, leeching life back faster than it could hurt me.