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How Do I get into EA Land?

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by imported_Danny Dots, Jan 21, 2008.

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  1. Hey, I use to plat TSO a lot when it first came out but I have taken a huge break from the game to see what else is out there in the online world. Anyway, I saw all of these updates TSO is getting and I remembered how much I loved to play and these updates seem cool so I wanted to check it out. Anyway, this morning I reactivated my TSO subscription, woo! The only problem is that I don't know how to get to EA Land. When I click EA Land (beta) from the opening window it says I can not create a sim there because I am not registered for it. Which is weird because I just got billed for reactivating my account. I have a TSO subscription and I thought that's the same thing as an EA Land subscription. When I try to subscribe for an EA Land account it says I need a promotional code. What is this promotional code? I don't want to be a free member, i want to play EA Land and start regaining my sims skills, money, ect... I also tried having EA send me an e-mail to subscribe to EA Land but whenever i enter my screen name and password it says "username, password, or promotional code already in use."

    I'm not sure if this is where should be posting this, like I said I haven't played in a really long time. I would really love some help please! [​IMG] Thanks in advance!
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    There is a bug that is not allowing returning and new players play in EA Land. All we've been told about it so far is that the team is aware of it and is trying to fix it. No ETA on when it will be fixed from what I've been able to see [​IMG]. Wish I had more, or at least more encouraging news to offer. [​IMG]

    The good news (if you see it this way) is that returning players should be able to create in the production cities, and those sims will be merged into EA Land as the cities get merged. The order that the cities will be merged in is up top of this board in the FAQs for EA Land, if you want to create sims in the cities that are listed as being merged first.
  3. that stinks!

    thank you for replying very fast [​IMG]

    what a strange bug... but as i remember TSO there are many many srange bugs, lol. Anyway I hope this problem gets fixed but I guess in the meantime i will play on a regular city. that just really sucks because i wanted to check out what all the hubba is about, lol.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It seems to be related to the free play/entitlement feature.

    The best place to get help and see what the devs have to say about the issue is the Tech Forum.

    There are several threads there you can post you problem in, and that is the most likely place to find answers.

    Welcome back to the game, Danny. [​IMG]
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