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[Magery] how do I macro magery?

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by MuffinBear, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. MuffinBear

    MuffinBear Guest

    Im trying to macro magery and I make a command be cast spell and target self but when I hold down the button it just casts the spell over and over but never actually targets me.

    For example I will say An Lor Xen but never actually cast it.

    Does anyone know what to do?
  2. Chaosy

    Chaosy Guest

    You're probably overcasting. Don't hold down the button and slow down to see if that works.
  3. Shantia

    Shantia Guest

    Might also need to make the macro look like this:
    Cast spell blah
    wait for target
    target self

    Or like the person above me said, you might not be able to hold it down to 'spam' it. tap your macro key wait for the spell to finish and hit it again.
  4. MuffinBear

    MuffinBear Guest

    Do I need a 3rd party program to make a macro like that or can I do it with just the Ultima stuff?
  5. Tazar

    Tazar Guest

    That's a normal UO macro with nothing from UO-Assist or any illegal 3rd party apps.

    Personally, If I were training magery (and I am on 2 characters at the moment) I'd use KR, set the macro as described above, only repeat the 3 steps 49 times within the macro - then set the macro to repeat the maximum of 10 times. This will get you 500 cast attempts per key press. Of course, you need to be paying attention so you are not illegally "afk" macroing.

    I generally start with an LRC suit and buy the skill up to 40. I then use:

    Arch Protection or Arch Cure
    Mass Dispel

    spells in order because they do not require damaging something (having an available monster or taking personal damage), and can generally be immediately recast for the fastest gains.
  6. Jermosh

    Jermosh Guest

    Yep thats what I used as well. Helps to use a wand as well.
  7. Harlequin

    Harlequin Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 11, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Yes, a wand or any -29 mage weapon with spelling channelling helps alot.

    Try using spells that does not require targetting as well, like protection and magic reflect. With the -29 magery reduction, I don't ever need to use level 7 or 8 spells to GM magery. Unless you have scrolled to 120.

    Rough guide for the spells you should be casting is lvl 2 for 20+ magery (after the reduction from mage weapon), lvl 3 for 30+ magery, lvl 4 for 40+ magery and so on. If gains starts coming slower, then switch to the next higher level spell.

    Avoid lvl 7 (40 mana) and lvl 8 (50 mana) spells as they are a lot less mana efficient.
  8. Tazar

    Tazar Guest

    ACk!!! I knew I forgot something... :p
  9. Barry Gibb

    Barry Gibb Of Saintly Patience
    Stratics Veteran

    May 24, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Wands are a good way to go. Any Mage Weapon that has Spell Channeling (one-handed of course) will work, as long as it penalizes your skill (-0 wont help). If it has no FC penalty, its even better. Look for one with the -Magery value at the high end of the range (closer to -30). You can also try the discord trick with Satyrs as well as using the weapon.

    Stayin Alive,