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how much hiding/stealth does one need?

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by qqqa, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. qqqa

    qqqa Guest

    how much hiding for 100% hide, and how much stealth for 100% stealth?
  2. Tazar

    Tazar Guest

    This might be better for the thief profession forum, but I will take a stab at it here.

    I believe that you do need GM hiding to have a guaranteed hide (although if you are targeted by a monster and it has a line of sight to you, you will still fail).

    Also, Many factors combine to determine your success at actually stealthing including the armor you are wearing, the number of players/monsters around you, and even the race of the players (elves have a detect hiding ability built in) so even at 120 skill, there is no guarantee.
  3. qqqa

    qqqa Guest

    assuming no monsters are around you no players and barbed leather armor how much stealth do you need? i heard 80 can anyone verify?
  4. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    My stealther has 100 hiding, 80 stealth, wears medable armor and doesn't have many problems. Surounded by monsters at a champspawn, or running around Yew gate would be considered problems. [​IMG]
  5. KingSidhe

    KingSidhe Guest

    There are variables to take in consideration. At 100 HIding, technically you will hide 100 percent of the time if you are more than 7 tiles away from a hostile creature. Technically. Today my elf, with 125 dex Failed to hide with NO hostiles on screen at the Fan Dancer Dojo although I was being chased by a Ronin. My elf is GM HIding, and jeweled to 120 stealth/stealing. He failed repeatedly and subsequently died.

    Skill, Dex, Race, Armor, and Range affect hiding and stealth. My thief with 125 dex is a much better stealther than my elven stealth mage with only 20 dex although the skills are the same. The thief never gets revealed. The mage does.
  6. Sam the Scribe

    Sam the Scribe Visitor

    Mar 10, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Is the elf that got killed by the Ronin your stealth mage? If so, why didnt he just cast invis on himself to hide... that bypasses the hide/combat check and poof, you're gone. Smokebombs are handy too.

    Safe Travels, Sam
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm fairly certain that armor/dex/race have no bearing on hiding (as long as you are 100). Armor does have effect on stealth though.
  8. KingSidhe

    KingSidhe Guest

    It was my thief. Due to Recall Crash using chiv, he landed but lost conn at Fan Dancer Dojo. Woke up dead at the healer surrounded by Ronin and Fan Dancers.

    Resurrected but could not get back to body to get invis pots. He has 0 magery. Template is 120 Stealing/Stealth, GM Hiding, Detect Hidden, Tracking, and Chiv. He has 50 ninja for Rat Form and rest in Focus for stam/mana regen.
  9. KingSidhe

    KingSidhe Guest

    True Vaen, but the question was how much hiding/stealth do you need.

    But you have to look at the creature that targets you to determine your chance to hide. Elves and Ninja types have better inherit detect hidden. Therefore, although specifics are not listed you will fail more often at GM Hiding if you are being chased or targetted by Ronin even if it is off screen. Took me three tries to res and get away far enough safely so I could go into hiding to stealth back to my body.

    So quoting from stratics on stealth skill and the elven race, here are the factors that impact your ability to stealth.

    Skill, Armor, Dexterity, Others Trained and Inherit Detect Hidden skill, and RACE.


    When stealthing near other people or monsters there is a chance you are detected. A check is made by comparing the stealthers Stealth skill and Dexterity versus the other persons or monsters Detect Hidden skill.

    [/ QUOTE ]


    Difficult to Track
    Elves are more difficult to track than humans.

    [/ QUOTE ]


    Elves gain an increased chance to passively detect hidden monsters and enemies.

    [/ QUOTE ]