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How much RP is there on Siege?

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Guest, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Just curious. I'm messin around on it from Catskills.

    I love the all fel world.. and the no insurance... and the skill gain system.. and the fact that I actually work to make myself succeed and and and... [​IMG]

    I do enjoy siege.. but what I've found, in any game that I have played really... is that the games themselves don't keep me interested for more then a couple months.

    Probably will only be part time siege, as Cats is the shard I started on, and well, as much as goes on, I still call it home.

    Up to meetin new people, if anyone is interested in RP, workin on plots, events, the likes, lemme know! Or even if ya just wanna go hang out. [​IMG]

    My Q # is 435887063.

    I'm hopin to have a lot of fun here on Siege [​IMG]
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Welcome to Siege!

    There is a lot of passive RP on siege, in so much as quite a few of the players on siege will roleplay with you at the moment. Murderers at times will talk to you before or after killing you about their purpose, you have some thieves that like to rp, and some good aligned people that like to battle evil.

    There are very few created roleplaying plots, for 2 reasons. First with the small player base its hard to find people to get involved with it. Secondly, because of the felucca thing, many player run events get raided constantly. However I personally have always felt that the felucca ruleset allows people to openly roleplay creatively.

    There are a few people who have wanted to create roleplaying plots with others, perhaps this will help bring them out.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The roleplaying here has diminished a lot in past year and a half or more. There are still some whom do roleplay but oft not enough to do many things nor events together like we used to have and do.

    Siege once had player run towns full of roleplaying chrs. Iantown, Wispwood Shire, Wintermoor esp those and we had *bad guys* that roleplayed like the TAXmen whom were a real treat to run into and or die to. [​IMG] *we had vampires but they all just lost their *role* ...we even had undeads and liches here too and savages ...we still have a few orcs. [​IMG]

    A lot here prefer no roleplay at all, np with that per say and others, just *pvp* no roleplay in their pvp at all, they just fight smack kill dryloot// rinse repeat//rinse repeat.

    We do have roleplayers left here though another one would be welcomed for sure. . so would more events that add something to this shard like we used to have in roleplaying something............... !!

    Most of my characters save for a couple of them, have roles they play, and normally are *in character* even when they are dying or being killed they stick to their *role*

    Often though I have to go back to Chesapeake for the *mega* roleplayin cuz well I do enjoy roleplaying ..where even *evil* kills with class and some *role* they playing as *evil* I do miss our taxmen..ya would have loved to been killed by Dagashi had ye not *paid ye taxes* here. They are long gone now. KSS also played *justice knights* I was in that guild also..greatly diminished as is shire iantown practically non existant here now but was full of roles to be had to play for all whom were part of those here.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Watch this space...

    *learns alchemy, crafts large keg of headache medicine*
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sounds like there is potential [​IMG]

    My first day here, I got followed around by someone from the Borg. I was workin while I was playin so I didn't talk to him, but it was fun to see. He was red, didn't kill me. Was giving the Assimulation lines. Made me smile [​IMG]

    Headache medicine huh? Hmm... I think I used all that up with Cats... :p
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Aye ye must be careful of the Borg, they will try to assimulate ye then again it can be far more frightening to see a miner mayhaps, welding a pickaxe here digging for gems or ore or whatever he may strike with that pickaxe thinking it is a mountain of ore, a chap whom can not see a darm thing, and bears the name .........BLIND.... OTTO !
    Could be worse if he mis-sees you, and thinks you are a frostwood tree, with his axes.

  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Aye, I have sworn off pickaxes in favor of shovels, of late. Far less liklihood of damaging some poor passing soul's head on the backswing - although, ye should still ensure ye wear sturdy boots, in case I mistake thy feet for ore-bearing rocks!

    *attempts to sew screaming orc's foot back on with tailor's kit, ends up with a new type of Ettin instead*

    But, I AM working towards getting KSS back up and running.
    It will take time. I am not rushing things. I know what happens when I rush things. KSS is very special to me, and I want it to be done RIGHT - or as well as I am able. I am no Py Lethius... but then, who is?

    My main focus can be found here, with similar efforts going on in Skara Brae - but, keep in mind that this is very much a work-in-progress. Please don't complain too much until it is finished!

    As I said, watch this space. When I feel ready, I will let all and sundry know!
    Then, being utterly out of practice in PvP, which I was never very good at in the first place, I will die horribly, and often.



    *goes back to distilling headache mixtures and the arcane lore of Haych'Tee'EMM-El *
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    ib lat likee playin kum vizit meeb, uz play masta agh servant...
    bring sum shiniez
  9. Nico-SP

    Nico-SP Guest

  10. pikon198

    pikon198 Guest

    There is some rp here on siege, mostly light rp. Though there are those who will only speak to you in their RP character. They are fun, and spread out through many different guilds. Getting them together might prove a bit difficult, but an RPer can always dream [​IMG]
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sup thou ?? Thought ye was on a break ? [​IMG]
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Oh, the dream that many RPers have had... [​IMG]

    thanks for all the input everyone!

    I really appreciate it [​IMG]
  13. Goodah

    Goodah Guest

    Might want to try Story Night (forget if its a weekly thing or not). Most of the people who are always in character or RP will be found there. Tuesday nights at the Golden Unicorn in Wispwood Shire 7pm Pacific time.