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How often should i expect to gain?

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by talith, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. talith

    talith Guest

    Just came back after a long break and started a tamer. Bought an advanced character as to get a bit of a head start and so far it has been rather tough. I have about 86.6 taming and 90 lore, been taming white wolves which are 43% and great harts which are about 55% mainly, but wow do gains come slow. I have two questions really. One, about how often should i expect a gain, and two, i hear that i should be taming things with about 50% chance, but should i waste time also taming things that are easy, such as snow leopards which i have a 67% chance or so. Better to tame things that are harder, or easier, or just tame everything in sight? Thanks
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I too am recently back to UO,account just hit 6 months old.I did same thing advanced char token/tamer.

    I didn`t care bout percentages and whatnot.I hit ice island and tamed everything.It was inside a week and I was 90 tame and 110 lore.I have no intentions on going higher so for me taming was a breeze.It did slow a lil after early 80 but really wasn`t a chore.

    If you decide to make ice isl yer home,consider the Fel side.Everyones to chicken to tame there and you`ll rarely run across a wolf named A.
  3. R Traveler

    R Traveler Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 15, 2005
    Likes Received:
    I had like 0.1 gain every 15-20 minutes of non-stop taming at this skill level.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The real problem with taming is it is a slow skill in that it takes time between tames 1-2 minutes, unlike something like magery which can be tried every 3-5 seconds. Per hour you are getting 60 tries to gain in taming where in magery that is 720 chances to gain. The ratio for gains are the same between skills you just do not get the attempts as fast for taming. As long as you are taming the correct animals (45-55% chance) the gains will come but it is still a slow process.
  5. At the level you're at, I would recommend doing two things and alternating between them so you don't get bored. Without any taming jewelry on, tame white wolves. With taming jewelry on so your taming skill is (optimally) in the range of about 103-111, tame unicorns or ki-rins. You probably also need magery gains, so make yourself a rune for the Moonglow Zoo and donate all those critters! Casting gate spell so much will also give you some bonus magery gains.

    If you can stand the tedium, taming either white wolves or unicorns/ki-rins should get you 4-6 taming gains per hour as well as some decent lore gains. The key though is to stick with it for the full hour.

    If you also need vet gains, something else you can do to break up the monotony is to use your little pack of white wolves to kill a few polar bears before you donate the wolves. You'll usually have to vet one or two of the wolves and you'll also get some leather for your tailor to use.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Tame as efficiently as you can. I stuck with great harts at healer's grove as long as I could because it was a very fast area. Tame, tell hart to kill a healer and the next hart was there. The time it takes to finish a tame attempt will make gains feel slow anyway, so you want to work in heavy spawn spots and tame/kill as swiftly as you can.

    You can do the zoo collection too, especially if you're a bit bored of a tame area.

    I've done harts till mid 90s then I put on jewellery and tamed coloured cus to sell. While I was working the spawn and making a bit of gold, I got gains at the same time. Like the zoo collection, it's giving you rewards other than taming gains so you still have some hair left by the time you're trained.

    Ridgebacks are another area if you can put on jewellery to around 105 (if I remember right) as that's another concentrated area if you just want to tame constantly.

  7. talith

    talith Guest

    Thanks for the help, will try it out.