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How to avoid the rath of the wife while playing UO?

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Gailen, Mar 27, 2001.

  1. Gailen

    Gailen Guest

    Just wondering how many of you have significant others who hate the fact you play UO.

    For me, my wife hates the game so I only play at night when she is sleeping. Any suggestions on how to avoid the rath of a spouce?

    I'm sure there must be someone who is bothered by your UO time.

  2. I have to do the same thing man. the wife goes to sleep and boom...I'm on UO....bad thing is she usually calls me back to bed after a few hours... :(

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    Without Honor, you cannot have Pride
  3. FatherGanja

    FatherGanja Guest

    Aye, my g/f get...."irked" sometimes when I play uo, so what I did was teach her how to play the playstation. Now whenever I play uo, she hits the TV for some rounds of Tekken or Xenogears ;)

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  4. kristmas

    kristmas Guest

    kicked my wife out for complaining however my friend tells his wife its the game or the gogo bars *wife thinks drink or sober father* ok play game plan #2 after she calls u back to bed like xeres you only need to wear her out once again to forget about it then back to the game "only works well for the younger players"plus we know how those female chars in the sash and a smile that round is needed *ok played to long kicking wife out may be bad idea*
    #3 let her understand that if u played while everyone was awake you would not be able to give her, her needed attention while together and this is your free time while everyone asleep then log on
  5. ciggy

    ciggy Guest

    Hi there. I would just like to inform you men that I being a wife and all ejoy the game even more than my hubby...maybe you guys should try to get your better halfs involved so they can enjoy it along side you...that of course means shell out some cash and get a second computer and account :) well are you willing to give it a shot hehe
  6. hello1

    hello1 Guest

    Im in the same boat and now a have an 11 month old baby boy. Just started playing uo again after a 6 month break. I always play between 10pm and 1am when they go to bed. Good luck.

    <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by hello1 on 03/28/01 03:59 AM.</FONT></P>
  7. CaptSmokie

    CaptSmokie Guest

    hehe....i just ran downstairs to macro provoke for a bit...the ol' lady finally went to sleep......then I caught this thread.....lol....this is some funny shiznit.....i hear all of ya....it can get to be a pain in the ol' arse when the wifey gets upset at UO.....oh well, i get mad at her for watchin crap on TV and renting crappy movies.....ya can't enjoy everything your better half likes....

    and if that's not good enough, then you can just wait till they fall asleep and sneak to the PC, like i do...
  8. RobRoy

    RobRoy Guest

    @ Ciggy

    if life would be always so easy. No way, my wife isnt interested in computer games and never will be.
    Since a game is a game and RL is RL, i play once-twice a week, very late too.
    By the way, many peeps around cant understand, when other folks make heavy use of 8x8 or generally the PH. This is the main reason to shorten the time for a char to become powerful then with normal playing, for which we dont have enough time.
  9. the thing that blowz for me is that im 17yrs old and have PARENTS....plus, my Dad plays, so hes a bit jumpy to ground me so i can only work his chars, lol...

    plus my mom hates the ANY type of game..so shes always kicking me off or grounding me...i spend like 6-8 mos outta the year grounded, and about 3-4 mos per year grounded from UO...

    btw, i just got ungrounded from not playin 4 mos, so i went on Test to see if i still had it, and my defensive tact's are still excelent( 2 mages and a dexer with a spear couldnt kill me, me..being a mage...we were all on horses)...

    ...but my offensive suffered...im not as quick with spells as i was 4 mos ago, and it seems like im not as sharp....u guys think i can get all my ability back with practice, or is it lost forever??

    <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by CrypticSlayer on 03/28/01 07:59 AM.</FONT></P>
  10. SummerBreeze

    SummerBreeze Guest

    Ciggy, that is just what my husband did for me. i don't play games at all i never understood them. but this one is fun and we're together. and we do have fun on there. i think these guys are just scared that they're wive's might out do them. :)
  11. Darkened

    Darkened Guest

    Well i dont have that problem, my girly has been playing uo longer than me (38 months to my 26...) We just got a couple of pcs on a lan :)
    The only thing that annoys me is she, the newbie, gets cool ethereal horses while im stuck with normal crap... :/
  12. Ixxy

    Ixxy Guest

    Hail there,
    I AM female and I do get annoyed when my boyfriend plays UO too much. I plaay way longer than him, and back then we did not have this candyland and power hour and super fast skill gains. I mean, you guys prolly remember how we used to actually WORK for our skills, no?
    And now I got him into the game. He first laughed about me being a nerd, but soon he could not switch of the computer anymore. I do have to admit that his fighting char is already better than mine (my mages are better though, hehe). I was hacked some time ago. Lost millions of gold and stopped playing, I came back just a few days before him and he had more itme to play. So obvisouly his only char is better now. And that for one makes me a little upset (I am a bad loser, I know).
    but also: he overdoes it! He playes 24/7. This is no joke. He does not ever go to bed with me at the same time anymore, he does not even say hello if I come home from school. It is fricking annoying and the hell I may pull the plug one day if he doesn't stop. No actually I should just kick him out.
    Maybe you guys need to know that you should at least spend half of your freetime with your wife.. But oyu probably all do and I just picked the worst... lol
    He also get's real bithcy if he dies. He yells at me I have to get his stuff back and so on. he is kind of new to the game som sometimes he doesn't know how to handle situations. not long ago he dies on boat and got all mad and pissed cause he did not know what to do. Or other times his english is not good enough to understand others. So by now I really hate seeing him on the computer in Ultima.
    I even bought a second computer and got him his own account so we could play together. I figured that would work out well then. But he plays jut as often and I dunno what to do...
    btw: good friend of mine, mother of two children, and good wife is getting divorced over THIS GAME! That is the worst thing anyone could do cause of a game. I mean... sheesh! She even plays UO herslef and really enjoys it. He ujst can't stand her talking to other guys in game. He is so big of a nerd that he only shower once a month by now....
    Other story: another good friend of mine quit his job to play more Ultima. He only needs the money from being unempllyed to live. All he does is Ultima. All day long.
    So please do not forget that there IS a real life :)
  13. Pah-Uh_Zahn

    Pah-Uh_Zahn Guest

    I have a strange situation about this. My fiancee deals with it because when I don't play, I bother the HELL out of her!!! On purpose!!!! Actually, I'm kind of scared about the situation , though. About eleven years ago, when we were together, She was pregnant with my first son, and I couldn't stop playing ultima III: exodus for nintendo. That was one of the reasons that she left me. Now we're back together, I bought a computer, a found UO. Have a 3 week old son, and have been going through the same thing I was before, but I pay MUCH more attention to her nowadays. And still have enough time to kill some titans!!!!
  14. Darkened

    Darkened Guest

    The divorce thing works the other way round too tho;
    I met my rl girlfriend, who i've been with a year and a half now, in this game :p
  15. MahaRaja

    MahaRaja Guest

    OMG!!!!!!!!! There is a GOD! I thought i am the only person having this problem. LOL. I am not alone. Oh Thank u ALmighty.
    Conclusion: Woman Hate Games. Man Hate Shopping (especially with women).
    They can shop for hours and not feel tired. Get someone to produce
    a shopping game. Maybe then they will understand .
  16. Guildenstern

    Guildenstern Guest

    "Woman Hate Games."
    We do huh? Yeah, right. NOT. Guess who got my husband into the game? Guess who demanded we upgrade our pathetic excuse for a computer so we could actually watch as Diablo II chunked? Well, let me tell you it wasn't my man (although he was happy enough to say "yes"!) I think you really can't generalize especially with this game (UO) because more and more women play it, and games in general. And guess what? We're kickin' ass and enjoying it just as much as the guys.

    Maybe we aren't here just for the pvp/pvm but still if you did a gender survey, I'm betting you that UO brought a huge number of women to the gaming scene. I really feel for everyone, regardless of gender, who has a 'significant other' who doesn't enjoy the same things. It sucks. My husband has currently lost interest in Uo and frankly it drives me nuts. We've always done all our games together, even waiting for one another to finish a level before moving on to the next. So him not playing really sucks. Because he HAS played he understands, mostly, my addiction to it.

    If your gf/bf/spouse isn't interested in UO... yeah go ahead and try to show them different aspects of it. I mean, I've heard a lot of stories of people who got their spouse the game or started them a character or whatever and they sit down to play... next thing you know, they're hooked. The hard part is getting them to sit down in the first place =(.

    Playing when you have little kids kind of sucks too. I love my kids but sometimes they drive me nuts. I have three of them and if one isn't turning off the computer, another is distracting me during a battle. On the other hand you get to listen to some pretty interesting conversations too.. Like the time my then three year old pointed at the screen and said "Dat bad man mom!" and he was pointing to my husband's character... Then there was the time he said, "what matter mom? you die 'gain?" when I was cussing at a grey screen.

    Anyway, good luck to everyone with a non-addicted spouse. =(

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  17. aimsntgr

    aimsntgr Guest

    If anyone has to ask what to do about a nagging wife, more often than not, its your addiction. Both myself and the wife play, but we have set a day to go walking, a day to go to a movie, and a day to grocery shop. I play while she is at work, she plays while I'm at work. When we are home together, we clean house, pay bills, and enjoy each other. Sometimes we fight about Uo, but not too often. Mostly about what to do in game with each other (she likes PvM, I like PvP) but we play a little with each other each day. I have no fears of her talking with guys in game. If they get personal she says "married, next question". It's real cool. I think the main thing is you have to love each other and not the game. If I am in the middle of a fight and she asks for help with supper, its "gotta go, see ya in a lil bit Kal Ort Por". Same with her, if she's fishin and I ask her to help balance the checkbook, she logs and returns after. If you love each other and have a foundation of RESPECT, UO will never be a problem (unless she is friended to your tower and eats your fruit basket grrrrrrr).
    I actually feel that those who have to sneak to the puter after the wife falls asleep is sad, unless that is the arrangement between you two. To me, that is the most important time to be with my wife. To fall asleep with her next to me and wake up with her still there is just the awesomest feeling. Just my dollars worth.

  18. RobRoy

    RobRoy Guest

    my wife recently bought her first software, a 3D garden tool. I was totally perplex, beacause i believed she would never sit at the PC and start any software. But wonders happen and last night i was going to bed whereas she was still at the PC. My hope is now, that they - OSI - will make more for women, since they cancelled UO2 and now can put more ressources in further enchancements. Something like shopping malls, garden tools and so on. Than my chance will come. While she will go shopping with me i can "protect" here vs. Chaos. Hey OSI, wake up !
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Remember guys, it's always easier to get forgiveness rather than permission.
  20. Guildenstern

    Guildenstern Guest

    <blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr>

    (unless she is friended to your tower and eats your fruit basket grrrrrrr).


    Man that'd suck lol

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    <font color=red>UO Merchant Mod</font color=red>
    <font color=blue>UO Trade Mod</font color=blue></center>
  21. Mathus

    Mathus Guest

    HAHAHAHA.....This is IMO the most funny thing i have ever read in reguards to

    UO (halarious)..I have the same issues as everyone else I live with my gf we

    have been together for 5 yrs. Im only 22 and well not the most mature, so on

    that note I like drinking and drugs(buds..err maybe some E..errr and maybe some

    shrooms:) and most importantly video games (generaly things without a lot of

    responsability)..An honest day in my RL, as boring as it may sound to someone

    else is very relaxing to me, consists of waking up at 730..shower, get dressed,

    go to work(830)work all day, come home(arive home about 545-600pm) I come

    in kiss my gf hello ,talk for about 5 minutes, and them grab the bong my buds

    and get prepared,im loged on at about..umm...no later then 630...(now for the

    next HR it is imparative that i am not to be disturbed:))..if I am disturbed...(and i

    generally am due to the fact that my cpu is in my roommates room) (dont ask

    why)I get very grouchy, and i say things like "in a second an orge lord is

    attacking me and my mana is to low to invis, damn" or " hold on im waiting for

    bones im going to loot this body" or "damn not now, a lich lord is attacking me

    and, just blasted me with a flamestrike". After i say things like that most of the

    time if i have company over everyone will be like huh? wtf? and my gf will start

    ragging on how long i play the game! That doesent sound bad but well in the

    begining when i started to play i logged about 3 or 4hrs a day, now im on for a

    good 8hrs a day. She has started to say things like "you love your game more

    then me", which is nuts! I love her much more then any game! I reply back to

    her "babe i bought a 3k computer to play games you know that" and "babe im in

    the next room we can talk all you want (im about 10ft from her)" and "babe I

    hate watching reruns on tv!, id rather play this game insted", but the thing that

    always gets her is when I say "if you have something for us to do lets do it"!

    (unless its the weekend its normally the same daily routines)...so well to finish

    my ramble and to make a long story short ..Yes my gf waffles as do with all my

    other friends that play( all of our gfs pancake). I have offered to buy her a cpu so

    she can play too, but she has declined my offer..but all in all we have a good

    understanding the worst part I would have to say is that my sex life with my gf

    has dwindled because, unless i go to bed when she does at 1030pm well i dont

    get any :(
    Mathus of Baja
  22. Gioman

    Gioman Guest

    Well, I've been on UO for a month now, and there is definitely some friction when I want to play. The biggest problem is that the computer is near our bed, so I have limited opportunities to play when she goes to bed. We're getting a new apartment with ALOT more space next month, so I think that should help somewhat.

    As long as I spend time with her and attend to her while she's awake, she doesn't have a problem with me playing after she goes to bed. There's less distractions at night anyways, and without the glare of lights in the room, I can dungeon crawl without In Lor-ing every 15 minutes. :D

    She made her own character the other day, just to check out how customizable they are. One day soon, I'll run her though the tutorial. I'm willing to sacrifice some computer time if I can get her into the game. Even though she isn't a hardcore gamer, she HAS shown interest in console games in the past, (Crash Bandicoot for the PS in particular). I need to direct her towards the more socializing aspects of UO.

  23. Berserker

    Berserker Guest

    i think THE most important thing to remember is that this IS A GAME! it does not keep u warm at night...or be there when your car breaks down...etc...it is a GAME.....and treat it like that...i just got back into UO after siege was nuked...but anyway i am back...and i have a 15 month old too...and when do i play? when they are out shopping or whatever...or after they go to bed...taht is it..i might WANT to play more...but i cant...life goes on and i need to work and pay bills....ultima wont do that for me and quite frankly i cant play that long on uo....my eyeballs will dry up....

    -Crush your enemies..See them flee before you...and hear the lamentations of the women..</center>
  24. Len

    Len Guest

    hey berserker, u gotta remember to blink dude =D

    I'm not married and I dun have a live in gf, (I'm a guy, dunno why I named my user and all my chars female names) but when I'm playing the game a call from my gf takes my attention away from it anyday. Then when I get a chance to go back on to tell my peeps I'm afk, talkin to a hot girl. Not that I feel an obligation, but rather that I know I'm lucky to have her and I'd feel more screwed if I lost her than if my account got hacked. (I'd cry either way =P)

    I think UO is more like a habit than an addiction though. With an addiction the cravings grow stronger the longer u stay away. With a habit the craving fades. So if UO starts to run ur life to the point of breakup, doood step away from the computer. Co own me, I'll refresh all ur houses. =D
  25. Morathi-DC

    Morathi-DC Guest

    I totally understand the girl hating UO, I used to be one of em. *shakes head* My boyfriend played a lot..and made all these new friends, that I wasnt' a part of..it pissed me off. BUT, I tried it because I wanted to be a part of it with him...and now I'm hooked..hehe..best advice for keeping the other happy, is to keep them involved. :)
  26. Zero LMJ

    Zero LMJ Guest

    I thought they made "The Sims" to entertain women. Doesnt that fix this problem? Get her hooked on some chick game if you cant get her hooked on UO.
  27. klagett

    klagett Guest

    I give my g/f all the time she wants, and play after she goes to bed at 9:30 and when she's not home.

    Cut my lag into pieces
    Cable is my last resort
    Overloaded, Roadrunners
    Wouldn't it suck if my ping still plunders
  28. Pelon

    Pelon Guest

    I'm 27, my wife is 28, we have a 6 year old kid.
    I built a second computer a few years ago so my wife and kid could learn to use computers without messing up my box.
    I made the 2nd computer with gaming in mind as well, and I frequently have friends over to play first person shooters.
    The computers are on a LAN and both have Cable Internet access.
    Anyway, my wife loved Diablo and also Diablo II. She didn't really want to play UO since it looks "complicated". I told her we could make her a character similar to her favorite char in Diablo II the Barbarian. So she is now making a Parry Macer with Healing. She's got the hang of controlling the char and using her items and what not and now she's starting to play more often. I put her in my guild so now I can spar with her to help her raise her skills up. I think she will enjoy the char more once the stats and skills are better.
    I really enjoy having her play UO with me, and to me it's better than sitting on the couch watching TV like the rest of America does every night. At least we are interacting with one another and using our brains more than we would be if we were staring at the TV screen.
    I look at UO and other similar games as almost like reading a fiction novel over which you have control (no, I don't think it's a substitute for reading... read for at least an hour every night at bed time).
    Now the only problem we have is our daughter has to fight us for computer time. I actually have all the parts to build her her own system, I just need to pull myself away from UO to do it.
  29. Bladdy

    Bladdy Guest

    ....I'm gunna go call my gf.
  30. Lady Waya

    Lady Waya Guest

    Well me and my husband play uo.. me much more.. And sometimes he gets a bit mad if i play in the morning.. I pretty much remind him of all the things i do for him and why cant i have a bit of fun before work.. But I didnt like uo when i first saw it. Maybe if you get her involved.. make her a char. and help.. maybe she will like. I did after awhile.. :)

    GuildMistress K^S
  31. Decanuck

    Decanuck Guest

    damn if your better half be it male or Female doesn't like your playing and you love them and want to be with them then either get them involved or stop playing. Hey I know that UO is worse then crack heck I count on it ( I own a computer store that rents out lab time) and sells the game but I would not give up my family for it
  32. Well, my gf hated this game too. I finally got her to give it a shot, but every time she got on, I was itching to play. I would play when i was bored at home, play when she went to sleep, play on my day off. I would pass up the opportunity to go to lunch with her when she worked and I was off. Funny thing is, she doesnt bother me anymore. She got an opportunity to move to Dallas for a promotion, and I was supposed to be going up there this week. She broke up with me, and now, I regret not having gone to bed with her every night, and giving her the attention she deserves.

    Guys i know it may sound gay. Give your girls the attention they need, or you might find yourselves kicking your selves in the ass later.
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr>

    How to avoid the rath of the wife while playing UO?


    Kick her out? :)

    Seriously, if you play this GAME so much that people are constantly on you to get a life and join the real world, you probably need a break.

    Now, if they pancake and moan no matter how little you play, then it's time to find a new partner. Everyone needs some personal time to do as they wish, without constant nagging and interruptions. If you're S/O can't be happy by themselves from time to time, I'd say they have a bigger problem than you playing a game every once in awhile. (This comes from having serious g/f's that couldn't be more opposite. The current one can occupy herself and be happy without having me sitting next to her watching 'friends' 24/7, the last one had serious problems and depended on others for her personal happiness way too much.)
  34. Yeah, like some others on this board, I got my girlfriend into it. She also hates games. I Started her out with a char on another shard, and once she figured out how to tell the difference wit PC's and NPC's, it gradually took hold of her. (She called me at work one day pancakes about an who kept saying "I don't understand thee" when she tried to talk to him.) We now have 2 computers and 4 accounts. We also set time specifically aside to do other things together besides playing UO. Although it often consists of talking about UO.

    Be patient, let her play when she wants, and don't try to force it on her. Soon enough she will probably become more and more involved. Just remember not to get pissed when you start doing some of her chores around the house...hehe.

    Good Luck,


    i can not believe soooo mannny people have the same problem as me.
    i am 31 my wife is 24. and i have a 7 month old uo account. :)~
    at first i played nearly everyday; then came the fights.
    now i ask to only play every fri nite, the night my guild holds meetings.
    but when i logg on i am hooked for hours(9pm-3am)
    she goes totally nuts, like she married a man not a child, she says i love the game more than here.
    i can't even play for one night. it really perplexs me that i am still not a GM in any of my skills, and newbies that just joined the guild are 5x gm's.
    i work hard all week, pay all the bills!!!!why can't i atleast have one day????
    the one thing i am lookin forward to is that the old lady is goin to europe to see her family for 7 weeks. OOOOOHHHHHHH YYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!!!
    you better believe i will be on everynite till it's time to sleep!
    PLEASE tell me if you all think i'm nuts.

    c gab home
    c gab play
    c wife home
    c gab run !!!!

    <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by GAB VANDEFAY on 04/05/01 06:26 PM.</FONT></P>
  36. Shampoo

    Shampoo Guest

    My account is 22 months old. I used to play this game so much my wife was only familiar with the side of my head. I'd come home and jack in till bedtime, weekends(most all day till shortly before servers down). Just really big amounts of time, but my wife was mostly cool about it, she saw that I really liked it and left me alone about it. But,(anyone see this coming?) when she would finally have a problem with it, she had a PROBLEM WITH IT. I was understanding of course, then a day or so later back on again. Finally dawned on me if I could get her hooked she'd be off me forever! Most all my slots were taken so I helped her set up chars on another shard. Some would think that with just one box in the house this would present a problem but no. Our work schedules run opposite each other so other than a few hours each day when we're both at the house we play when the other is gone to work. She never quite got the UO bug though, she mostly just goes fishing and thumbs her nose at me since she seems to have great luck getting mibs whilst my fisher gets maybe one every two weeks.
    Anyway my point is to get your spouse hooked on whatever is causing the problem, then when they dont like you doing it so often, you can always say, "but dear, you play it almost as much as I do" believe me I know what I'm talking about. Got one currently successful marriage and one successful divorce(sounds better than sayin' failed marriage dont it?) LOL

    Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what's right -Salvor Hardin ...Or feels good! -Me
    GM Alchemist
    GM Tinker
    GM Tailor
    THB member since Jun '99
  37. Guest

    Guest Guest

    yes def. best tactic is to give them a taste of whet your hoked on and theyll be hooked too soon.

    --- -- -- - OUCH OUCH OUCH -- -- --- --
  38. panos

    panos Guest

    Lol this is an excellent post :) Sorry for bringing it back from the "dead" but I need to have my go.

    My gf moved in with me a few months ago and I found myself playing the game much less that I used to. I have to admit I am trying to "steal" as much time as possible to play the game but I often end up having a fight. I tried to get her to play the game but she feels dizzy(!!) when she moves her character.

    The only decent way to play the game avoiding the wrath of wife/gf/lover is either when she/he is not there or promise him/her that you will only play one-two hours a day (I know it is impossible but still). Another solutinion (less elegant) is if you have UO installed at computer at work. You can always stay a bit later and find some excuses "you know honey I have to work overtime for the next month" /php-bin/shared/images/icons/laugh.gif.
  39. mrwarpig

    mrwarpig Guest

    My wife is a UO addict, just like me. We have a network so we play together lot. The housework does suffer a little though.
  40. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Haha! My wife goes to work and I am house husband! When our daughter is at school - free day for me to play UO. *does a happy dance*
  41. convince her it's a charming personality quirk. worked for me :-D
  42. SavantDC

    SavantDC Guest

    I guess I got lucky, I got mine into the game with me. I know she really likes horses and unicorns so I pitched her the idea of making a tamer, and she took up tailoring too since she likes that irl as well.

    So now she's an elder ranger and soon to be elder tamer, lol.
  43. Nox McChaos

    Nox McChaos Guest


    How to avoid the rath of the wife while playing UO?


    Corp Por, Corp Por, Corp Por...
  44. Blackmarlin

    Blackmarlin Guest

    this is a very interesting thread... lol...
    I guess plan #1 is to try get your spouse/partner interested in UO and if that fail, plan #2 is to let him/her go play her own golf/tennis and this gives you a window to UO UO UO!!
  45. Panday

    Panday Guest

    There are so many of us in the same exact boat. Personally, I just play when she's sleeping. My girlfriend use to play a lot but she got tired of the game after a year and is now unwilling to even sit down for a minute to play.

    My most recent solution was her xmas present. I got her a Nintendo Game Cube and a PS2 with a few games of her choice.

    Now it seems that I end up going to be alone every now and then. heh.
  46. Shagrath

    Shagrath Guest

    I've been trying for years to get my wife to like UO...still no dice.
    I generally play when she's in bed or out shopping. I do get to play sometimes when she's home and wants to watch something else on TV. I have a TV in my computer room so I say "I wanna watch the game" So I go upstairs and put the TV on, play UO and check the score every now and then.
  47. Blackmarlin

    Blackmarlin Guest

    /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif you sound alot like me........ planning ahead. Just make sure you have sufficient rest when the time comes........ and not greet her with those ol' eye bags!!!
  48. Cress

    Cress Guest

    Slip sleeping pills in her morning drink , u can play all day /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  49. GoldenDragon

    GoldenDragon Guest

    Buy her a set of kneepads... it makes UO that much more enjoyable!
  50. valeksdad

    valeksdad Guest

    OK now that had to be the funiest thing yet. I Just like most everyone else play while she sleeps. I dont think there is much else you can do, unless she is into the game as well, or has other hobbies that she likes to do Thus giving you time to play.