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How to Maximize your colored Ore - With mining numbers/stats!

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Guest, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I am going to start by saying this is not a huge sample size. I will layout my thought process and what I did to achieve the results below.

    My miner is a pure crafter with only Magery to fight and defend himself. I use a Mage bow to fight the Ore elementals I mine up. I did all this mining in Illshinar, for the Paragon Elementals. I was after the high end coloerd ore. In this sample, I used 15 Garg picks and almost 2 sturdy shovels.

    The way I mined - I began by strip mining, to see what the veins would give. I Prospected every single spot. If it started as regular Iron and upgraded to DC, I mined it out as DC with a sturdy Shovel, as I needed DC and had a large supply of Shadow already. If the spot prospected to Shadow or better, I mined it dry with a garg pick. I mined every spot I hit dry. I remembered all the high end spots ( gold thru Val) and went back about every 10 min to the Val spots and filled my time with the gold thru Verite spots.

    So this is NOT a random sample, instead the best way I have found to MAXIMIZE YOUR COLORED ORE RATIO!

    I mined with a fire beetle and smelted all the ore I got off of every spot as soon as the spot was drained. I smelted the entire whole piles of ore, including the 25 ore gained from killing Ore elementals.

    The results are in the Ingots I ended up with. I of coarse lost my fare share of ore to smelting failures on Gold thru Valorite. I did do all of my mining and smelting as an Elf with +5 mining gloves on Siege.

    Total Ingots Mined - 5,456

    Iron Ingots - - - - 863 -15.82%
    DC Ingots - - - - - 913 - 6.73%
    Shadow Ingots - - 16 - .003%
    Copper Ingots - - 175 - 3.2%
    Bronze Ingots - - 169 - 3.1%
    Gold Ingots - - - - 758 - 3.89%
    Agapite Ingots - - 746 - 13.67%
    Verite Ingots - - - 562 - 10.3%
    Valorite Ingots - - 1254 - 22.98%

    My Valorite Returns were great this round, I constantly had between 2 and 4 spots that could be upgraded to Valorite, they did move around some though.

    I mined up a total of 31 Ore Elementals, and I think 3 of them were Paragons. All of the elementals were Gold thru Valorite with the exception of one Bronze elemental. I killed all the elementals and thier ore is also in the totals.

    Conclusion: as an elf miner at 105 Mining, killing Ore elementals, after smelting I saw an approxomate ratio of 16% Iron Ingots to 84% colored.

    Have fun mining!!!!
  2. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    Nice returns!

    My problem isnt getting colored ores its the iron. No matter what I do(elf) I end up with less iron than I need compared to coloreds.

    I fill bods

    When the ore changes went in I started from scratch with ingot totals and bods. Since then I have an abundance or all the colored ores except dull and shadow and a total lack of iron. When I fill bods and compared that to my mining totals I am about 50% on my irons 90% on dull 75% on shadow and 100% on the rest. Bronze and gold being quite near 200% ingot used to ingots mined.

    Now I have:

    20 iron ingots 200 iron bods unfilled
    10 dull ingots 5 dull bods unfilled
    5 shadow ingots 30 shadow bods unfilled and
    2000 copper ingots 0 unfilled bods
    10000 bronze ingots 0 unfilled bods
    9000 gold ingots 0 unfilled bods
    4000 agapite ingots 0 unfilled bods
    4000 verite ingots 0 unfilled bods
    2000 valorite ingots 0 unfilled bods

    These totals do not reflect my keeper bods that go unfilled for a later reward and I have not been able to finish any larges yet for a worthy reward. I only keep sbods for gold hammer - val and 120 scrolls. All the rest get filled for the sbod reward/turn in value. Any lbods that donot provide a reward I want I toss.

    These are my totals since the change back in august I strip mine only and all my chars have .1 smithy for bod collection. Also of note I bought about 180k iron ingots from freinds and the ishtar gypsys. Now that my dull and shadows totals are careening, am i forced to buy those too.? As far as buying iron from an npc I find thats a fair gold sink but when it comes to colored I have to resort to a scripter or end up with a ton more higher end colors than I use.

    Mining for a specific color instead of strip mining is starting to look good from the OP results. I just feel that since its so random and the extra clicks of the prospectors tool and the heated battle with a paragon ele seems a bit much to ask from my miner. The time I spent on this compared to the time spent "searching" for a specific color compared with all the extra colors that I am not using all seems very vauge. Id have less ingots in total but Id be more in line with my bod usage. Well its food for thought at least!

    Now I ve made gold this way and quite a few great weapons. Ive PoF enough to sell and runics enough to spend my time on. Note that Ive used alot of my golden ingots on runic crafting, maybe 5000 total gold ingots as that seems the best type for weapons. If I burned all my dull hammers and shadow hammers I might just run out of golden and bronze ingots. Id still be wayyy wayy short on iron and short on dull and shadow enough for this post to have been made!
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    When I get low on Iron and DC, I do kind of the reverse of what I posted above. I mine every spot with just a sturdy shovel, I do not prospect anything (unless I need DC) and as soon as I hit colored ore, I just move on to the next spot and hope for iron.
  4. Da BaBO

    Da BaBO Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 23, 2007
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    I wonder if you could soulstone off your gm mining and bring it up to 70 again and lock it to get just the iron, dull copper and shadow.

    The only problem with this I guess would be reduced smelting rate for having less than gm mining.

    Not meaning to take over the thread, but I've noticed that when I use a gargoyle pickaxe on regular iron, it doesn't get bumped up to dull copper. Is this supposed to be this way or am I doing something wrong? Does it only bump up the colored ore only?
  5. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
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    Gargoyle pickaxes don't bump iron to DC because the devs were too lazy pre-AOS to code a new version of the Dull Copper elemental to give 25 ore. So, they just made the iron veins immune to it...