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How to take on 2 GDs and insurance bug testing

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by Beer_Cayse, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. Beer_Cayse

    Beer_Cayse Guest

    The other night I was loaned a Dragons End longsword to assist in battling thru expected T-hunt foe. I was also advised it would be super to use on a GD in attempts to solo one. This was with the condition that I would return it should I get one of my own or decide to not use it.

    So off I go to Destard to see what havoc I can wreak on the unsuspecting denizens of that place. I took care of a Drake and a Wyvern without using EOO as I knew a GD was there somewhere and I didn't need that spell in the way. Dragons End makes real short work of them, I tell ya. :)

    Nothing onscreen and then I see a wingtip followed by a dragon. It was a GD. It targeted me and I was fine with that and in fact thought "kewl! now I can start refining battle tactics!" Laid in a couple good hits and actually saw a fair amount of red appear in the health bar. I was keeping up with bandages and feeling pretty good. By that time the GD was 1/3 down and that's the best I'd ever done solo on one. :thumbup1: Keep truckin', Son ... you're not home yet by a long-shot.

    Missed the liltle blue warning bar that sez something offscreen thinks you are crunchy and good to eat. You guessed it ... a second GD. So, I move with all sorts of haste (I bloody well ran!) to the entrance and deathrattle just before I get out.:stretcher: They'd both nailed me with firebreath I think ... at the same time. Ouchie!!

    Remember I was told it good to use in soloing one. "Soloing one" ... those are the operative words here. How about "stomped by two of the damn things"?

    Welp, this is an opportunity to test out what I thought might be the insurance bug ... I was planning on dying ennyhoo. So off I go for a healer to get a rez as I figure a runebook will be in my pack so I can SJ to the house, heal up and get back to raid my corpse. Not a single one in a 3-screen run of the entrance. Oh for cripes sakes! Ok ... HELP!

    I used the "I'm stuck" option then had to wait to get moved - praying the corpse will still be there if I need to reclaim anything that dropped to it. <sigh>

    To make a long story short ... got to Brit Healer, rezzed and and SJ'd home. Took inventory of items in the pack ... what ended up on my corpse is what I know should have dropped:
    Inner backpacks/containers
    Food items - in this case some apples
    Bandages, scissors and dagger

    In short - all my insured/blessed items were on me upon resurrection ... this time. :thumbup1: I have lost stuff before but I would like to see if I can create a repeatable loss situation for the Devs. Oh well. I think next time I will do that before trying to solo a GD. I did a fast run (and I do mean run) into Destard and did get my corpse ... and got hit for 70+ HP by one GD still in the area. As I left the entry, I saw the second one swoop in as well.

    All in all it was fun ... I learned the Dragons End *will* hurt a GD without EOO. It popped my DI to 100% (102 actually) in addition to the other mods.