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How to teach my Swampy to learn Anatomy?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Zofinur, May 26, 2008.

  1. Zofinur

    Zofinur Guest

    (Would have posted in the Tamers-Forum, but i think the prefession-forums werent temporarily opened, right?)

    So, i got this nice swamp dragon i am preparing for my fighter. Three Skills are GM, Anatomy is kinda stuck at 97.9

    Anybody knows some tricks how to train it?

    BTW: I know its not important for fights/damage reduction to have the skills GM`ed. So no flaming needed rolleyes:
  2. Joyous2K

    Joyous2K Guest

    Anatomy has a chance to gain no matter what you fight regardless of their combat skill.

    However, I don't know if it is dependent on your pet hitting things, or your pet getting hit.

    I would train the rest of anatomy on harpies... they're easy kills and you can get a flock of them on your pet covering both sides of the deal, hitting and getting hit.
  3. I would either train it on shadow elementals in the yomotsu mines, if it's too weak to take the hits itself theres usually tamers down there working on their pets.

    Or get another swamp dragon and get them to fight, you would have to be guilded for your pets to gain like that off each other.
  4. Fiskr

    Fiskr Guest

    I got my swampy fully GM'd killing demons at the demon temple. Lure a single demon away, invis, dismount, all kill, apply lots of bandies :)
  5. Zofinur

    Zofinur Guest

    Thnx for the tip; In the harpy nest they did greet me with 0.4 extra points in just 15 min .

    Will definetly visit that place again.
    Plus i might try that extra swampy as training-partner as well.
  6. galefan2004

    galefan2004 Guest

    I've always found it easier, for some reason, to gain anatomy on humanoids and undead. I normally take my pets to the citadel or to meers to train anatomy. I am not sure what you could do with the swampy, but I would think that you could do meer warriors or perhaps mummies.